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Can You Add Sugar To Green Tea For Weight Loss? Yes or No

Have you been drinking green tea all wrong?

A tea connoisseur will tell you that there is a great difference of taste between sipping the sugar In green tea and without sugar.

A nutritionist will tell you the same, but just not about taste. He will tell you that there is a lot of difference in calories and effects of green tea after adding sugar to it.

Although, putting sugar in green tea is optional. You most probably love your cup of tea with a dash of sugar to make it tastier. Let’s see if we can change your mind by the end of the article.

Can You Put Sugar in Green Tea?

Let’s come to the main point. Yes, you can put sugar in your green tea. No one stopping you, not even your nosy neighbor. But your grandma may have a say in this!

Green tea is traditionally meant to be taken without sugar.

The research found that people drinking green tea for the long term had smaller waist sizes and fewer body fats over 10 years.

This shows that green tea reduces the chances of obesity if taken long-term.

You may put any type of sugar or sweetener but then it will change the calories count and might not be good if you have certain health conditions or are on a diet.

How Much Sugar Is In Green Tea?

Green tea is often taken by diabetic patients to control their blood sugar levels. Therefore, green tea doesn’t contain any added sugar.

Nature has made green tea calorie-free as well as sugar-free.

According to a study in Japan (a nation of green tea lovers), people who had more than 6 cups of green tea had fewer chances to develop type 2 diabetes than the people who drank only one cup a week.

In short, there is negligible sugar in green tea, people using it for specific health issues or during diet do not need to add sugar in it and they are good to go.

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3 Times When You Should Not Add Sugar to Green Tea?

Following are the occasions when you should not add sugar to your green tea.

1) Enjoying Original Flavor

If you want to enjoy the real grassy flavor of green tea then don’t add anything to it. Specifically, if you are drinking it for the first time, enjoy your cup with the original taste at first.

Let your taste buds feel and develop the tangy taste. You even might prefer it this way.

2) Green Tea for Weight Loss

Are you trying to shed some weight and burn those fats? Good job opting for a natural method of using green tea for weight loss! This is one authentic and genuine method to reduce some pounds.

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and caffeine. Together they make a great choice by burning fats. It also makes your metabolism faster.

Study shows that drinking green tea before the workout is known to have awesome result in burning out.

But wait a minute are you sweetening your green tea? That’s not good news. While on a weight loss regime, sugar in any drink is off-limits for you. Putting sugar adds to calories and makes you gain weight instead.

Therefore, green tea works miracles for your weight loss journey if synchronized with a workout routine. However, you are making your body gain weight if you continue adding sugar to your cup.

3) For Managing Blood Sugar

Most people with diabetes are recommended to have green tea to control their diabetes. Green tea has a good reputation to manage blood sugar in patients with diabetes.

A study was conducted, where 63 people were tested with green tea. They all had type 2 diabetes. The results published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences showed that 4 cups of green tea daily helped a lot in keeping blood sugar levels at bay.

6 Ways to Sweeten Your Green Tea Without Sugar?

If you are one of those people who simply can not avoid sugar yet are forbidden to use sugar for one or another. Relax and make yourself a cup of green tea.

We got tips and tricks for you to sweeten your tea without sugar. Is that possible you may ask?

Well, what isn’t? The alternative ways are as follows:

1) Honey To the Rescue

Honey is the next best alternative for your tea. It does have some calories but is a healthier choice compared to sugar. In addition to green tea, honey itself is very beneficial and has antibacterial and fighting agents.

2) Steep The Love Potion a Little Less

The more you steep your brew, the more bitter it will get. Never steep your tea for more than 2,3 minutes. We recommend 30 seconds for a refreshing lighter taste. Until and unless you like a stronger flavor then brew it longer than 3 minutes.

3) When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw Them in Your Tea

Lemon juice is a great way to add flavor and taste to your hot drink. Lemon contains antioxidants and is wonderful for many ailments. It is a good source of Vitamin C. Alternatively, you can add drops of orange, apple, bergamot juices to your tea for flavor.

4) Refresh Your Senses with Mint

Mint refreshes your drink as well as your breath. If you are brewing a cold brew this is the perfect combination to add extra twist and flavor.

5) Options From the Super Mart

Market options and brands are available as sweeteners. These are stevia (a natural sweetener) and other brand options. These have no calories and are used while diabetes and weight loss.

6) Add Some More Flavor in Your Life

Plenty of flavored green teas is available easily. You can try a few of them and stay with the one you like. These are more flavorful and no need to add sugar to them.

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Green Tea with Sugar Vs Honey:

Although both make green tea sweet but effects on the body differ. Let’s make a comparison of the two of them:


Green Tea with Sugar

Green Tea with Honey


  One teaspoon of it contains 16 calories


  On the other hand, one teaspoon of honey contains only 20 calories.
  It doesn’t add any vitamins or antioxidants.  It is the source of powerful antioxidants
  Not helpful in health benefits.  Honey boosts health and fight diseases.
  A teaspoon of sugar is 17 percent of the daily limit of sugar intake.  A teaspoon of honey is about 20 percent of your daily limit.
  Sugar intake adds weight to your body.  It may help in reducing body weight.


Research-Based Benefits of Green Tea with Sugar

We know now that adding sugar to green tea is a personal choice. Or a choice that has to be made for certain health conditions. There may be added benefits for sweetening the tea. We are listing a few for your quick review.

1) Absorption Of Compounds

Adding sugar does not cancel the benefits of green tea. Research done by Food Research International shows that adding these sweet white little beings to your green tea might serve a benefit.

Hence, it increases the usability of the important compounds in the body. Better absorption of compounds means that effects are more and better results of drinking on the body.

2) Effects of Catechins By Sweetening Green Tea

Catechins are a powerful compound and antioxidant found in green tea. It does occur naturally in a few foods like grapes, tea, etc.

This study investigated the absorption of catechins and found out that 50 mg of green tea extract had ascorbic acid with sucrose.

It means that when you sweeten your green tea it helps in absorbing the catechins more in the body. Thus, it has the effect of absorbing three times more.

3) Adding Flavor

Finally, by adding sweetness you simply enhance your cup of green tea and make it tastier. Some people may not like the bitter taste of green tea.

Also, while having flu, you may want to relax your throat with a cup of hot tea, adding sugar will make it more delicious. And you will have a great experience.

Is It Good To Add Some Sugar to Green Tea?

Sugar in green tea tastes awesome. However, there are more benefits to it without adding sugar. A recent study shows that adding sugar along with ascorbic acid like lemon increases absorption of compounds which in return helps fight health problems like blood sugar levels.

This study proves the research that states that adding sugar and Vitamin C to green tea enhances the absorption of polyphenols. If you do choose to add sugar, use good quality packed sugar always. However, adding alternatives like honey may keep you away from diseases and aging issues.


It comes to an end with personal choices and ultimate goals. Some people may be more health-conscious or are on a diet. If you are trying to cut on your fats then don’t add sugar to your green tea.

Thus, continue with your workout routine and implement green tea without sweetness and your path will become easier.

Rest assured sugar in green tea doesn’t cancel its benefits, so if you are a healthy adult nothing’s stopping you to add some sugar to your green tea.

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