Best types of green tea in China

11 Best Types of Chinese Green Tea | Introduction To Chinese Green Tea Tradition

It is said “Even Though One Studies Tea Until Old Age, Can Never Learn All The Names Of Types Of Teas”

Green tea originated from China and its tea lore symbolizes clearness, respect, joy, and truthfulness.

A Chinese man can live without food but green tea, not even for one day. So, what is so special about Chinese green tea & what are the best types of green tea in China?

Here are the most popular types of green tea that are considered high-quality in China.

Let’s explore.

11 Types of Best Chinese Green Teas

Interestingly most of the teas are named after their original producing areas. The following are the best types of green tea in China.

1) West Lake Dragon Well Tea

This is one of the most popular green teas in China. It originates from West Lake area in Hangzhou. Thus, the name. It is also known as the queen of green tea.

Chinese Name: 西湖龙井 (Xī Hú Lóngjǐng)

Dragon Tea Well is exported and loved around the world. It is also known as Longjing tea. It has a smooth flavor and the aroma reminds of classic green tea flavors.

The color of the green tea is green, a lighter shade of green.

There are various types of Dragons Well in China but the best type is the one that is grown in the West Lake area.

A cup and pot of green tea from China

Benefits: It keeps you cool on hot days and has a diuretic effect on the body. Therefore, best for people with kidney stones.

2) Biluochun

The planting region of Biluochun is Dong Ting Mountain, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, southeast China.

This is also a well-known high-quality Chinese tea and is thousand years old.

Chinese name: 碧螺春 (Bìluóchūn)

The Biluochun tea leaves are green and covered with white hair. The interesting thing is its unique shape that is curled like a snail.

The color of this tea is green after brewing. It has a strong taste and pleasant smell.

The after-taste is thick and flavorful. It is fruity green tea with a floral aroma.

Benefits: It contains a lot of healthy compounds like Vitamin C, caffeine, flavonoids, etc.

It is helpful in metabolism, aids weight loss, prevents cancer, and is good for tooth decays. Hence, maintains your dental health.

3) Huangshan Maofeng Tea)

Maofeng means wind storm but the literal meaning is Yellow Mountain Fur Peak. It is produced and cultivated in Huangshan, Anhui Province, east China.

Chinese name: 黄山毛峰 (Huángshān Máofēng)

This green tea has peak-shaped leaves with tinted hair on them. The leaves picking starts in early Spring.

It has a sweet taste and classic aroma that lingers in the air when brewed. Huangshan is a golden tea with beneficial properties.

A cup of maofeng green tea

Benefits: It is good for your brain functions, weight loss, heart health and it is the best tea for skin which has anti-aging properties.

4) Taiping Houkui Tea

The growing region of Taiping Houkui Tea is the famous Yellow Mountain, Anhui. Taiping houkui means “monkey leader”.

Chinese name: 太平猴魁, (Tàipíng Hóukuí)

These are oven-made leaves with green color. They have a straight shape just like a bamboo leaf. This green tea has the largest leaves among all other teas.

It is a famous tea with affordable prices.  Enjoyed by a lot of people in China.

The factory-made Taiping looks more symmetrical than the hand-made version.

It has a mellow aroma reminiscent of orchids, making it a very soothing tea.

Benefits: It is a soothing tea that relaxes you and elevates your mood.

The fleshy and robust leaves can make a great hair rinse and are good for a hair care routine.

5) Lu’an Melon Seed Tea

It is one of the unique China Famous Green Tea. It is also called Melon Seeds Tea. These leaves are grown at Lu’an City, Anhui.

Chinese name: 六安瓜片 (Lù’ān Guāpiàn)

The origin of this tea goes way back to the imperial family during Qing Dynasty. It has the honor of being a tribute tea and Empress Dowager Cixi was very fond of it.

Lu’an Melon Seed tea has high nutritional value. The leaves used are long and mature. The second leaf on the branch is specifically used. The leaves are picked at the time of the year called grain rain.

The leaves are stir-fried. It has a sweeter and spicy overtone. The taste of green tea is grassy and indulging.

Dry best type of green tea leaves from China

Benefits: This tea is full of catechins and antioxidants. It stops aging and is best for heart health.

Due to the high nutritional value, it helps in preventing strokes and is good for immunity.

6) Xinyang Maojian Tea

This tea’s name is based on the Xinyang City, Henan Province. Maojian means hair tips.

Chinese name: 信阳毛尖 (Xìnyáng Máojiān)

The hairy tips refer to the fuzz in the brewed Maojian tea. These are young leaves that have a sharp wide shape.

The dry leaves are small with green color and white hair. They are thin and rolled from both ends in a pointed shape.

Benefits: The Xinyang tea provides uses like reduced risk for heart disease, low cholesterol. It also increases the blood flow in the arteries. Thus, good for people with kidney diseases.

7) Lushan Yunwu Tea

The green tea producing areas are Lushan, JiuJiang City, Jiangxi Province.

Chinese name: 庐山云雾 (Lúshān Yúnwù Chá)

This is a well-known tea due to its origins on Lushan Mountain. The leaves are jade green in color and have tender leaves.

The brewed tea has clear color and sweet flavor. This is a graceful tea with a strong fragrance.

Benefits: Lushan Yunwa Tea clears harmful bacteria in the body, and helps to cure intestinal diseases.

This floral tea is best for curing pains and women on periods can take it safely once a day for pain and stress-related issues.

8) Nanjing Rain Flower Tea

The growing and producing area of this tea is Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Chinese name: 南京雨花茶 (Nánjīng Yǔ Huā Chá)

Nanjing has delicate tea leaves, produced with care.

Nanjing Rain Flower tea leaves have a pine needle shape. They have a light, smooth, and sweet flowery taste.

It is perfect for an occasional treat and in gifting others.

Various types of green tea shown with a child

Benefits: This tea protects against inflammatory diseases, makes the immune system stronger, and is great for treating pregnant ladies with hormonal issues and relaxing them.

9) Duyun Maojian

This green tea comes from the region Duyun City, Qiannan Buyi, and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, southwest China.

Chinese name: 都匀毛尖(du yun mao jian

This green tea is popular in this region. It has curly dry green tea leaves. The color is jade green and bright.

It has an indulging taste and smell. It has a thick consistency and a fresh earthy taste.

Benefits: The benefits include quenching thirst, promoting digestion, clearing eyes, inhibiting atherosclerosis, and many more.

10) Anji White Tea

The growing area of this tea is Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

Chinese name: 安吉白茶

Anji white tea is authentic green tea. Although its name is white tea, this is because of the white pekoe covering the green tea leaves. The tea leaves are of beautiful emerald green color.

The brew of this green tea is light yellow. It has a refreshing taste and fresh aroma.

A cup of best green tea in China

Benefits: In order to lose weight, drink this tea early morning. It delays aging and prevents cancer, delays aging.

11) Monkey Chief Tea

Taiping County is the production area of this tea.

Chinese name: 太平猴魁

It is another best type of green tea in China. The leaves of Monkey Chief are straight and flat. The color is a darker shade of green. Two leaves are wrapping a bud in the green tea plant.

The brew is clear and green in color. The taste is sweet, mellow, and has a lasting aroma.

Benefits: This tea nourishes the skin, is anti-bacterial, and detoxifies your body by having a diuretic effect. Thus, making you urinate frequently.


Green tea is an essential part of and culture of China. Today medical science also has its proven benefits.

As green tea originated from China so the main types of green tea come from there.

Each type has different uses and is wonderful for many ailments. Include it in your routine and stay healthy and active.

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