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23 Best Decaffeinated Green Teas To Try In 2022 | From Flavors to Weight Loss

Drinking Green tea is healthy for you and your loved once as well. And, when you drink green tea having no caffeine, it’s benefits increases to almost 2X.

So, to keep you healthy and less caffeinated, we’ve gathered a list of 23 Best Decaffeinated Green Teas available out there in the market.

You can pick anyone of the mentioned below.

Top Decaffeinated Green Tea Brands for Weight Loss

We picked the decaf green teas that have good user reviews and value for money. All the best green tea brands that can be taken for weight loss are mentioned below.

1) Twining’s of London Decaffeinated Green Tea

Twining began selling fine tea from an English storefront in The Strand, London. It is providing premium Decaffeinated green tea to customers for years. Only the finest leaves are cultivated to maintain standards by trusted growers around the world.

Made With Completely Organic Ingredients It takes time to adapt the flavor.
Available in k-cups
It fits the regular keurig machine.
It has fresh taste with a smooth brew

Why Choose Twinings?

These are hand-selected green tea leaves. These are organically grown without any artificial flavors. Trying it once is a must.

What Does Users Say About It?    

People find the k-cups very unique. Many users are a big fans of this tea. Twining’s decaf helped a lot of customers to move away from soda cravings. Twining’s have low caffeine and calories. This means weight loss for many regular drinkers.

2) Bigelow Decaffeinated Green Tea Bags

Bigelow is a family oriented business since 1945. It is a certified B corporation and a true leader in premium tea. The company has been transparent and has maintained standards since forever. Bigelow is in the market for a long time.


  • It has a variety of teas including, Black tea, Earl grey and English breakfast to name a few.
  • It is an organically grown decaffeinated green tea.
  • Tea leaves are grown on elevated lands.
  • Available in tea bags.
Easy to make and brew. A pouch of 4 bags which may lose freshness if not brewed in time.
 Organically grown tea leaves. A light brew than other brands.
 Full of antioxidants. 

Why Choose Bigelow?

A source of antioxidants is low in caffeine and is gluten-free.

This decaf has no calories or carbohydrates. You can choose this to maintain your health and it promotes weight loss.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Users find Bigelow comforting and delicious. Best to take it when flu and cold strikes. It can be your best go-to drink.

3) VAHDAM, Decaf Himalayan Green Tea

Vahdam is an 80 years old Indian tea brand. It is an hand picked Indian tea made with using modern techniques. The vision is to take the tea to the entire world by giving quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Vahdam is a pure decaffeinated green tea.
  • The leaves are grown in the Himalayas and processed through C02 methods to convert them into decaf.
  • Pyramid shaped teabags are used.
  • Thus, they are safe and environment friendly.
An aromatic Darjeeling tea which are most fragrant. Not as spicy as other tea brands.
 Less heavy on the palate. Teabag strings are a little delicate to use.
 Pyramid teabags with no bleach. 

Why Choose Vahdam?

Vahdam decaf helps in weight management and increases metabolism. In addition, it acts as a diuretic to flush the toxins out of the body. Available in man flavors.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Users find this tea a perfect blend of taste and color. Many take it as a night drink. They brewed 2 to 3 mugs from each teabag. Customers find it a little pricy but value for money.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Brands in Affordability

All the best green tea brands that have the best prices and affordable packs are mentioned below.

4) Lipton Decaf Green Tea Bags

Lipton is a British brand with 100 years of history. It is owned by unilever and is sold in more than 150 countries. They have products from loose leaf teas to teabags to bottled iced teas.


  • Young green tea leaves are used to process this tea.
  • The brew is ready in 2 minutes.
  • The brew has a fresh taste with a grassy aroma.
  • It fills you with the energy you need for the day or evening.
Lipton markets its decaf tea as light and fresh with no bitterness. Weak flavor for people who like stronger taste.
These are safe teabags with 100% Rainforest Alliance certified Have to add sweeteners to add flavors.

Why Choose Lipton?

Choose this tea as a quick fix to brighten your day. It is an affordable option and comes in a pack of 6 sealed individually to store easily.

Therefore, Lipton is a quality and known brand that delivers as well as gives authentic flavors to us.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Many people swears by that it makes a great iced tea. People recommended it as a great quality with affordable prices. Customers marked it with buying it again.

