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Best And Worst Time to Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is used for centuries by our great grandfathers. This is regarded as one of the most favorable teas for health and has tremendous benefits.

Drinking green tea at the wrong time might do worse than good to your body. It’s best to do your research about the best and worst times to drink green tea.

The compounds present in green tea may be very beneficial to us but drinking it the wrong way or at worst time may inhibit the absorption of iron in the body.

Certain times, its not a good good idea to drink green tea like just before bed. Lets us see what are the favorable hours to consume our favorite tea.

 8 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea at the Right Time

Still can’t make up your mind to drink green tea? First of all, let us tell you a few must mentionable benefits of green tea:

1) Metabolism Booster

Green tea has these amazing properties to kickstart your metabolism specially if you drink it at the day time. It boosts your metabolism and makes you lose weight quickly. Therefore, drinking green tea at the right time makes you lose weight efficiently.

2) Cancer-Fighting

If the patients of cancer drink green tea at the right time according to the recommendations of the doctor. It may benefit them by reducing cancer cells. It is full of antioxidants which help in fighting cancer.

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3) Risk of Stroke

American Heart Association (AHA) , specifies that including green tea in your routine can be associated with a reduced risk of stroke. People who drink tea had fewer or no strokes while people who didn’t have any green tea were prone to heart diseases.

4) Improve Brain Functions

These good components also improve brain functions and health. Drink green tea at the right time and remember to be at the right place and at the right time as a benefit. Yes that’s how much it improve your mind.

5) Bad Breath

Green tea may help to have a clean mouth by preventing mouth ulcers and reducing bad breath.

6) Happy Heart Health

One of the greatest benefits of green tea that it pumps blood towards your heart and in return It also keeps your heart health in good condition. A study shows that there is a link between reducing mortality rates with drinking green tea.

People who drink tea over the years have reduced rate of heart attacks than the people who drink no green tea at all.

7) Anti-Inflammatory

Green Tea has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. The epigallocatechin-3-gallate in green tea improves skin conditions like eczema, skin burning, and dryness. It also reversed the damaging effects caused by the the UV rays of the sun.

8) Check Cholesterol

When taken in a medicine form or as a hot drink, green tea reduces cholesterol levels. Now that you are well aware of how green tea can change your healthy life, let’s talk about how you should implement green in your routine.

 Best And Worst Time to Boost Your Metabolism:

To yield the best our of the fantastic benefits of green tea. Its best to consume at a certain time. Lets see what is most favorable one:

Best Time to Drink Green Tea

Green Tea as beneficial as charming when taken at a specific time can enhance its qualities and results on the body.

Drink tea tea as a morning drink.

Green tea is great for kick-starting your day. It has an ample amount of caffeine to give you a morning boost. In contrast to coffee, it doesn’t just give you sudden energy and later drains you.

a steaming cup of green tea

Rather, the amino acid called L-theanine keeps you fresh for many hours and boosts your energies.

We recommend you take green tea with a healthy breakfast. It’s important to note that a healthy breakfast is as important as anything to start your day.

Eat healthily & sip healthier!

Should You Drink Green Tea Before or After Meals?

Drink green tea Between Meals.

One of the most important times to take green tea is between your meals. Why because it encourages the absorption of nutrients. Don’t drink right after your meal. After waiting 20 minutes before and after your meal.

Best Time to Drink Green Tea for Weight loss

If you have a goal to lose weight then green tea is a healthy choice to do so. According to a study, caffeine in green tea when combined with EGCG can reduce metabolism and burn fat.

It further states that green tea must be taken 90 minutes before exercise to achieve your goal. We suggest you choose green tea with a higher amount of EGCG.

When to Drink Green Tea to Boost your Metabolism?

To boost metabolism and help in digestion, the best time to have a green drink is to take it eight before 30 minutes of taking your meal.

If taken after 3o minutes of your meal it has the same effect. Try to take about 3 cups to yield the most benefits.

