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6 Ingredients to An Authentic Yogi Tea Recipe

6 Ingredients to an Authentic Yogi Tea Recipe

The delicious and healthy yogi tea takes only six ingredients for preparation. Can you believe that? You may already have these ingredients in your kitchen for the yogi tea recipe. Yogi tea is no doubt the best beverage as it…

10 Great Honeybush Tea Benefits & Recipe

Honeybush Tea Benefits

Honeybush tea health benefits makes it the favorite of fitness freaks as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness freak or a just a tea lover, this tea is loaded with health benefits. In this guide, learn more…

9 Herbal Tea for Allergies with Recipes

Seasonal allergies like hay temperature and allergic rhinitis are common in people. Tea for allergies can help in boosting your immunity against seasonal allergies. People suffering from different allergies experience symptoms like sore eyes and runny nose. Although tea is…