Two cups of Green Tea Vs Black Tea

Green Tea Vs Black: A Detailed Guide To Select The Best For Yourself

Two of the most popular teas that amazing tea plant produces are named as Black Tea & Green Tea.

Neither everyone likes Green nor Black, as the likings and disliking are different from each other. Most of us just have only one reason and that’s the taste. But, there are many other reasons to go behind the one you like.

As, you know Green Tea has it’s own benefits and down sides and same goes for Black Tea. So, Which one should you opt for?

No confusions anymore, as we’re going to do a detailed comparison between Black Tea & Green Tea in this blog post.

So, let’s get started without any further delay.

9 Major Differences Between Green & Black Tea

Knowing the differences first will let you understand the two teas more. Lets see the quick comparison of both teas.


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Following are the differences that distinguish the teas other than their color.

1) Origin

Green tea’s origins go way back hundreds of years ago in China. The tea was discovered accidentally during the reign of an Emperor during the Ming Dynasty.

Since then, it became a thing and later a book was published about it from where it became known to the public and adopted in the whole county.

The black tea plant was discovered in China but it originated later in the 17th century in the Assam district of India.

It grows in a warm and moist environment and is enjoyed in the whole world especially in the South-Eastern countries where it grows.

Therefore, both teas come from the same plant which was discovered in China but originated in different countries.

2) Processing

One of the main differences between green tea and black tea is the process of oxidation. They are grown and harvested in the same manner but the process used after that is what makes them different in color, taste, and brew.

A land full of tea leaves

Green tea is pan-fried or steamed after tea leaves picking. They are then hurried to dry and store. Why? To prevent oxidation of the green tea leaves. This makes the green tea leaves non-fermented and preserved in the most natural way.

On the other hand, black tea after harvesting is fermented and withered. This helps it to release the liquid and the tea leaves during this process are oxidized. Thus, the black color and slightly bitter taste.

3) Health Benefits

Green tea is the healthiest drink on earth. It has a lot of benefits for the body. The EGCG in green tea is a vital antioxidant that helps in retaining and improving all bodily functions.

Green tea benefits include:

  • An overall healthy body by regulating the metabolism
  • Better heart health through keeping the arteries blood flow to the brain and preventing strokes.
  • Keeping the blood pressure and sugar levels low, thus helpful in diabetes.
  • Detoxify the body by acting as a diuretic.
  • Supports brain function, makes you active and focused.
  • Helps in weight loss by burning fats in the body.
  • Making the skin clear and glowing.

As black tea comes from the same tea leaves, thus it is helpful in a lot of things like:

  • Improves heart health and brain functions
  • Helps in digestion and soothes your muscles that making your bowel movement easy.
  • Supports blood sugar levels.
  • Maintaining overall health & aids weight loss.

4) Taste

Green tea and black tea both have distinct flavors and aromas. It all comes to personal choices when it comes to tasting both teas.

Green tea has two types of Chinese green teas that are pan-fried. They have an earthly, grassy, and sweet taste with a classic green aroma.

And Japanese green teas are made by steaming processes. They taste sweet, bold, and astringent.

Black tea on the other hand goes through oxidation, this makes it taste more earthy, smooth, and even smoky.

5) Caffeine Content

Green tea and black tea both are naturally caffeinated. The reason why both teas help you in keeping awake and active.

A cup of black tea

So, what’s the caffeine difference in Green Tea Vs Black Tea?

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Green tea is less caffeinated. It contains 35mg of caffeine in the cup while black tea has about 39-109 mg of caffeine in a cup.

The amount of caffeine in black tea is the reason many people around the world choose it for daily morning tea.

6) Polyphenols

Polyphenols are the compounds in tea that have flavonoids, tannins, and theaflavins. These compounds are responsible for the wellbeing of the body, repairing cells, give color and taste to the teas.

Both tea’s have a different amounts of compounds. Green tea is rich in L-theanine that helps in relaxing the mind and body. It also releases stress and tension.

While black tea contains more theaflavins and catechins.

7) Color & Look

Green teas have a lot of types. Thus, different colors and looks. They don’t necessarily have to be green in the brew. The tea leaves are usually green and fresh but the brew may turn out to be different colors of yellow, brown, and green.

Chinese green teas are lighter while Japanese ones are a darker shade of green.

Black teas due to oxidation are rich in brown, reddish, or copper color. It sometimes will turn a lighter shade of black if brewed for a long time.

8) Types

There are hundred of types of green teas and black teas. We mentioned some for you according to the areas they belong.

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9) Acidity

For a tea to be acidic it needs to have a pH level below 7.

A cup of black tea with green leaves

Green is an alkaline tea because it has a pH level of 7-10 while with a 4.9-5.5 level black tea is an acidic tea.

Therefore, people with acidity should avoid black tea and especially take it with meals or on an empty stomach.

How Are They Similar?

Now we know the differences between green tea and black tea. Let’s see if there are any similarities between both.

1) An Abundance of Antioxidants

We discussed earlier the different chemical compounds both teas have. But one thing in common is the antioxidants in green tea and black tea.

Antioxidants are responsible for protection against diseases, fighting allergies and viruses, and improving your digestive health. Thus, they keep you healthy and strong.

Both teas are a rich source of antioxidants. Even then black tea is oxidized the antioxidants convert into other useful compounds.

2) Weight Loss Benefits

Scientists believe that the catechins play a vital role when you are on a mission of weight loss.

Green tea and black tea both contain ample caffeine and catechins which help in burning the calories, boosting metabolism, and thus weight loss.

Two cups of brewed green tea vs dry leaves

People who drink tea daily have reduced body size and waist, then the people who don’t drink tea at all.

Selecting The Best For Yourself?

You can enjoy a variety of benefits and flavors from both teas. However, choosing one of them comes to a personal choice.

1) Why Choose Green Tea?

If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, weight management, and burning calories, opt for green tea. A cup of green tea before a workout or early morning can help in reducing weight.

Also, people looking for non-acidic teas can choose green tea safely. Pregnant women and kids can enjoy green tea and reap its benefits.

2) Why Choose Black Tea?

Black tea can be a good green tea alternative if you want a healthy drink but with a little more caffeine. It will make you focused and alert throughout the day.

It comes with a hand full of benefits like weight loss, better heart health, etc.


Green tea is a well-known drink due to its being rich in antioxidants and natural processes.

Black tea although goes through oxidation but the healthy compounds do not leave their leaves.

Both are good options. It depends on your taste and preference. Black or Green Tea, we hope you enjoy your cup of tea every time you brew it.

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