What kind of leaves are in green tea

What Kind of Leaves Are In Green Tea? Shape, Benefits & More

There are hundreds and thousands of plants and leaves on planet earth. One of the most popular plants which has beneficial leaves is the green tea plant.

If you often wonder where does it come from and what kind of leaves are in green tea then this article is for you.

Let’s appreciate and read about the valuable green tea leaves and what benefits do they provide.

What Kind of Leaves Are in Green Tea?

Original green tea uses young leaves from a plant, that is fresh out of a bud. Spring is the season of picking these leaves. 

This plant is called Camellia Sinensis. Interestingly it is a valuable plant because tea leaves of many other teas like black tea, white tea & Oolong are also taken from this plant.

The difference between them is that all teas use different leaves from the same plant and use various processes that create new blends.

Therefore, the kind of leaves that are in green tea depends upon their size and age and the methods used to process these leaves.

What Do They Look Like?

Green tea has dark green in color. It has elliptical leaves that are leathery in texture with pointed tips and edges. The plant consists of leaves and flowers and its bark is generally rough and grey.

The plant leaves are oval. These grow up to 5 to 10 cm in length.

Green Tea Leaves

It grows in many parts of Asia, Eastern Africa, Argentina, and the US. Leaves and flowers both are edible parts and can be eaten. They are full of nutrients when taken as food.

Difference Between Fresh & Dried Green Tea Leaves

Fresh ones are edible and can be eaten and used in foods. They are undried tea leaves and contain a lot of nutrients like Vitamin B & C, carotene, calcium, potassium, etc.

The leaves have a lot of benefits like bone health and keeping you healthy and strong.

When the fresh green tea leaves are plucked, steamed, and dried, they become dried green tea leaves ready for green tea brew.

In order to avoid oxidation, the dried leaves are packed immediately. They are also nutrient-dense. They are good for cardio diseases, weight loss, and many more.

6 Useful Benefits of Green The Leaves

Green tea leaves are a powerhouse of antioxidants and many other useful compounds. They have a lot of benefits fresh or dried. We mentioned them below:

1) Aids Weight Loss

Green tea is a miracle drink for people who are looking for natural options to reduce weight.

Taking green tea in the morning reduces belly fat. It also helps to burn fats from around your waist area.

Therefore, due to the caffeine the body gets power which helps aid weight loss.

2) Heart Health

The polyphenols and caffeine helps in opening the arteries and clogged veins.

Hearts are shown that represents benefits of green tea leaves for heart health

Due to the blockage in blood supply to the brain, we are at risk of strokes. Green tea increases the blood flow to the brain and heart.

Thus, keep your heart health great by supplying blood overall.

3) Treats Kidney Issues

Green tea is a natural diuretic. It makes your kidney function stronger in cleansing the toxins and sodium out. This results in frequent urination.

This process helps the kidneys to cleanse and work more efficiently. It may also help treat kidney stones.

4) Fights Cancer

The rich antioxidants, when brewed correctly helps in making new cells and fighting dangerous diseases like cancer cells.

The people who drink more green tea regularly have a low risk of cancer than the people who don’t drink any green tea.

5) Oral Health

The flavonoid in it helps in reducing the bad breath in the mouth. The germ-fighting agents in green tea reduce the bacteria and save the teeth from decay.

A lady with fresh kind of green tea leaves

Thus, the teeth enamel stays safe from staining and bad odor.

6) Safe for The Entire Family

When taken in moderation, it is a safe drink for the whole family. It is great for relaxing and giving energy to pregnant ladies.

In addition, even kids can enjoy certain green tea brands that are sweet.


Green tea leaves come from the same plant as black tea. The tea leaves used are fresh and young.

The people who live in green tea growing regions like China & Japan can enjoy green tea fresh leaves in their foods.

Hence others can have a cup of brewed of this delicious drink with dried leaves. Include it in your morning routine or bedtime to reap full benefits.

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