5) Yogi Tea – Green Tea Pure Green Decaf – Supports Vitality

Yogi tea was launched about 40 years ago. It is based on unique Ayurvedic tea recipes with roots. It is a

multinational brand providing herbal tea, green tea and black teas.


  • Yogi Tea is a naturally decaffeinated organic blend.
  • It uses the finest leaves that provide antioxidants and vitality to your health.
  • Recommended to steep for 3 minutes.
  • As it’s a light brew, use 2 bags to make a stronger blend.
Use natural decaf tea leaves. Have to use more than one teabag for a stronger brew.
 Refreshing taste and aroma. Not recommended to drink late at night.
 An affordable option 

Why Choose Yogi?

Yogi is a refreshing blend to add to your morning routine. It provides gluten-free and is USDA certified.

The tea bags are individually packed for freshness. Add years to your life and choose this antioxidant-rich green tea.

Therefore, choose Yogi over others to reap the benefits of making your metabolism faster and get a quick brew.

What Does Users Say About It? 

A daily ritual for many loyal customers. One of them recommends adding honey to make the perfect taste.

6) FGO Organic Green Tea Bags (Decaf) 

FGO is committed to delivering the highest quality, organic products at fair rates to help people live healthy and feel good. The motto is to provide premium products at fair prices. This green tea is imported from China and packed in the USA.


  • Organic green tea uses pure tea leaves.
  • Abaca Hemp Fiver paper for the tea bags.
  • This way you get the freshest and tastiest original flavor and brew.
Organic, non-GMO, nutrient dense green tea. Have to be kept with care and airtight bag or it catches bugs.
Packed into foil-lined kraft bags which keeps the tea fresh. Produced by a smaller business in comparison to other brands.

Why Choose Organic?

The teabags have pure green tea leaves. You don’t have to worry about bleach, glue, or dust in the teabags. This brand prides itself in flavor and quality and even accepts a refund if you don’t like it.

Thus, a chemical free and environment friendly option that will help you with budget and health both.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Customers rated it 5 stars. They strongly recommend this product. A part from making tea they even use it for home remedies like hair rinse and skin care.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Brands for Immunity Boosting

All the best green tea brands that will boost your immunity are mentioned below.

7) Allegro Tea, Organic Decaf Lemon Green Tea Bags

Allegro coffee company is running since 1977. They prides themselves into making the most satisfying coffee and teas in the world. It was founded in Boulder, Colorado, with a mission to bring social integrity and ecological conscientiousness.


Chinese green tea that is easily available. Is not 100 percent decaffeinated.
 Highest quality leaves, herbs and fruit is used. Lightly flavored.
 Farmer connected sourcing. 

Why Choose Allegro?

This is a citrus-flavored green tea. The lemon infusion saves you from the common flu.

It has a lot of Vitamin C.

Thus it will make your skin soft and clear all toxins from the body.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Many people liked this product. It is surely and affordable one. Customers liked this flavor of lemon, which has no bitterness.

8) Salada Decaffeinated Green Tea

Salada comes from the lush tea gardens of the Orient. This brand is providing distinct flavors and processing then others. The green tea leaves are steamed and non oxidized.


  • This tea has a mild flavor that is not too strong or very light. We added this option because it had so many user reviews with a good experience.
  • Use only spring water and effervescence to brew the teabag for great taste and flavor. This way your brew wont turn out bitter.
No bitterness in the brewed tea. A non organic tea brand.
 A mild flavor that is adapted by most people. A little bit more pricey than other brands.
 Gentle on tummy and stomach issues. 

Why Choose Salada?

Salada decaf tea has many package options to choose you can try the smaller one at first. It is beneficial to add to your regime.

Thus it will eliminate the toxins, and make your immunity stronger.

What Does Users Say About It?

Users love the mild flavor of Salada. The ginger one is the top favorite. This product is rated good for weight loss and antioxidants.

9) Tetley Natural Decaf Green Tea

Tetley has 180 years years of heritage. This brand uses old Japanese techniques to process and make teas with unique flavors.


  • Tetley is in the market for a long time and creates flavors with no bitterness.
  • It is a magical tea that is using Japanese methods and techniques to produce the best.
  • This is a no caffeine option with a smooth and light taste.
Sweet tea with no bitterness. Teabags are made from regular quality may contain chemicals.
 Dont have to add sweeteners. Over brewing will turn it bitter.
 Can be used a iced or warm tea. 

