How to Use a Tea Kettle

6 Simple Steps on How to Use a Tea Kettle Like a Pro

The tea kettle is used to make tea as it gives your tea a traditional taste. That’s why conventional tea kettles are still famous in the world. 

Some people want to add a strainer to the tea kettle. Because sometimes adding tea leaves to your tea kettle may cause damages to it and it will not work well.

Special care is required when you are using it in front of children or older people. In addition to its taste, the additional benefits are also enormous.

In different countries, people make tea in different ways. If we look around, we can easily find tea kettle and its various uses. 

6 Basic Steps on how to Use a Tea Kettle

So here are the basic steps to use a tea kettle:

  1. Full the tea kettle with filtered water and try to not fill it half as it can cause melting of kettle from inside.
  2. Place the kettle on stove having high flame or heat
  3. Boil it till it reaches 100 degree Celsius and starts to whistle. Whistling is the signal that water is boiled.
  4. Add the tea leaves or use a filter to add them to give appropriate taste to the tea.
  5. Slowly pour the tea out in the cup and pour it from a lower level to avoid dangerous water spillage.
  6. Add the sweetener to your drink and it is time to enjoy

Now we will give you some additional and helpful tips so you can easily use your tea kettle whether it is a traditional one or an electric kettle.

6 Key Steps on How to Use a Traditional Tea Kettle

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Step 1: Burner Size

First, you have to put your tea kettle on the exact size of the burner. If the size of your burner is more significant than it, the heat will not cover the bottom of your kettle. 

How to use a Tea Kettle according to burner size

So, you have to wait a little longer for the perfect boiling water for your tea. 

2) Step 2: Add Water

In this step, you have to put the exact amount of water. Remember to make sure you don’t add a lot of water to your tea kettle because it will take a long time to get a boil

When your water temperature hits 100 degrees Celsius, it might burn you, and if you’re living with children, then it’s not safe so remember not to overfill it. 

3) Step 3: Full the Tea Kettle

Don’t forget to put your tea kettle on full because your kettle’s lead might confuse you.  

So, if you failed to add some water, it may lead you to some injuries, and yeah, you don’t want to regret it. So, remember this tip.

4) Step 4: Add the Tea Leaves

Fourth it’s totally up to you if you want to add tea leaves to your tea kettle, so it’s your choice. 

Traditionally you can skip it if you’re going to. But if you want to add some tea leaves to it, don’t forget to use a filter. It will be a great help for you.

5) Step 5: Pouring Water

In this step, remember to not pour the water from your tea kettle to your cup from a high level because it may burn you, and no one wants to burn from splatters.

How to use a Tea Kettle and avoid Splatters

That’s why always keep in mind to pour the water from a low level. 

6) Step 6: Use Woolen Cloth for Safety

One thing to keep in mind is if your tea kettle’s handle becomes hot every time you use it, you probably have bought the one that doesn’t have a stay-cool handle

Yes, it is going to be very difficult to pour the water from it. 

Still, you don’t need to be worried about this as you can always use a thick woolen cloth to solve this problem. Don’t forget to hold it tightly.

6 Key Steps How to Use an Electric Tea Kettle

Here are the important steps to remember if you are using an electric version.

1) Step 1: Plug your Tea Kettle

You have to place your tea kettle in front of the plugboard, and then you have to plug it in as you are using an electric one.

2) Step 2: Clean the Area around Kettle

Second but the essential tip before placing your electric tea kettle is don’t forget to clean the area before. Because if there is some problem with your plug or with your wire, it may become your big mistake.

Clean the Area before using your Tea Kettle

The current can easily pass through the wet surface. 

3) Step 3: Add the Exact Volume of Water

Third, in an electric tea kettle, you can easily measure the amount of water you require. So, if you put the exact amount of water, it will be very convenient.

4) Step 4: Add the Tea Leaves

The fourth. Don’t put the tea leaves in your electric tea kettle because they get stuck in it and that it might cause damages.

5) Step 5: Avoid Splattering

Fifth, in an electric tea kettle case, you also need to use hot boiling water at a low temperature. 

Because if you pour the hot water from it, its splatters can increase the risk of burns, and we have to stay away from it.

6) Step 6: Keep out of the Children Reach

Sixth step is always to place your electric tea kettle out of the range of children because if you put it in the reach of children, they can quickly start playing with it, and anything can happen. 

Put your Tea Kettle out of the reach of children

Disasters happen in a flash. So, it is better to take precautions rather than regretting for your life.

How to Take Care of your Tea Kettle

Taking care of your tea kettle is of utmost importance as you want to use it for a more extended period. 

Here are some of the tips to increase the life of it:

  1. Wash it before use, because if you don’t, it will become a problem next time or if you prefer adding your tea inside of it, so it is a must.
  2. Use warm water to clean it.
  3. Use any dishwasher to clean it.

Always wash your tea kettle before use

But yes, don’t use any harsh product or steel wool to clean your kettle. As steel wool can cause severe damage to it and may even ruin the whole taste.

How to use a Tea Kettle Like A Pro

Nowadays, when we all are in a hurry and don’t have a lot of time to waste, we all have different types of work. Still, sometimes we can’t handle our craving. 

Here we are talking about tea as when we are tired or want to enjoy some family time, we drink tea. Yes, the kettle gives you the right taste.

Both types of it, the traditional or the electric one, both play their role perfectly in providing the exact taste and convenience. 

1) Boil Eggs:

For a healthy life, you need a healthy start, and for a healthy start, you need a healthy breakfast. For breakfast, you need eggs, and yes, you can also boil your egg in your tea kettle. 

Please use the leftover water, and yes, it is also very convenient; you don’t have to waste your time.

2) Heat the Milk:

If you want to boil milk in your tea kettle, why do you overthink? You can quickly boil milk for your tea, coffee and also give a glass of full hot milk to children. 

Boil Milk for children in your tea kettle

You can also warm the milk in it if your baby is crying in the middle of the night. It makes things very convenient.

3) Make Cup Noodles:

What about the late-night cravings and you want to eat noodles in the middle of the night. Well, you have something now. 

You can easily use a tea kettle to boil the water and add it to your cup noodles pack. Enjoy the night.


A dedicated tea lover knows that the real taste of it comes from a tea kettle. Now, when you see one, whether a traditional or an electric, you know its true potential.

We have explained here in detail a step-by-step guide on how you may use both of them. Also, following the necessary precautions is very important as it can lead to severe accidents.

You may perform other tasks with it, including boiling milk, boiling an egg, and even making delicious cup noodles.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a cup of tea and enjoy.

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