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5 Proven Benefits Of Green Tea In The Morning | Drink It Everyday

Drinking green tea can be the best way to start your day. Let’s admit we all need a little energy boost especially on Monday mornings.

Green tea provides you with exactly that! It helps you unwind and gear up at day time.

Green tea has amazing uses and has been taken around the world for treating ailments and achieving body transformation goals.

But can you switch your morning coffee with green tea?

Let’s see how green tea benefits you when taken in the morning, is it safe, and who should be cautious in drinking it.

Is It Good To Drink Green Tea In The Morning?

Yes, green is good go option as a morning drink. It does not overdose you with caffeine rush like coffee.

Rather it has just a minimum amount of caffeine that gives your energy and makes you refreshed throughout the day.

The amino acid in green tea called L-theanine makes sure to release the caffeine slowly in the body.

Thus, this provides you to sustain the energy that stays for several hours and does not drain you quickly like other drinks.

5 Appreciable Benefits of Green Tea In The Morning

Green tea has only a quarter of the amount of caffeine than in coffee and it is very healthy. More uses of green tea in the morning are as follows:

1) Active For the Day

In the morning we all need energy. The compounds in green tea enhances your focus and make you active the whole day when you drink it in the morning.

Green tea has about 25 to 35 mg of caffeine per cup.

A lady and child more active after drinking green tea

This small amount of caffeine is released into the body slowly which keeps you fresh for a longer period.

2) Obesity in Kids

People who are prone to obesity should include green tea in their diet. Some kids are on the healthier side and are at risk of obesity.

These kids can safely include green tea in their routine.

Green tea will benefit in preventing high-risk obesity in children when it’s implemented in their daily morning routine.

3) Controls Diabetes/Blood Sugar

Diabetes patients are insulin sensitive. According to research, green tea can improve this sensitivity and even prevent diabetes in the first place.

Green tea is naturally sugar-free and contains zero calories. It is best to add to a diabetic’s diet. When taken in the morning it controls blood sugar levels the whole day.

4) Aids in Weight loss

ECGC is an antioxidant in green tea called catechins. ECGC along with polyphenols increases the body’s metabolism.

Caffeine is also known to provide energy to the body which uses this energy in burning fat.

Green tea in the morning aids weight loss

Thus, the people who drink green tea in the morning can speed up their weight reduction process. The most effective time to reduce weight is early morning and green tea before a workout.

5) Healthy Digestive Tract

Green tea has healthy catechins and antioxidants, this makes the body strong to fight gut infections and promotes digestive health.

When you drink green tea in the morning it hydrates your body and helps in bowel movements.

Drinking green tea early morning will also act as acts as a diuretic and flush out toxins from the body by making you urinate the extra liquid out.

What Happens If I Drink Green Tea Early Morning?

As discussed above drinking green tea early morning will keep you refreshed the whole day, it is best for people with diabetes and offer weight reduction.

Therefore, makes your smarter and sharper and fights diseases attacking the body.

Drinking three to five cups of green tea per day seems to be optimal to reap the most health benefits.

Thus, by drinking green tea your body will get a lot of added benefits as it gets your body ready for the day with a healthy amount of nutrients.

Can Green Tea Be Taken Empty Stomach in The Morning?

The answer is YES and NO. As every individual is different.

Green tea on an empty stomach is mostly not recommended due to certain side effects of green tea when you haven’t eaten anything.

Now, certain people maybe go through these side effects like tummy pain, feeling queasy, and constipation. For others, drinking green tea may be the best thing ever.

Therefore, we don’t recommend drinking on an empty stomach when:

  • You have a sensitive stomach.
  • People with caffeine sensitivity.
  • You are an expectant mother. Green tea in pregnancy may be healthful but taking it on an empty stomach is not a good idea.
  • People with liver diseases.
  • Ladies on periods should also avoid it on an empty stomach, it may even worsen their pains.

Although drinking green tea in the morning has great benefits. Drinking if after your breakfast or a slight snack in the morning is the best time to drink green tea.

Benefits of Green Tea With Honey Early Morning

One of the perfect combinations is green tea with honey. When taken early morning you get to have medicinal effects. It increases the benefits of green tea. We gathered these for you:

1) Enhances Flavor

Some people switch to green tea in the morning but still have reservations about its taste. The taste of some brewed green teas can be a little bitter or astringent. Putting honey in your morning cup of green tea will enhance its taste. It also changes its color slightly.

Thus, this makes it a refreshing tastier drink.

2) Eliminates Toxins

When you drink this in the morning, it eliminates all the toxins that are produced throughout the night from the body.

A cup of green tea

Honey has antibacterial effects; it prevents the production of toxins and removes the current ones. It is then replaced by healthy vitamins and minerals.

3) Renew Skin Cells

Honey and green tea both are rich in antioxidants. When both are combined it helps in renewing skin cells. This gives young and glowing skin.

This combination drink when taken early morning helps with the dangerous UV rays of the sun and protects your skin from damage and aging.

Benefits of Green Tea With Lemon In The Morning

People specifically drink lemon-infused green tea for health improvement in the morning. Check out the following uses.

1) Absorbing Useful Compounds

Green tea contains catechins and antioxidants. Due to the alkaline nature of the intestines, they sometimes are not absorbed in the body. Lemon green tea becomes acidic due to the lemons.

These compounds need an acidic environment to thrive. This drink when taken early morning prevents the breakdown of the antioxidants and makes the absorption of the catechins double.

2) Weight loss

The catechins and caffeine in green tea work efficiently in burning fat. However, the absorption of these compounds is necessary.

When lemon green tea is taken in the morning it absorbs the catechins more quickly.

Therefore, lemon in green tea when taken in the morning will make the body lose weight more efficiently.

3) Fatigue

This combination of green tea lemon drink is full of magnesium, zinc, and chromium, which could lead to better blood flow through your body. More nutrients reach your body. Thus, it combats fatigue.

Glasses of green tea with lemon

You stay energized whole day when you drink green tea in the morning. It will make you active and more productive.

4) Cholesterol

The combination of green tea with lemon and honey on an empty stomach in the morning could lower LDL cholesterol and could give good cholesterol. EGCG in green tea is responsible for this change in the body.

It also prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol particles.

Therefore, this could lower your risk for heart disease, heart attacks, or even strokes from occurring.

Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea In The Morning

Green tea in the morning is great for your body. But sometimes it may cause side effects especially if you take it on an empty stomach or you drink it excessively in the morning.

The downside is as follows:

  • Green tea contains high levels of catechins if you take it in the morning on an empty stomach it may damage your liver.
  • Early morning green tea may cause the release of gastric acid which can cause ulcers and tummy aches.
  • If you switch your morning glass of water with green tea it may dehydrate you. Drink a glass of water every time you drink a cup of green tea to stay safe from dehydration.


A cup of warm delicious green tea is the best way to start your morning. It provides a good number of benefits especially if you are looking to lose some weight.

However, keep in mind that it could have some negative effects too especially if you drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

So, always try it for a few days and brew light then move forward if your body is happily accepting it.

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