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Green Tea Taste and Smell Guide

You can identify high-quality green tea by learning the green tea taste and smell guide. It is available in many different forms that include bottles form, loose green tea, tea bags, green tea supplements, and even capsules.

Whether you want to become a tea connoisseur or are simply a green tea lover, acquiring about the art of tasting & smelling tea will be beneficial for you.

To know all types of green tea and their qualities, why not rely on your senses?

The Art and Science of Green Tea:

The Feel of it

Didn’t know you could examine a great green tea just with a touch of your hand?

Green tea leaves should be strong but smooth, and sturdy, and whole. A little bit of weightage should be felt while you hold it.

A woman's hand handling green tea

After using some time if your green tea feels too light like a feather, then it’s time to get a new one. Since it is the indicator that your green tea has aged. When steeped, the leaves look kind of shiny and slippery.

Trying to be Nosy

The distinct aroma of freshly brewed green tea should be enough for you to know how good is it. If you have to inhale a lot but get only traces of scent, it may mean the green tea is stale or old.

The fresh and grassy feel and smell of green tea make it appealing. While brewing your green tea your house should smell like it. That’s surely a sign.

Using Your Sight

The two ways of processing green tea are as follows:

First one is CTC and secondly its, Orthodox method.

1) Cut, tear & Curl: The green tea leaves are sent through processing in a machine. Just like its name there these tea leaves are cut, then torn in the end, they are curled to form a distinctive shape.

This CTC process is mostly used for teabags. It is also made this made to deliver a strong brew quickly. As a result, the smell and aroma of these green teas are subtle and strong.

2) Orthodox Method: This method is used on long tea leaves. They are handled delicately and this ensures less breakage. It is more of a preserving technique, in which tea leaves are rolled and its fragrance and flavor are preserved.

Taste is Everything

If you are drinking green tea for the first time, chances are that you won’t like the first sip of it. It may be too strong for you. There will be a time when you wont stay without drinking green tea.

You just have to make your taste buds get used to of this drink. The taste of green tea is recognizable and fresh. Your taste buds will feel the flavor and have mouthfeels.

Strongly brewed teas may have a bitter taste to them while the tea brewed lightly might feed like warm water to you.

What Smell & Taste Should a High-Quality Green Tea Have?

Therefore, the best green tea should look like what it is, tea leaves! This one preserved in the original condition would be more flavorful. Avoid loose green tea.

Now you know the science behind it and can tell just by looking at it! A good green tea will uncurl slowly when brewed and give an aromatic taste and smell.

On the other hand, harshly handled green tea will have a muddy and cloudy aroma and flavor around it.

If your green tea tastes foul or has a stinky odor while brewing, throw it right away and get a new one. Also, barely recognizable green tea means it has expired and lost its flavor.

A cup of green tea with green tea leaves on the top

Does Green Tea Extract Have a Smell?

Green Tea Extract has a light leaf scent. These are aromatic and slightly bitter. There are many brands in the market providing green tea extract.

Some are plain exclusive extracts of green tea while others may be a mix of other scents along with green tea.

What Does Green Tea Perfume Smell Like?

FUN FACT: Did you know that there is a fragrance with the name Green Tea?

Perfumes with green tea notes were introduced in the early 1990s. This perfume consists of a natural and fresh fragrance that will remind you of green tea.

BVLGARI introduced Eau Parfumée as their first product. It was so successful that the company expanded just by the release of this. BVLGARI Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert (Perfume of Green Tea) was their first discovery.

You could easily say from this perfume started the boom of BVLGARI and Green Tea.

Why Does Japanese Green Tea Smell Like Seaweed?

Let’s put all the blame on Dimethyl Sulfide, a compound present in Japanese Green Tea. Due to its high components DS exhibits a disagreeable smell that doesn’t feel good to a normal individual.

Research shows, Seaweed also contains dimethyl sulfoniopropionate which is turned into DMS when it is oxidized in the atmosphere. Therefore, Japanese Green Tea smells like seaweed.

Some people also regard it as a fishy smell. But the good news is that this is an indicator of good quality and fresh Japanese Green Tea.