Why Choose Tetley?

You can make a warm cup of tea or a delicious iced tea. It focuses on sustainability and alliance with farmers.

It has Rainforest Alliance and the teabags are bleach-free and safe to use.

In conclusion it is a good eco friendly option and it being chemical free makes it organic which will make your immunity stronger.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Many users who were switching from coffee to green tea rated it good, it worked well for them. This provides ample caffeine dose and wonderful taste.

10) Yamamotoyama Organic Decaf Sencha Premium Green Tea

Yamamotoyama is a product originated in USA. It is certified USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO premium Green tea. Uses Sencha to make the green tea decaf.


  • It is a premium sencha green tea. It is a gluten-free organic tea option for those who do not want to opt for caffeinated green tea.
  • One of the best Japanese types of green tea which uses special ways in processing.
  • In addition this is a type of green tea called Sencha. Sencha has a sweet taste and a favorite drink of many people around the world.
No caffeine jitters. Similar taste as other leading brands.
 Mild flavor that is not too light neither too strong. A bit on the expensive side
 Sencha itself has many more benefits then other types of green tea. A bit different from classic sencha aroma.

Why Choose Yamamotoyama?

If you are looking for sencha green tea without caffeine then this is best for you. It provides good flavors and a strong aftertaste.

Thus, to taste Japanese green tea opt for this one.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Users love the affordability of this product. It provides decaf with a nice flavor which they adored.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Brands with Unique Flavors

All the best green tea brands that have unique flavors are mentioned below.

11) The Republic of Tea, The Peoples Green Tea Decaf

An American based company providing teas of more than 300 varieties. The main focus in in North America. It is based in Larkspur, California.


  • This is a top green tea brand that also specializes in decafs.
  • It has a smooth taste and a lot of benefits.
  • It comes in a tin jar and uses non-bleached tea bags.
  • Brewing time of the teabags is recommended to be 1-3 minutes according to your taste.
Packaging of loose teas and tea bags is in tall, cylindrical tins.Paper circle teabags with no string attached
 It keeps the tea leaves fresh. Competitors are providing more value in same price.
 Non-bleached teabags. 

Why the Choose Republic of Tea?

It is a sugar-free option and has the highest reviews. It will keep you refreshed the whole day.

Hence, keep you away from heart, kidney, and cancer-like diseases.

What Does Users Say About It? 

A lot of customers loved the uniqueness of the flavors this product provide. Many sent it as Christmas gifts this year. It was described as tasty, healthy and relaxing.

12) Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Decaf Green

Davidson’s Organics is a 3rd generation organic tea grower from India. The motto is to provide premium quality green tea in affordable prices.


  • A high-end brand with a 98% caffeine-free option.
  • These are premium decaf tea that is available easily online.
  • It is packed in a stand-up paper pouch with aluminum foil to seal the freshness.
  • A distant flavor that is a strong cinnamon taste.
Comes in different new flavors. Some people find it hard to adapt the flavors.
 Best for relaxing your mind. The quality may vary in different batches.
Non-GMO & free from harmful chemicals 

Why Choose Davidson’s?

An organic certified decaf that comes in three flavors that are orange spice, pumpkin spice, and sun, moon & stars. Great for an occasional treat or to serve the guests.

In conclusion, if you are looking for new sweet and spicy flavors try this one.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Many customers are regular users of this decaf green tea. They described it as addicting and a great evening tea that relaxes your mind and soul.

13) Stash Tea Decaf Premium Green Tea

Stash tea was launched in 1972. It was an idea of two hippies from Portland. They believed in the tea that can excite the taste and senses of anyone.


  • They have a lot of varieties like black tea, white tea, oolong tea, and even iced tea.
  • This brews a grassy golden cup of tea with no bitterness.
Wide range of flavors. Not for people who are looking for a classic grassy green tea flavor.
Premium tea bags that are packaged in stay fresh foil wrappers. 
 True jasmine green tea. 

Why Choose Stash Tea?

It has a variety from morning tea to bedtime green tea. You can choose according to your taste.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Our users keep this green tea at work and office to make them awake and focused the whole day. They loved the good quality of the brew.

14) Celestial Seasonings Green Tea

An American company that founded in 1969 started Celestial Seasoning. It specializes in many teas like herbal teas, black tea and white tea. It is originated in Boulder Colorado, US.


