Rose Milk Tea: Recipe, Health Benefits, Side Effects & More

Make a Tea - Rose Milk Tea Recipe, Health Benefits, Side Effects

Everyone in the world would love to sip some innovatively prepared bubble teas in a widespread network of Boba cafes around the globe.

The rising trend of the popularity of these kinds of creative beverages like Chrysanthemum Tea now opens an exquisite chapter of rose milk tea. This new fusion of some simple elements upshots Rose milk tea.

Discovering Rose Milk Tea

You must be wondering, how from the days of simple tea recipes, we progressed and entered into a world with where, even from ordinary ingredients, flavorsome beverages are being prepared.

Rose milk tea is an outcome of such elementary ideas. The more you learn about it, the better you will understand how perfect a beverage it is.

This sweet beverage always proves to be a treat for the taste bud of the people who drink it. This scintillating drink encapsulates an unmatched combination of a creamy texture and a unique floral aroma.

The aroma, which arises from the warm mug always, soothes the person holding it. So, it is not a question to ask whether the rose milk tea is worth tasting or not. Because the answer would always be an excited, “Yes.”

It’s a combination that goes parallel with oolong tea and springs a memorable taste out. Without a doubt, the profound flavorful taste of Rose milk teas will surely make you order it again and again.

Rose Milk Tea Recipe

You would love to learn this simple homemade recipe for making Rose Milk Tea. So, let’s dive in. 

5 Easy To Find Ingredients:

So, the ingredients that you require are:

  1. Rose petals (Handful)
  2. Creamer (¼ Cup)
  3. Authentic black tea or oolong tea (Handful)
  4. Honey (1 Tablespoon)
  5. Sugar (½ Cup)

So, if you are wondering about how much time it takes to prepare Rose milk tea, then no need to worry, folks!

The preparation time for this beverage is just five minutes. The cooking time after the ingredients are appropriately utilized is not a single minute more than twenty.
Conclusively, the total time to fashion a warm and nice cup up is twenty-five minutes only.

Not even half an hour is required here. One crucial fact to keep in mind is that the number of ingredients that are being used is only enough for 1 to 2 servings.

3 Simple Steps To Prepare Rose Milk Tea

Make a Tea - Rose Milk Tea

The instructions to prepare it are very easy. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to hurry in the process. Be calm, attentive, and carefully follow the simple, uncomplicated instructions.

You would want to completely utilize your 25 minutes to obtain a beautiful and perfect cup.

Following is the procedure through which you will get the answer to a popping question that how to make rose milk tea at home.

Step 1:

The first step that is going to be carried out is the one which will be the lengthiest, do not worry; it is as easy as pie. It is always a wise move to go through the tricky step first so that as the procedure moves on, it gets easier and easier.

Begin by filling two of your best non-stick pots with water. Heat the water in the pots till it starts boiling.

The first pot will be used to make our delectable homemade rose syrup.

The second pot will be used for soaking and fermenting the fresh tea.

We’ll be using oolong tea for this recipe. We like utilizing oolong tea for its profundity of flavor contrasted with regular dark tea. Oolong tea has an earthy quality to it with a tenuous sweetness for an after-taste impression, an ideal balance in the combination of rose milk tea.

Make sure to steep your tea for about 6-8 minutes to experience the best flavor. Utilize the clock on your mobile or make Alexa your accomplice to set a timer for 6 minutes.

Remember to mix frequently; we don’t need the sugars to burn down and stick to the base of the pot!

Move on to the next step when the rose blend has a uniformity of syrup. By and large, it will take 5-8 minutes to get a similar consistency.

Step 2:

While you are waiting for step 1 to complete, you can start preparing the remaining ingredients.

Add one tablespoon of honey or brown sugar to a quarter cup of creamer. We prefer utilizing soy milk to get the smoothness and texture we need.

We know a bunch of people who utilize almond milk for a nutty flavor. Give it a shot on the off chance that you might enjoy it!

Step 3:

Start adding the remaining ingredients, beginning with the rose syrup. Remember not to add an excess amount to avoid any kind of mess.

To be safe, we’ll start with one tablespoon of rose syrup. You need to go at a steady pace. What you do need is that unobtrusive floral note to have your palette addressing what it may be!

Now you may pour the freshly fermented tea into the blend. Mix completely until everything achieves uniformity. Give it a uniform texture. What’s more, obviously, the last and the most awaited step.

Have a relaxing sip of your flawlessly prepared Rose milk tea. Don’t forget to share some with your homies too!

Rose Milk Tea Flavor Profile

Alright! This is for those who have not yet decided whether to try Rose milk tea or not. The solution is right here in front of you, as you will read in this section, what kind of taste experience does this tea can offer?

If you start wondering about the taste of Rose milk tea, there is good news for you. Just like Honey Milk Tea, this tea has all the exquisite attributes to be on top of the list of those who seek finely brewed and perfectly balanced beverages.

Soy milk, almond milk, or dairy milk have proven to be perfect companions for rose syrup as they bring out the pure and subtle sweetness of the rose syrup.

This exquisite beverage is bound to offer you an enjoyable experience. Many people like to enjoy this particular beverage as a Rose milk tea latte.

Useful Tip For Preparing Rose Milk Tea

Sometimes, it can be a bit of a demanding task to find rose petals to prepare Rose milk tea. It is highly unlikely, though. If a particular situation arises, then you can also use rosewater instead of rose petals.

Do not worry about the taste; you’ll get the same great taste of Rose milk tea. In the case of rosewater, the flavor can be more potent, and it can overshadow the balance of all the ingredients. So, you need small amounts per drink if you use rosewater.

2 Benefits of Rose Milk Tea

It not only has a sublime taste, but it also encapsulates a plethora of benefits for your health. In contrast to rosehip tea, which is produced using the product of the rose plant, this tea is obtained from the entire blooms (or petals).

This particular combination is excellent for your health and has the following health benefits:

  1. Adding rose milk tea to your routine is thought to help assuage an assortment of conditions from joint inflammation to menstrual issues.
  2. Some likewise believe this tea to be a shelter for stomach-related problems and sleep deprivation.

Nutrition Facts

An important fact to understand is that a serving of 16 OZ or ounces of rose milk tea contains a total of 208 kilocalories. Moreover, it contains 1.2 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of carbohydrate, and 22.2 grams of fat.


In this article, you read about what rose milk tea is and the simple yet enjoyable method to prepare it. Further, some general facts relating to this beverage were also shared with you.

The ingredients for Rose milk bubble tea are presented in this article in an understandable way. Moreover, you read about how to prepare this flavorsome beverage. Then there were some useful tips to keep in mind.

The ingredients used in the preparation are very healthy. It is evident that it will bring benefits to your health, which you have read about. Furthermore, you also read about the essential nutritious facts about tea. I hope it will entice you towards enjoying a sip of this beverage!

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