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7 Benefits of Green Tea for Kids – Know About Safety & Risks

Green tea is the answer to most of your problems. One of them could be your child’s laziness or health issues.

The people who are aware of the benefits of green tea have a ritual to brew it every day in their homes.

Adults and the elderly who consume green tea stay healthy and active throughout their life. But how does it treats with kids?

This article will show you if your kid can safely consume this drink, its benefits, and how you can include it in your child’s routine.

Here is everything you must know before giving your kid a cup of green tea.

Is Green Tea Good for Kids to Drink?

Due to the numerous health benefits, green tea has become a popular drink over the years. Still, people doubt about giving it to the kids.

Many schools in Japan offer green tea to children to make them active and healthy.

Green tea can be introduced to kids in smaller amounts. It is a safe drink to consume for children.

Make sure that your kid doesn’t have allergies. It is all about how well your kid can tolerate the drink.

Every child is different so start will a little amount and increase the amount every day little by little.

Who knows next time he forgets about the soda and green tea becomes your child’s new favorite?

Is Green Tea Safe for Toddlers?

Toddlers are picky eaters who love one thing a day and refuse it the other day. When it comes to toddler’s care must be taken in introducing new food items.

Healthy green tea drinking kids

It is recommended to offer green tea after 2 years of age. Toddlers should just be introduced to the teas with teaspoons, and not given in large amounts.

Green tea contains caffeine and large quantities may not be good for them.

7 Benefits of Green Tea for Children

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which help in preventing diseases like flu and cold. So, the children who drink green tea have strong immunity. That means no more off days from school. The benefits of green tea for children are as follows:

1) Energy booster

If your kid seems to lack energy and is always tired, introducing green tea to his diet will make him energetic and boost energy levels. The little caffeine in green tea provides an instant energy boost and also elevates the mood.

2) Improves Digestion

Green is known to be great for digestion. Many people especially in Asian countries brew green tea for relieving gas and aids digestion. Children are encouraged to drink green tea for tummy troubles and pain.

3) Fights Influenza

Green tea contains healthy compounds called catechins. These increase body’s functions to fight the flu and cold-related viruses. It also provides power to the organs and improves resistance. Thus, helpful for children in fighting the common flu faster.

4) Boosts Immunity

Green is known to be the healthiest beverage because the antioxidants and amino acids in it boost immunity.

A kid with a cup of green tea

This way your body heals faster after any disease because its fighting abilities increase with immunity.

5) Healthy Heart

Increase your child’s heart health with this refreshing drink. It prevents low blood pressure and blocked arteries. Drinking green tea also calms your kid’s nerves and relaxes their mind and muscles. Thus, reducing stress-causing hormones.

6) Dental Health

The children who drink green tea have fresh breath as it reduces bad breath problems. Taking green tea also immunizes the chances of cavity and teeth stains. Therefore, by maintaining good oral health and drinking green tea the dental health of your kids can improve.

7) Healthy Bones

One of the best benefits of green tea for children is that it strengthens the bones of your child. The antioxidants protect the bone loss and improve the injury rate by making the recovery process faster.

5 Side Effects of Green Tea for Children

Green tea is a safe option for many people but for children care must be taken. Drinking an excessive amount of green tea may pose risks that are mentioned below:

1) Caffeine Over Doze

The excessive consumption of green tea may cause headaches, vomiting, or hyperactivity in your child. The caffeine in green tea can also make the heartbeat irregular, cause heartburn and dizziness to your kid. Thus, always limit the intake to suggested amounts.

2) Anemia

Studies suggest that green tea may adversely affect the absorption of iron in the body. It interferes with the food to absorb iron. Thus, this in return becomes the cause of anemia in children. Growing children need iron from food.

Green tea when taken with food does not let this happen. Therefore, it is essential to know the best and worst times of drinking green tea to reverse the side effects.

3) Interference With Medications

Green tea should never be taken with medications. It may affect digestion and its effects. Also, make sure not to replace green tea with the daily recommended amount of water intake. This may dehydrate your child.

4) Irritability And Trouble Sleeping

Green tea when given later in the evening may cause irritability to your kid. It makes kids active and the caffeine in it may cause trouble in sleeping. Moreover, giving green tea before bed will wake up your child later at night.

When taken before bed green tea will make your child pee. This will disrupt the sleeping pattern.

5) Kidney Stone

Although green tea is not an acidic tea it does contain oxalic acid.

A large amount of this acid is known for the formation of kidney stones in the body. In addition, green tea can reduce the child’s body’s absorption of thiamine.

This causes weakness in your kid’s limbs and impairment of his sensory perceptions.

What Age Can You Drink Green Tea?

It is perfectly healthy to drink green tea at any age. All age groups can benefit from green tea.

There is no specific age limit for drinking green tea. Kids in Japan start drinking green tea from a young age.

a cup of green tea for kids

You just look out for any allergies or side effects. Kids after the age of 7 can consume green tea safely.

Just lookout for any side effects, if all looks well then you are good to go. For healthy individuals, 2 cups of green tea are fine today a day.

Is Green Tea Bad for Babies?

Babies under one year of age need milk as their primary source of food. Giving babies drinks such as teas, soft drinks and juice is not a good idea. Consult your doctor before introducing green tea to a baby. Green tea and other teas may not be good for a baby and may affect the blood.

Mothers who breastfeed their babies also need to take care while drinking green tea. The caffeine in green tea can pass into breast milk and affect a nursing baby. This can also lead to tooth decay and weight gain.

What To Avoid While Giving Green Tea to Children?

Following precautions must be taken while giving green tea to a child.

  • Avoid green tea in excess, this can lead to serious side effects in children.
  • Never give green tea with medications.
  • Green tea should not be given with health or herbal supplements. It can cause blood clotting.
  • If headache or tummy ache occurs after drinking green tea consult a doctor.
  • Avoid green tea later in the evening or right before bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some most common questions people ask about kids and green tea. These are as follows:

Can Children Drink Green Tea?

Green tea is a great source of many healthy nutrients and compounds. It can beneficial for your child in preventing diseases and curing flu-like symptoms. One cup of green tea to kids can make their metabolism faster and help indigestion.

Green tea can be good for treating obesity in children in a natural way. Children above the age of 7 can safely drink green tea.

Can Toddlers Drink Green Tea?

Toddlers are sensitive beings. It depends upon how well they tolerate green tea. It may suit some toddlers and affect others. A very minimum amount is recommended for toddlers to avoid the side effects of the caffeine in green tea.

Can Babies Drink Green Tea?

Babies should not be given green tea without consulting the pediatric doctor. It is not a safe option for babies.


Green tea is a healthy beverage to include in kids’ routines. It mostly suits all age groups. Green tea increases the brain functions and immunity of your child. A little concern is about green tea caffeine.

If care is taken and taken in little amounts, you can manage the side effects of caffeine.

Green tea can be made hot or as iced green tea. Next time maybe go green and throw them a green tea drink party!

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