Drinking Green Tea on An Empty Stomach

Green Tea is one healthful drink known for its advantages for the body and mind since ancient times. Popular drink in China and Japan, it has gained global popularity in recent years. Marketers have also adapted this and start putting green tea extracts to their products.

Some day you may also realize this, start drinking green tea elixir, and put it to good use. Until one day you wonder should I be drinking green tea on an empty stomach?

Therefore, let’s release this confusion and see if it’s a myth. We need to look at the possible benefits and drawbacks of drinking green tea on an empty stomach.

Although the benefits of drinking green tea at any time with your stomach full or empty don’t cancel its benefits. Yet it may be problematic for some individuals if not taken with appropriate care.

Can You Drink Green Tea on An Empty Stomach?

Many people doing diets and diabetes are finding solutions with drinking green tea. There are many success stories every day where people lost weight by fasting, workout, and green tea.

Green tea no doubt makes your metabolism faster and helps in the reduction of body weight by burning it.

Research has proven the benefits of green tea in any case. How your implement it in your routine depends on your goal and what you want to make out of it. Nonetheless, a few things are evident:

What Are the Benefits of Green Tea on An Empty Stomach?

Dear green tea what would we do without you? There are numerous scientifically proven benefits of green tea, how ever we mention some when taken on an empty stomach for you to get an idea:

1) Green Tea Is One Healthy Drink

The best components of green tea which provide your body with all the health benefits are caffeine and anti-oxidants. Together they elevate your mood, boost your activity level, and lower your blood pressure.

Green tea shown in a cup as well in dry form

2) It Brings You in Shape

The polyphenols in green tea are accountable to help with the fat-burning process. It also increases the oxidation of calories. Thus, when you drink green tea, it brings you to your desired body weight and shape.

Most nutritionists recommend drinking green tea on an empty stomach when you are on the weight-reducing regime.

Dr. Jason Fung, an intermittent fasting guru, recommends drinking green tea on an empty stomach during this period. As it will positively influence your metabolism and use the calories to burn excess fats.

3) Makes You Smarter and Wiser

By drinking green tea, you can make your mind healthy as it makes the performance of your brain good by decreasing the chances of early aging. Green tea also looks after your heart health by making it stronger.

Is Drinking Green Tea on An Empty Stomach Bad?

Green tea provides caffeine as well as soothing effects because of another important amino acid called L-theanine. A lot of people for this reason choose to drink green tea first thing in the morning. It increases your focus and you stay fresh for a long period.

Hence, drinking green tea on an empty stomach may turn out to be a great way to start your day.

As green tea has a high level of tannins, these are responsible for increasing acids in the stomach. While it may not be an issue for most people but few individuals drinking green tea on an empty stomach may become the cause of:

  • Gastric reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Frequent urination
  • Stomach pain
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea/ stomach distress.

Can Drinking Green Tea on An Empty Stomach Make You Sick?

Although rarely but drinking green tea on an empty stomach may make you nauseated sometimes.

This mostly happens when you are already having some tummy troubles. Or when you usually use low-quality or stale green tea for brewing.

A girl suffering anxiety as effects of green tea

Each person is uniquely sensitive and may get upset from different substances.

The green tea brand that you are taking may be too harsh for your body, either take a break for a few days or take it after meals for feeling better.

4 Reasons Drinking Green Tea is Making You Sick

1) Using Low-Quality Tea

Did you recently grab a green tea at a superstore because it was on sale and shouted weight loss? Sadly, you fell for the market techniques and probably brought a low-quality green tea which in turn is not suiting you.

Alternatively, you can get good quality green tea with, hopefully, some good tea bags. Avoid buying loose green tea.

PROTIP: Make a warm foot soak with the previously bought green tea and some essential oils. It isn’t relieving your tummy but it surely can make your feet relax and smooth.