  • Celestial seasonings is a flavorful tea liked by most people.
  • If you are having a hard time adjusting to decafs, then this blend is for you.
  • This tea is rich in antioxidants and is useful in a lot of health problems.
A tea with natural antioxidants. Maybe a little acidic for people with reflux.
 Great taste better than regular decafs A mix of green and white tea.
 Good price. 

Why Choose Celestial?

The mixture of white tea makes it floral and one of the nicest tasting decaf teas. Hence its a floral tea that gives a refreshing aroma.

What Does Users Say About It? 

A lot of the customers loved it as a iced tea. Its soothing on a summer day and refreshed them. Users rated it a light brew with not stronger taste. The white tea infusion made it a very flavorful tea.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Brands Rich in Anti-oxidants

All the best green tea brands that have high anti-oxidants are mentioned below.

15) Lipton Iced Tea Diet Decaffeinated Lemon

Lipton is a well known brand since 1871. It started from Glasgow and then captured the market of whole worlds. Available and exported world wide.


  • Lipton iced green tea that is a diet decaffeinated drink.
  • It has a lemon flavor and refreshing tartness.
  • This brand promises to have natural and real tea leaves and flavor.
  •  and has .
It is a sugar free drink. Iced green teas has early expiry than regular green tea.
Only 5 calories per bottle. May contain with sweeteners other than sugar.

Why Choose Lipton Iced Tea?

One of the few brands that is providing a diet option in iced green tea. Vitamin C and lemon flavor will refresh you and detoxify your body.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Few of the diabetic customers loved this tea and included in their diet. They said the would buy it again and again.

16) Triple Leaf Tea Jasmine Green Tea Decaffeinated 

Triple leaf is a private Chinese-American family owned business. They combine ancient Chinese formulas with modern solutions.


  • This tea uses a decaf method to maintain the antioxidants.
  • The Jasmine flavor full of taste and caffeine meets the green tea and creates a unique blend.
  • A delicious and flowery taste.
Jasmine green tea with a flowery taste.  Return option is not available.
 Full of antioxidants. Some buyers feel the taste as artificial.

Why Choose Triple Tea Jasmine?

Choose this tea if you want to add flavors to your cup with out caffeine added it it.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Customers liked this tea brand. They loves the Jasmine taste with green tea. It is light and relaxing.

17) TeaYong Organic Premium Green Tea

Tea Yong is a brand providing super quality Sencha. It is a tea grown in mountains. The brand prides itself in providing high quality teas that are flavorful and organic.


  • Due to a lot of sunshine and rain it has most healthy compounds present in it.
  • It is a high quality organic green tea.
  • It comes in a great tin box that keep the tea leaves fresh and air-tight.
Stored in an airtight tin. Contains some amounts of caffeine.
 Sencha has its own great benefits. Some buyers found it a little bitter for them.
USDA Organic and Kosher Certified Not to be brewed for long time.

Why Choose Tea Young?

Sencha decaf  that can make a traditional warm brewed tea or enjoy a iced tea.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Customers described it close to English breakfast tea. It is malty in taste and not bitter. They enjoyed the freshness and flavor. Many drinkers like 2-3 cups a day.

18) Allegro Tea, Organic Decaf Green Tea Bags

Allegro is a coffee company based in Colorado. Its teas and variety of green tea is liked by many customers around the world.


  • Allegro Tea prides it self in providing exceptional coffees and green teas.
  • This decaf version is quite popular option among customers.
  • It is an organic decaf with enticing aroma and fresh flavor.
Ultra-mellow green tea. Cant open individual bags with hand, have to cut it.
 Makes good hot tea and cold tea. The outer boxing may differ.

Why Choose Allegro Organic?

This brand knows how to make green tea for people who are not coffee lovers but want a option that makes them alert and give the same buzz.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Many users said its the best tea they have tasted. Its quick to brew and makes a great iced tea too. It can get strong taste if you steep more. Customer described it as rich and slightly tart.

19) Lipton Green Tea, Decaffeinated Honey Lemon

Lipton is a world famous tea brand. It is providing a lot of variations in teas. This honey lemon infused green tea is liked by a lot of people and has great reviews.


  • Lipton is providing perfect blends that usually liked by everybody.
  • They use freshly picked young tea leaves and delicious flavors.
  • This honey lemon blend has a lot of good customers around the world.
Blended with freshly picked young tea leaves. Some people may be allergic to the ingredients.
100% rainforest alliance certified tea bags Flavors of Chamomile tea is added.
 Great for weight loss. 

