How Long To Leave A Green Tea Bag In Water? Best Answer For You 2023

Make a tea - How Long To Leave A Green Tea Bag In Water

Making the perfect cup of tea is an art. Green tea with teabags doesn’t need to be boring anymore. If you had a bad experience brewing green tea before don’t worry.

With these tips and tricks up your sleeves, you can master your cup of tea!

Loose-leaf teas come with instructions but how long to leave a green tea bag in water?

The Art of Preparing Green Tea With A Tea Bag

Make a Tea - how long to steep black tea bag

Brewing tea is all about the taste and aroma that fills your senses. Drinking green tea is more of a therapy that your body certainly needs.

The answer to your question about how long to leave the green tea bag will be answered in the section below.

To make the tea taste better use the following guide to help you.

1) Water

The water that you are using should be fresh filtered or spring water. It shouldn’t be boiled before.

If you take previously boiled water the oxygen level is reduced and it can affect the aftertaste. Distilled water should be avoided.

Hence, water used for preparing teas should always have low mineral content.

2) Heating & Temperature

Make a Tea - how to prepare green tea with tea bags

The best temperature to heat the water is about 160°F to 180°F. It should not come to the point of boiling. Heat it until small bubbles are starting to form.

This is an important step, when water is heated correctly it will help in releasing the right number of amino acids. This affects the benefits and taste of the brew immensely.

If the water is heated then it will come out bland while if the temperature is too high your green tea will be too bitter.

3) Tea Bags

Make a Tea - how long to leave tea bag in water reddit

Use high-quality green tea bags. The quality and green tea brand matter a lot for brewing delicious green tea.

4) Timing & Steeping

Make a Tea - how long to steep green tea for health benefits

Now that your water is at the perfect temperature put the teabags in the cup and pour the water over it.

So, how long to leave the green tea bag in water?

Well, the steeping time should be somewhere between 1 to 3 minutes to achieve the perfect taste. Ideally, the teabag should be left in water for about 2 minutes.

This ensures the infusion of green tea. Leave it alone and watch it release caffeine and other important compounds in the water.

After 2 minutes, take out the green tea bags from the water and let them cool for another minute or so. This step will enhance the taste of the brew.

5) Sweeteners

Make a Tea - how long to leave tea bag in cold water

If you are looking to add sweeteners to your green tea, green tea with honey is the best alternative for sugar. Sugar and brown sugar are fine too if you are a healthy individual.

Additional Tip: Make sure to store your tea bags or loose tea back to the safety of the air-tight jar, this will save it from oxidation and expiring quickly.

Is It Okay To Leave Green Tea Bag In Water?

Make a Tea - how long to leave lipton tea bag in water

A certified Tea Sommelier will tell you that green tea bags should be kept in the cup for less than 4 minutes. But it doesn’t mean you can not leave the teabag in the water.

There are benefits to leaving & taking out the tea bags.

So, Yes it is okay to leave the green tea bag in water. It comes down to personal preferences.

If you like over-steeped tea, then it’s fine to leave it while drinking green tea. But taking it out is preferable to having a good-tasting brew.


You can reuse green tea bags for skin care. Use them over your dark circles by cooling them in cold water or a refrigerator.

How Long To Leave A Green Tea Bag In Water? – Side Effects

There are no adverse side effects of leaving green tea bad for too long. But if you do so, the following may happen:

  • The taste of your green tea brew will change. It will be stronger and may taste bitter if left too long.
  • Tea experts recommend you not let the tea bag stay in the water for more than 5 minutes.
  •  Overbrewed tea releases more caffeine and can stain your teeth and is not good more dental health.
  • Some paper teabags use bleached paper, this means you are ingesting bleach when you leave it too long in warm water.
  • Pyramid tea bags are safe and can be left longer in the brew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions about green tea bags, we answered them for you.

How Long Should You Steep Green Tea For Health Benefits?

Loose Leaf green tea should be steeped for 3 to 4 minutes while recommended time for green tea bags is 2 minutes for a perfect taste. Time will be different for dry-leaf green tea.

How Long To Leave Green Tea Bags In Cold Water?

We can put green tea bags in cold water to make iced green tea. Leave it for 10 – 20 minutes or you can even refrigerate it overnight for best results.


The best time for tea bag brewing is three to five minutes. Pyramid tea bags are of good quality and provide a stronger brew.

Leaving green tea bags in the water while drinking makes it bitter and over-brewed teas may stain your teeth and damage the tooth enamel.

For best results use the green tea bags and throw them out.

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