2) Green Tea Not Properly Brewed

Green tea is never to be put in the boiling water. It is best brewed at low temperature of 160–180F at most. Over brewing the green tea also makes it bitter and worse may take away all the good nutrients from it.

3) Sensitive Stomach

You may have a sensitive stomach and react to any of substances found in green tea. Try changing the brand. Loose green tea may not suit you. You can take tea bags because they ae brewed easily without over boiling.

4) Drinking Green Tea on An Empty Stomach

Finally, take the fact that maybe drinking green tea on an empty stomach isn’t your cup of tea. You should try changing your time to drinking it after meals. That might suit you more.

Drinking Green Tea on An Empty Stomach for Weight Loss:

Can’t fit into your dress and that special occasion you waited for so long is coming near?

Don’t fret and consider drinking green tea on an empty stomach for weight loss.

Take a cup of green tea first thing every morning and you will notice the difference in just few days.

A white cup with green tea and leaves scattered around

Although, it will take some time for your body to adjust to this new change.

You feel a little nausea or stomach upset in first few days. But keep going on if you don’t have any adverse side effects and let the magic of green tea begin.

Benefits Of Green Tea on An Empty Stomach for Weight Loss

  • Green tea aids in weight loss by making your metabolism faster.
  • The polyphenols in green tea increases the fat oxidation and in return intensify the calories to burn faster.
  • Taking green tea early morning starts your metabolism and digestion process. It gets your body ready to start the day and speed up calorie burning process.
  • Along with exercise and early morning green tea you make your body smarter and slimmer.

4 Possible Side Effects of Green Tea on An Empty Stomach:

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach has proven to be good for many people. You read the benefits of green tea and its positive affects for weight loss. But it might cause some individuals to have some issues especially digestive one. These are as follows:

1) Stomach Acidity

The tannins in stomach cause acidotic activity in the stomach. This can lead to acid reflux, vomiting and other digestive issues. If the problem persists, give a break to this practice and try green tea between meals.

2) Limitation To Iron Absorption

The catechins in the green tea lowers the ability of the body to absorb iron naturally. The people who are anemic should avoid green tea because of this reason. If you don’t want to avoid green tea then taking iron supplements may be an option for you. Talk to your doctor about it and find a solution that suits you.

3) Anxiety

Green has caffeine in it like all other teas. Drinking green tea on an empty stomach may cause a intense effect. People who have sleeping problems will be affected the most. Green tea may cause anxiety and problem in sleeping.

4) Stomach Ache And Constipation

Patients suffering from peptic ulcers or acid reflux are advised to not have tea first thing in the morning. Due the acid they can face stomach ache and constipation which results in other digestive issues as well.

Best Time to Drink Green Tea for Flat Tummy:

Green tea can mostly take any time of the day. But drinking green tea at night may disturb your sleep and cause bloating.

People usually take green tea on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, you can try it too if it suits you carry on with the routine.

However, for a flat tummy you may have to start exercising along with green tea help.

Also, for flat tummy and lower belly best time to drink green tea is 30 minutes after your meal.

Worst Time to Drink Green Tea?

To achieve your goal, it’s all about drinking the green tea at the right time.

The worst time to drink is at night because it causes anxiety, palpitation and sleep disorders.

Also, the worst time would be right before bed, you will have to wake whole night for urination.

Drinking green tea right after the meals is also not recommended.

When To Drink Green Tea Morning or Night?

You can drink green tea both at morning and evening time. But drinking green tea at night is never a good option.

People with sleeping dis orders should avoid drinking green tea later in the evening and especially at night.

Final Verdict:

Drinking green tea is an ideal and natural way to stay healthy and fit. It does burn fats in your body and remove toxins from it.

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach will make your lose weight and it might be the miracle you were waiting for.

However, green tea also is acidic in nature and the people with sensitive digestive system are not advised to have it on the empty stomach.

Hence, they can take it between meals or after a light breakfast. In any case drinking this beneficial drink is better then drinking any carbonated drink or market juices filled with sugar.

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