Why Choose Lipton Green Tea?

If you are new to green tea decaf, turn to this brand. Its un-complicated and gives you just the taste that is acceptable by all.

What Does Users Say About It? 

This Sencha green tea healed esophagus and swelling for many. It improved the health of many users. Even cancer patients are using it for better immunity.

20) TICK TOCK TEAS Naturally Caffeine Green Tea

This brand is manufacturing premium rooibos tea that is naturally caffeine free. It comes from a plant in South Africa’s coastal mountain region.


  • This is a Britain’s brand that is serving rooibos tea since years.
  • This particular product is rooibos tea combines with green tea.
  • The tea leaves come from naturally caffeine free plants.
  • This is an award-winning tea with great taste and no bitterness.
A super food with lots of nutrients.No strings attached with the bags.
 Low in tannins. 
 Delicious and smooth. 

Why Choose Tick Tok?

This tea is a stimulator which will work as a relaxant for you. It is gentle and has low tannin content. It will give you a smooth and delicate brew that your taste buds will love.

What Does Users Say About It? 

The users loved the red touch of rooibos tea with green tea. They loved the herbal taste more like black tea. Customers found it affordable and nicely bagged.

21) Salada Naturally Decaffeinated Original Antioxidant

Salada is an other coffee company that recently got recognized for its green teas and other varieties. Available in many citrus flavors.


  • Another one from Salada is queit popular among the customers.
  • It uses unique ingredients like Decaffeinated Green Tea, (Beta Carotene), Eleuthero, (Ascorbic Acid), (Dialpha Tocopheryl Acetate), Natural Orange/Lemon/Lime Flavor.
Unique flavors like citrus, grapes and lime. Not for the people looking for typical green tea taste.
 No bitterness in all varieties. Ingredients and box pictures are a little miss leading.

Why Choose Salada Original?

It is an ever-delicious green tea that has real fruit juice with citrus taste. Enjoy it daily to add flavors in your life with a high antioxidant level that boosts your immunity and saves you from cold and flu.

What Does Users Say About It? 

Users loved the healing properties of this tea. They found it healthful and tasty. Many buyers drink a lot of cups in a day to stay fresh and healthy.

22) Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, Decaf Mint, Decaffeinated

This mint decaf from American tea company from Colorado is hitting great sales. Customers love the mint benefits with flavors.


  • Calling all mint lovers to try this tea. It is a decaf mint tea bags.
  • These are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C.
  • No artificial flavors are added.
  • A gluten free option with minty taste and aroma.
Mint helps in digestion and gasses in the stomach. Contains caffeine that may keep you awake.
 May help in weight loss. Highly priced.
 Smoothest blend. 

Why Choose Calestial Decaf Mint?

The mint will sooth your muscles, relieves your gasses and deal with all the tummy troubles. It has a soothing effect on your mind and body.

What Does Users Say About It? 

A lot of customers loved this tea. The adored the touch of citrus with honey flavor. Price was great and affordable for the users.

23) Do Matcha Green Tea Powder – Masters Decaf

This is an original Japanese best decaffeinated green tea from Uji, Kyoto. It is made from shade grown ceremonial grade tea leaves. The moto is to provide Japanese style green tea with out caffeine.


  • It is an organic matcha green tea powder.
  • The natural water decaf method is used for the process.
  • Therefore, it saves green tea from chemical processes and oxidation.
Handcrafted tea with umami flavor. Not an organic brand green tea.
Antioxidants and L-theanine calms your senses. The seal is delicate and once opened its difficult to make it air tight again.
Tested for pesticides, lead and radiation 

Why Choose This Tea?

A great alternative for decaf coffee. You can use this for culinary purposes, baking as well as brewing a cup of decaf tea.

What Does Users Say About It? 

This tea is for people finding decaf with a great flavor. Customers found it thick, good consistency and tasty drink. A little expensive but worth every penny.

To Wrap It Up

You are a green tea lover but can’t have caffeine then decaf is the best green tea alternative for you. With our guide know the best caffeinated green teas. In addition all the benefits are mentioned.

These are high quality decafs with good ratings of people. Therefore, next time you are finding a decaf. Don’t forget to read our list first.

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