The teas with a high number of amino acids have the most amount of seaweed-like aroma. The most popular among them are sencha, gyokuro, and kabusecha.

How Does Matcha Smell Like?

There is a guide that tell you how does matcha green tea smell like. For this you have to understand the following:

Matcha Green Tea Taste and Smell Guide

Had a bitter experience drinking match the last time? You may have brewed it wrongly or maybe bought low-quality matcha by mistake. Well, you can reverse it by knowing some matcha tea facts.

First of all matcha tea has two main types:

1) Ceremonial Grade

Mix this tea with water. If you mix other ingredients or herbs in this, it may become bitter. Next time steep it this way and get a smooth finish with no bitter taste.

2) Ingredient Grade

You can mix this tea with other ingredients. This type of matcha can become bitter when brewed alone. Therefore, it’s best to mix it with other things to enhance its flavor. You can add sugar, milk, or honey according to your taste.

What Smell And Taste Should A High-Quality Matcha Green Tea Have?

Matcha Tea tastes better when it is of high quality. The amino acid in this green tea makes its smell vegetal and nice. Preservation process of good green tea is natural.

Ceremonial grade matcha green tea leaves that are grown in special circumstances shouldn’t taste bitter. The ingredient grade match might be a little bitter, but we already told you the solution to make your tea taste better.

What Does Green Tea Essential Oil Smell Like?

Green tea essential oils are elixirs obtained from the Camellia Sinsenis plant. This essential oil is extracted from the flowers, seeds stem roots, and leaves of the plant. Green tea comes from the same plant.

You will find two types of green tea oils in the market:

1) Synthetic Fragrance Oil

This oil does not contain any green tea in its essential oil. It contains petroleum based products . This oil has a strong smell of green tea. Avoid using this kind of oil on your skin.

2) Green Tea Oil Base

Adding green tea extract to oil is a difficult process. While there are real green tea oil products but you should vary the fake ones. Most oils include a very minute amount of green tea extracts in them.

What Are The Benefits Of Smelling Green Tea Essential Oil?

Although green tea essential oils have many benefits:

  • Add green tea to the bowl of steam. Smelling it along with steam can relieve your sinus and open blocked nasal passages.
  • Take precautions while applying green tea essential oil in its pure forms. Make sure to mix it with a carrier oil first.
  • Use while doing aromatherapy.
  • Other benefits include clear skin, preventing hair loss, and acne control.

How Can I Make My House Smell Like Green Tea?

To make your house great with green tea smell you can do the following:

1) Brew Some Green Tea in the House

For this, you need to brew green tea traditionally. Turn on the flame in your kitchen. Put a pan with some water on the flame.


When it gets warm, but the green tea leaves in it and let it brew for a while on the low flame and this does the techniques. Enjoy the house with great aroma.

2) Dry Leaves Deodorizer

Green tea leaves are a natural absorbent of bad odors. You need dry green tea leaves.

Put these leaves where you want to remove the smell. It will absorb all bad smells lurking in the air and your house will be smelling nice and clean.

3) Green Tea Spray

Yes, it’s that easy. All you need to do is find a green tea spray at the market and voila.

Spray all over your place whenever you want to. Easy peasy.

4) Green Tea Candles

Buy the scented candles which have green tea fragrance included in them.

Put them on at your place when you are in the mood. Enjoy the green tea scent all over.


You should now be the master of green tea smell and taste through this guide. A professional tea taster will tell you that before even steeping the green tea, you should smell it first.

When it comes to tasting the green tea let it get a little bit cooler first. You don’t want to burn your tongue with hot tea. Also, warmer tea will make you judge the taste better instead of a hot drink.

Take the first sip as young kids do, slurrrpppp your tea, and let the flavor linger for a while. This way you will notice the characteristics and get to the points and notes that you like.

Next time you are in the mood to try a new tea, USE YOUR SENSES!

Make sure to follow the steps mentioned earlier in the article and you will be able to judge the quality of green tea and which one would suit your taste buds best. Practice makes a man perfect.

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