How To Sweeten Tea Naturally

How to Sweeten Tea Naturally: 7 Proven Methods With No Side Effects

Most of us rise our day with a shot of caffeine in the form of tea or coffee. So we should better know how to sweeten tea. Tea gives you the necessary energy shot to start your day on a high level.

But, it can turn out to be harmful to your health if you don’t keep an eye on what you are stirring in your cup. Yes, you guessed it right; it’s sugar. Though sugar adds an excellent taste to the tea, it is not healthy.

So, in this article, we will talk about how to sweeten tea. It is necessary so that you start the day with some healthy stuff and stay energetic throughout. 

How to Sweeten Tea – 7 Amazing Methods

There are so many ideas to sweeten your tea, but what ways are the best which suit your taste? Here we will be discussing the seven best ways to enhance your tea.

1. How To Sweeten Tea Using Honey

The first thing on our list is honey. The reason being, honey compliments the taste of tea. It is something you have already tasted before, so you won’t face any problems in adjusting to a tea with honey in it.

Honey is sweeter than sugar! Not only it has great taste, but it’s also beneficial health-wise. Now the question is which type of honey to use to sweeten tea?

honey is a perfect for tea.

It is up to you, and it depends upon your taste. Whatever type you use, make sure it is fresh and natural. Also, never add honey to the boiling water. Instead, mix it in the cup when the tea is ready.

2. How To Sweeten Tea Using Fruits

When finding ways of how to sweeten tea, people look for alternatives that are the healthiest. There cannot be anything better than using fruits. They are not only sweet but also contain tons of nutrients and antioxidants, among others.

The process of sweetening tea is similar. Here we will touch on the topic.

To sweeten the tea with fruit, you will need to make a fruit paste. Never place pieces of fruit in your cup of tea. It will destroy the taste. It is better to use a blend of fruits rather than one.

After the paste is ready, add it to the tea and stir it. If you have a sweet tooth, then I’m sure you will also like to look at our other sweet recipe, “Sweet Tea Ice Cream.” 

3. How To Sweeten Tea Using Agave Syrup

Agave Syrup is one of the most fantastic sugar alternatives for tea. It comes from blue agave plants and is all-natural. After extraction, it’s heated at low temperatures. Agave Nectar comes in two forms: Light and dark.

agave syrup is a best sweetener.

You may try both of them to get find out which one best suits you. But, let me put forward a general rule of thumb. Light agave nectar is best for those who prefer weak tea and dark for otherwise. The dark agave nectar is sometimes compared to molasses

The most beneficial part is that agave nectar is sweeter than table sugar and similar in flavor, yet healthier. So, you can adjust to taste and won’t feel anything new while sipping the tea. Some people mix it with water to dilute the taste. There is nothing fallacious with doing so, and it doesn’t have any side effects.

4. How To Sweeten Tea Using Stevia

Stevia is one of the most incredible sweeteners for tea. It comes from a herb, and it is one of the best and healthy alternatives to sugar.

Furthermore, it is much sweeter than sugar, and as such, you will need a lesser amount to sweeten tea. Stevia comes in two forms: liquid and powdered. You can experiment with both types to see which one suits your taste buds.

5. How To Sweeten Tea Using Xylitol

One of the most asked questions while finding sugar alternatives are how to sweeten tea without losing the taste?

Xylitol is your answer as it has a similar taste to sugar, and it’s one of the best sweeteners for tea. The best part is that even with the same taste, Xylitol contains 40% few calories. 

It also doesn’t have any bitter after taste, like most other sugar alternatives for tea have. Hence you will adjust to it.

Even better, Xylitol has proven dental benefits. That includes the prevention of tooth decay. The benefits of Xylitol might seem too right to be true. But, once you have replaced sugar with Xylitol, you will see the benefits yourself in no time. 

Or what about drinking a tea that doesn’t contain any sugar but is still sweet? Have a look at our Chamomile Tea Recipe, make it at home, and enjoy a sweet tea. 

6. Sweetening Your Tea Using Date Paste

The best thing about using date paste is that you can make it at home. It would help if you had ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, one cup of fresh dates, and ¾ cup of water. Pour all these things into a blender, and your date paste is ready. It is that simple!

Make sure the paste is thin enough to mix in the tea. Date paste is very heavy and, as such, use it as little as possible to avoid stomach-related complications.

7. Sweetening Your Tea Using Molasses

Molasses is another way to sweeten tea. It’s formed with beet juice by boiling it to make syrup. After this, you remove the sugar crystals from it. The part that’s left behind this process is the Molasses.

Instead of beet juice, sugar cane is perfect for producing molasses. It contains a slew of nutrients, including Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, and a range of vitamins.

Molasses comes in light, black-strap, and dark form. Each one has subtle differences in taste. Out of the three, dark Molasses has the most potent sugary flavor. Besides, you can try all three of them to check which best suits your requirements.

Excessive consumption of sugar comes with loads of health-related complications. With so many options available on sweetening tea, there is no reason to go crazy on sugar. 

too much sugar is unhealthy.

As you saw, most of these alternatives are cost-effective and available. So why not go for them?

Many people cite the poor taste of sugar alternatives to tea as a primary reason for not going for it. But, there are many sweeteners we came across that taste like sugar, Xylitol being one of them.

So try one of these healthy alternatives and see a significant improvement in your health in no time. To get the most out of our website, you can look at our other innovative article, Tea with Half and Half.


Most of us usually start our day with a cup of coffee or tea. Many people prefer to use sugar in their tea, and some even use more than one single tablespoon of sugar.

In this guide, we have discussed the seven best alternatives to sweeten a cup of tea. Sometimes people are allergic to sugar, so they prefer using an option to it.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and it proved helpful for you. Still, if there is any confusion left in your mind, feel free to ask in the comments section below. 


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