Should you Drink Tea Before or After a Workout?

You can take free tea at both times. But they have different benefits both ways. When taken before a workout it makes your body’s metabolism rate faster.

This helps in losing access fat quicker and it also burns calories. After the workout, it relaxes your heartbeat and helps with muscle pain that happens due to exercise.

Best Time To Drink Tea For Glowing Skin

Green tea has been widely used in ancient times as a wound healer. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

It may help solve all your skin issues including dark circles, wrinkles, sunburnt skin, fine lines, etc. Research states, it helps in reducing sebum as well means a reduction in pimples and oily skin.

2 Important Things When Drinking Green Tea

On the days that you are having green tea in your routine, it’s important to take care of the following:

1) Add Water to Your Diet

Did you ever get thirsty after drinking green tea? Green tea uses water from the body to do its work. Having green tea might dehydrate some people who already aren’t taking enough water.

For every cup of green tea add a cup of water to your day. Dehydration can lead to metabolic issues. So, go ahead drink your green tea but don’t forget the water. While green tea is fluid, never take a cup of green tea as a substitute for daily water intake.

2) Medical Issues

If you are facing a health issue or any illness, always consult your physician. In addition, it is important to take your doctors say while implementing any green tea regime in your diet especially while you are facing medical issues.

4 Worst Times to Drink Green Tea

Are you having your cup of green tea at the right time? The most absolute worst times to have green tea are as follows:

1) Green Tea As a Bedtime Routine

It’s a No!

People with sleeping issues should avoid taking green tea before sleeping. It does have smoothing effects but it doesn’t make you sleepy or drowsy.

Remember we read in benefits that it makes you stay alert and fresh for several hours. Yes, now you know what I mean.

Caffeine in green tea interacts with melatonin and prevents you to have a good sleep. Rather, it may keep you awake for long.

2) First Thing in the Morning

While you may have heard that drinking green tea is good for an empty stomach and cause you to start the metabolism process.

But by doing so most people can have loose stomach and tummy troubles if they take this first thing in the morning.

The reason is a high level of antioxidants that increase the gastric acid in your stomach.

3) Drinking Green Tea with Medicine

Are you taking your pills with a cup of green tea?

If yes, then you should think again. The chemicals present in green tea can interfere with those present in the medicine. This can cause acidity.

Pills should only be taken with a whole glass of plain water. Consuming medicines along with green tea may be causing more harm than good.

4) Green Tea Along with Your Meals

We take green teas along with meals to improve digestion. However, we make the mistake of taking the green tea right after our food. Doing this can lead to a deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Therefore, it is not recommended to take green tea along with meals. (like we take our black tea). There should be a gap of at least 20 minutes to an hour.

How Many Cups Can We Drink Green Tea in A Day?

Start with one cup in a day. Gradually you can increase it to three cups in a day. While there is no harm in exceeding it to more cups, but then precautions have to be taken.

More cups of green tea may lead to dehydration. It can also flush out essential nutrients from the body if taken excessively.

9 Side Effects At Worst Time To Drink Green Tea

Addicted to green tea? As you know that excess of everything is bad, green tea may also have some side effects to some individuals.

a green cup of green tea with a tea bag

Choosing the worst time to drink green tea or talking too much in a day may be the reason behind it. The harmful side effects you should know before drinking green tea are as follows:

1) Oh that Migraine

Caffeine is the cause of headaches and can trigger migraine in a few people. Individuals with caffeine sensitivity should avoid having green tea daily. You can start occasionally and if it doesn’t affect your migraine issue then there is no harm in continuing the green tea.

2) Tummy Troubles?

Having green tea on an empty stomach is one of the worst times to consume tea. Green tea can cause increased acid in the stomach which leads to digestive issues.

Although, we take green tea for good digestion but taking it at the wrong times can worsen your situation. Another reason to have acid reflux as a green tea side effect is when green tea is brewed strongly, it might become the cause of irritation in the stomach.

