Rose Milk Tea Benefits

Rose Milk Tea: 6 Useful Benefits, Nutritious Facts, Recipe & More

Everybody loves to sip bubble teas in a widespread network of Boba cafes around the globe. The rising trend of creative beverages like Chrysanthemum Tea opens a chapter of rose milk tea and It’s benefits. This new fusion of some simple elements upshots Rose milk tea.

Rose Milk has one of a unique set of unique health benefits that separate it from its other alternatives. It can be used simultaneously as a Pain Relief, Anti-depressant, Anti Allergic, and Anti Inflammation without any threat of side effects whatsoever.

6 Useful Rose Milk Benefits With Tea

It not only has a sublime taste, but it also encapsulates a plethora of benefits for your health. In contrast to rose milk tea, which comes from the rose plant, this tea comes from the full blooms (or petals).

This combination is excellent for your health and has the following health benefits:

1) Great for Digestion:

Rose milk can certainly help in digestion to a great extent. It is a great laxative agent which is beneficial in constipation. Rose milk can expand the intestines which is essential for the processing of food.

It can reduce the event of stomach issues, for example, stomach upset and swelling. Combining with tea, its benefits reach new heights.

As tea is a natural immune booster, combining it with rose milk provides a long-lasting impact on stomach health. So it can help in effectively controlling your upset stomach.

2) Protects the Eye Vision:

The eyes are a very vital human organ. Regardless of the fact that there are a hundred types of spectacles available in the market, nobody wants to wear eye spectacles. That’s why to the rescue, we have rose milk tea. 

Rose Milk Tea protects your vision

Rose milk is great for daily eye care. It protects you from losing your eyesight by strengthening your eyes. Rose milk tea is rich in antioxidants that clean the eyes from the inside. 

Antioxidants help to remove the unnecessary clog in your eye capillaries which hinder the fresh blood supply to the eyes. That’s how eyes remain stable and you do not feel any pressure on your eyesight.

3) Natural Anti-Depressant and Stress Buster:

Rose Milk contains important vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These vitamins are vital for brain function. That’s why when combined with tea, it becomes an amazing stress buster.

The antioxidants open the blood supply to the brain. Because of its natural anti-depressant properties, the person feels relieved in a better way.

4) Gives a Glowing Skin:

Both rose milk and tea are body cleaning agents which means they clean the body from the inside. Much of the skin problems like Acne, Eczema, and Spots, etc are because of toxins formed inside our body.

Rose milk tea cleanse the body from the inside. That’s why it helps to remove any bad toxin deposits from the body and in turn, we get a clean and naturally glowing skin.

5) Protects from Infections:

Inflammation and internal infections are common problems of today’s times because of the continuously rising air pollution levels. That’s why it is more than necessary to revitalize your blood from the inside.

Rose milk tea provides a simple yet effective solution when it comes to dealing with infections. The rose milk itself is a great antiseptic and joining hands with tea gives it a great advantage.

It strengthens the immunity and hence the toxins causing infection in the body are cleaned.

6) Pain Reliever during Menstrual Cycles:

Menstrual cycles are part of women’s lives and they come with their own set of pains. That’s why women often look to find a pain reliever during the menstrual cycles.

Well, we have a remedy today. Rose milk tea is a great muscle relaxer. Therefore, it is extremely potent when it comes to treating menstrual cycle pain.

Drink two cups of rose milk tea daily during the menstrual cycle and see the results for yourself.

tea is beneficial for health.

Nutritional Facts

An important fact to understand is that a serving of 16 OZ of this tea contains a total of 208 kilocalories. Moreover, it has 1.2 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of carbohydrate, and 22.2 grams of fat.

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Rose Milk Tea Recipe

You would love to learn this simple homemade recipe for making Rose Milk Tea. So, let’s dive in.

5 Easy To Find Ingredients:

So, the ingredients that you need are:

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The preparation time for this beverage is five minutes. The cooking time after the formation of ingredients is not more than twenty minutes. So, the total time to make a warm and friendly cup is twenty-five minutes only. If you are querying how much time it takes to prepare Rose milk tea, then there is no need to worry, folks!

this tea is easy to make.

You don’t need to spend hours making this fantastic recipe. One essential fact to keep in mind is that the number of ingredients used is only enough for 1 to 2 servings.

3 Simple Steps To Prepare Rose Milk Tea

The instructions to prepare it are very easy. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to hurry in the process. Be calm, attentive, and follow the simple, uncomplicated instructions.

You would want to completely use your 25 minutes to get a beautiful and perfect cup.

Following is the procedure on how to make a rose milk tea at home.

Step 1:

The first step that you need to do is the one which is the lengthiest, but do not worry; it is as simple as pie. It is always a wise move to go through the tricky step first so that as the procedure moves on, it gets easier and more comfortable.

Begin by filling two of your best non-stick pots with water. Heat the water in the banks till it starts boiling.

You will use the first pot to make our delectable homemade rose syrup. And, you will use the second pot for soaking and fermenting the fresh tea.

We’ll be using oolong tea for this recipe. We like utilizing oolong tea for its deepness of flavor compared with regular dark tea.

Oolong tea has an earthy quality to it with a light sweetness for an after-taste. It’s an ideal balance in the combination of rose milk tea.

oolong and rose tea is perfect combo.

Make sure to steep your tea for about 6-8 minutes to experience the best flavor. Use the clock on your mobile or make Alexa your accomplice to set a timer for 6 minutes.

Remember to mix; we don’t need the sugars to burn down and stick to the pot’s base!

Move on to the next step when the rose blend has a uniformity of syrup. By and large, it will take 5-8 minutes to get a similar consistency.

Step 2:

While waiting for step 1, you can start preparing the remaining ingredients.

Add one tablespoon of honey or brown sugar to a quarter cup of creamer. We prefer utilizing soy milk to get the smoothness and texture we need.

We know a bunch of people who use almond milk for a nutty flavor. Hit it, and you might enjoy it!

Step 3:

Start adding the remaining ingredients, beginning with the rose syrup. Remember not to add an excess amount to avoid any mess.

To be safe, we’ll start with one tablespoon of rose syrup. It would help if you went at a steady pace. What you do need is that unobtrusive floral note to have your palette addressing what it may be!

Now you may pour the fermented tea into the blend. Mix entirely until everything to achieve uniformity. Please try to give it a uniform texture. Now the last and the most awaited step.

Have a relaxing sip of your prepared Rose milk tea. Don’t forget to share some with your homies too!

What does Rose Milk Tea Taste Like

Alright! It is for those who have not yet decided whether to try Rose milk tea or not. As in this section, we got the solution for you to read about this tea’s taste experience.

If you start wondering about the taste of Rose milk tea, there is good news for you. Like Honey Milk Tea, this tea has all the exquisite attributes to be on top of the list.

Soy milk, almond milk, or dairy milk have proven to be perfect companions for rose syrup. These kinds of milk bring out the pure and subtle sweetness of the rose syrup.

rose syrups tastes best with milk.

This exquisite beverage is bound to offer you an enjoyable experience. Many people like to enjoy this particular beverage as a Rose milk tea latte.


This article was about the famous rose milk benefits with tea and it’s a simple yet enjoyable method for preparing. Further, we also shared some general facts relating to this beverage with you.

The ingredients for Rose milk bubble tea are straightforward and straightforward. Moreover, you read about how to prepare this flavorsome beverage. Then there were some useful tips to keep in mind.

The ingredients used in the preparation are very healthy. It will give you many health benefits. Furthermore, you also read about the essential nutritious facts about tea. I hope it will entice you to enjoy a sip of this beverage!


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