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Make a Tea - Tea with Half and Half

Combos have always been an interesting aspect of our lives. Mixing things half and a half definitely makes them more appealing. In this article, we are mixing tea with half and half. 

Half and half, the term can be applied to every beverage or food item that is made up of equal parts. This technique of “half and half” was first used for making a very special kind of tea and its historical roots are very interesting.

History of Tea with Half and Half

Role of Arnold Palmer:

Its history is dated back to Arnold Palmer who first time used a combination of iced tea and lemonade. Sounds strange? Exactly it is.

For the very first time, it was Arnold Palmer who is regarded as the most famous American Golfer used this term and asked for a half-and-half drink. His name attached to this half-and-half phenomenon made it a brand later on.

In that era of popularity, it was featured in a film as well, where there was a scene in which a woman orders the same beverage after a long golf day saying that, she will prefer having “Arnold Palmer” tea.

How it Was Named “Half and Half”?

Palmer usually preferred having three parts of unsweetened tea and one part of lemonade but when mixed equally it is called “half and a half”.

This drink became so popular that it started being served as a snack even when Arnold Palmer arrived in his hometown with his wife he did not have to order it. He never had to order this beverage as it was understood that it is going to be served.

How it Became a Brand?

Make a Tea - half and half milk tea

Definitely, it got viral because a famous person introduced a new term. So, people started marketing and commercial selling the product under his name. Therefore, this drink started being sold as a brand, and Arnold’s trademark was always used as Innovative flavors agreed with him.

Another beverage company 2002 started selling and marketing this drink. Palmer’s picture and signatures were also used to facilitate brand and product promotion.

As time progressed more and more flavors were added including Sweet tea with pink lemonade and green tea with lemonade etc. Later on, it was sold by many other renowned companies.

Isn’t it interesting how the hands of a famous personality made the simple beverage, “A Brand?”

Transformation of Half and Half

With time, this “half and half” term did not stick to tea only it was also applied to other beverages and this spread like the web and became trending. It was a common trend in coffee shops to have menus mentioning half and half, where drinks having half coffee and half chocolate gained popularity. 

A flavor of soda combined with a flavor of lemon was another form of drink that was cherished a lot. Half coffee combined with half milk became a favorite beverage in Switzerland as well.

Top 5 Half and Half Drinks With Tea

1. Half and Half Tea With Lemonade:

Make a Tea - green tea with half and half

Adding lemon juice into tea, drinks, and beverages has become a new trend in town. It gives a sharp and sour taste with a blast of freshness and energy. Lemonade is added in half portions and the other half of any kind of tea is added to make lemonade half and half tea.

2. Half and Half Tea With Alcohol:

Make a Tea - half and half boba

A sparkling blend of half-white wine and half-flavored tea with carbonated water is the favorite combo of alcoholic people.

When carbonated or sparkling water combines with old wine with a twist of flavored tea, make this drink is flavorful and satisfying.

3. Half and Half in Green Tea:

Make a Tea - half and half tea menu

If you haven’t imagined adding milk to green tea, then, it’s time to think about it. Yes, you can add green tea in form of powder (that is commonly known as “Matcha”) with milk.

“Matcha Latte” is one of the famous infused beverages. Another infusion of Matcha with milk gave birth to a new recipe Green Tea Frappe. 

4. Half and Half Milk Tea:

Make a Tea - half and half tea express

Earlier, tea was only brewed and taken. It was not mixed with anything else but later, milk started to be added to tea for many other reasons. 

Mixing milk into tea is a typical form of infused tea. It is simple to make by adding half milk to half black tea. It is mostly used in Asian countries. However, you can learn the perfect recipe to make tea with milk at one time at home.

5. Half and Half Boba:

Make a Tea - half and half tea recipe

Boba is a small edible ball that is made when tapioca flour is mixed with water.

In this fusion of half and half, some flavored tea of your own choice is added to a glass with boba pearls at the bottom. It can be fancied more by adding some cream at the top.

Make a Tea - Tea With Half And Half Recipe

Tea With Half And Half Recipe

After reading about so much hype about “half and half” it is our right to look into the detail of recipes having half and half ingredients, among which the most famous is half and half tea.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 4 Persons
Calories 0.329 kcal


  • 1 Tablespoon
  • 1 Glass


  • 1 Tbsp Tea (any of your choice)
  • 2 Cups Filtered Water
  • Sugar as desired
  • Ice
  • 1/3 Cup Lemon juice 


  • First of all, take one tablespoon of any kind of loose tea, you prefer, in a glass, and then add in 2 cups of water, at room temperature.
  • Cover the glass or container and refrigerate it for at least 12 hours, or a maximum of 24 hours.
  • In step three, start making a simple sugar syrup. To make this you have to take 2/3 cup of boiled water and sugar as desired.
  • You have to stir the sugar until it is completely dissolved. Here is a plus point you are free to use any other natural sweetener as well. Don’t know how to create natural sweeteners at home? Don’t worry,MAKEATEA.com has got you covered. Click the link to learn 7 proven methods to sweeten your tea naturally
  • Now you require one large lemon and if the lemon is small in size you may use two. All you need is 1/ 3 cup of strained lemon juice. Seeds are taken aside. Strain the lemon juice well.
  • This step is all about making lemonade. For this, you have to combine the sugar syrup that is made before it, strained lemon juice, and cold water.
  • This is the last step. An important thing to mention is that this recipe is all about making at-least four cups. All you have to do with each cup is, pour 1/3 lemonade, add 2/3 ice, and then the remaining space is topped with iced tea.


Keyword Tea With Half And Half

This drink has a layered effect as we have added three different layers, one is lemonade at the bottom, ice at the middle, and iced tea at the top.

Cold Brew Tea For Half and Half

In comparison to hot brewed tea, the cold one is less savory and bitter in taste which makes it more enjoyable. Moreover, as it is three-layered having lemonade

at the bottom and cold tea and the top makes it perfectly sweet and sour at the same time, in perfect proportions. The cold-brewed tea process is time taking and lengthy. You need to hold yourself to enjoy tasty and delightful results.

Make a Tea - Cold Brew Tea

3 Interesting Facts About The Recipe

  1. The lemonade can be made in advance just as the cold brewed iced tea and can be stored in the refrigerator. It will help you be quicker when you are going to make “half and half tea” afterward.
  2. Though most of us prefer black tea there are people out, who love green tea. So here is the good news you are more than welcome to use green tea as well. It tastes perfect with lemonade.
  3. Always add lemonade at the last and brewed iced tea at the top. Ice will help you make the layered effect for sure.

So, what are you waiting for? Get up, set up, and let’s try.


Whenever two or more amazing things come together, it always turns out something extraordinary. Similarly, tea with half and half is as amazing and unique as nothing else.

When first-ever it was used, it gained insane popularity. Such extraordinary characteristics make it a brand that then evolved as a vastly varied idea.

It is preferred to use cold brew tea for half and half combination as it is more tasteful than hot brewed tea.

“Now you can enjoy better tea with your better half!!!!”

We would be happy to hear from you. If you find this article useful or want to give us any suggestions to improve it please leave us a comment and we will try to follow it.

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