Therefore, if you are a stomach sensitive person avoid strongly brewed tea and especially taking it on empty stomach.

3) Why Can’t I Sleep?

The most important compound in green tea is caffeine. It makes to stay awake and awaken your senses. When taken later at night it causes the inability to sleep.

The chemical compounds in green tea stop melatonin which is a hormone that helps you in sleeping. Take at least 4 to hours before bed.

4) Deficiency of Iron

The antioxidant in green tea might be a source and cause of many incredible benefits but it causes problems with iron absorption in the human body. A study shows that people with anemia will be more prone to iron deficiency caused by drinking too much green tea.

You can overcome this by adding lemon juice to your green tea (Vitamin C is present in lemon which enhances iron absorption) or take green tea at the best time to drink green tea that is between meals.

5) Vomiting

Research shows that tennis is a compound in green tea which may become the cause of irritation in the intestines.

This causes nausea and vomiting. Constipation may also become another side effect due to this. No more than 4 cups of tea is recommended in this case.

6) My World is Spinning

When taken in excessive amounts, caffeine in green tea decreases blood flow to the brain and nervous system. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded.

A study also shows, which may also cause ringing in the ears called tinnitus. If you suddenly start suffering from tinnitus then consider giving a break to drinking green tea.

7) Liver Disease

This side effect is caused by the intake of too much green tea. Green Tea Supplements Could Be Hurting Your Liver, Researchers Say, this report tells us that taking too much green tea may be hurting your liver and you might not even know it.

Green tea supplements is safer in this case. You can consider taking one instead of having green tea potion.

8) My heart!

This may be a rare side effect. But few types of research show that drinking green tea especially at odd times may cause palpitations and irregular heartbeat. It can also make your blood pressure to be lower.

If you are taking a blood pressure medicine then it can interfere with its result. You can check this study for further information.

9) Osteoporosis

Just like iron, green tea may prevent the absorption of calcium in the body. This leads to poor bone health and the chance of osteoporosis in the body. If you are still a green tea lover then consult your doctor and take calcium supplements.

Best Time To Drink Green Tea During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful yet challenging time. Taking care of a good diet is most important.

Green is FDA approved. In pregnancy, it should be taken in a limited amounts.

No more than 2 cups per day are recommended. Always check for signs or side effects at the start, If all is well then continue with the green tea routine.

Best And Worst Time To Drink Green Tea During Pregnancy

Things to consider while drinking green tea during pregnancy.

  • Firstly, never drink on an empty stomach during pregnancy,
  • If you want to take green tea in early morning then make sure to do so after you have had a healthy breakfast.
  • Never take green tea to gulp down medicine especially during pregnancy. It can severely make complications and interfere with each other.
  • On the contrary, while drinking your favorite tea its best to always wait up to an hour after you have eaten something.
  • Lastly, the best time to drink green tea during pregnancy is between meals.

Best time For Children to Drink Green Tea?

Kids are lovely little beings who love to try whatever is in your cup. A spoon or two for toddlers tasting might cause no harm. Children above 7 years of age can safely enjoy drinking green tea with you.

The Goodness Of Green Tea For Children:

  • The good news is that green tea may help with cavities in children.
  • It can help in reducing bad breath.
  • Green tea causes the flu and common cold in children to go away, backed up by the studies. It is rich in catechins, and it has antiviral properties.
  • Good for a healthy heart and makes the heart health stronger.
  • Keep child obesity at bay. According to research by World Health Organization 43 million children up to the age of 5 years in the world are obese. Green tea increase metabolism and enhances weight loss.


Green Tea is an ever-green drink both in color and season. Harvesting of green tea is mostly done in spring season.

Yet, it is available all year round. In summer green tea won’t make you feel warmer.

On the contrary it will refreshes you and sooth your mind and heart.

Green tea is mostly enjoyed more in winter season, it cleanses your body, fixes your skin and keep you healthy and smart.

Time to brew some green goodness!

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