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Green Tea Vs Chamomile Tea – Best Teas For Stress & Weight Loss

Chamomile may not be a true tea but it gives a tough competition to green tea when it comes to comparing them both.

People have been drinking these teas for centuries for a lot of reasons.

So, which one is the hyped one among green tea vs chamomile tea, and which one gives us real benefits.

Let’s break it to you, the flavor, caffeine, usefulness, and more.

Which One Is the True Tea?

All regular teas come from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant.

1) True Tea

Green tea is one of the main kinds of tea that comes from this plant like black tea, white tea, and oolong tea. Thus, we can call green tea a true tea.

2) Herbal Tea

Chamomile tea is a type of herbal tea. It comes from daisy-like plants of the family Asteraceae. They are not true teas but the truest form of herbal tea.

The tea which comes from flowers or herbs is not a true tea is called a ‘tisane’.

Therefore, green tea is a true tea while chamomile is a herbal tea.

Which One Has Oldest Origin & History?

The history and origin of green are the oldest and known. It goes way back even before the 16th century.

Green tea was discovered in Shang Dynasty where it was mistakenly brewed for a Chinese Emperor.

So, green tea originated in China and is grown and produced in Eastern countries mostly in Asia.

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Chamomile grows in Europe and US. It was originated in the Western side of the world, especially in Europe.

People started taking it as a medicinal remedy after its benefits were disclosed.

Thus, Chamomile tea is from the Western part of the world.

Whose Processing Is Easier?

The growing of green tea is done by specialist tea growers. It takes time and sweat to produce and store it.

1) Green Tea Processing

  • Green tea is easily grown in hot humid areas but taking care of the plants from growing to processing is a difficult task.
  • It requires laborers, professional tea pickers, and specialists to roll and store the tea to save it from expiry. Green tea has to be plucked with young tea leaves.
  • It is then fried in a pan or goes through steaming depending on the type of green tea.
  • After that, they have to be dried in shades and stored quickly to avoid oxidation.

2) Chamomile Tea Processing

These plants grows on its own.

  • Chamomile plants grow everywhere in fields, hillsides, or mountains where it’s not too hot. They easily grow on their own.
  • You can pick them carefully and dry them for a couple of days.
  • Thus, you can grow these plants at home. 

Benefits of Green Tea Vs Chamomile

Green tea and chamomile tea are out teas that have special benefits on their own. Lets see the table below.

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Green Tea Vs Chamomile – The Tastier One

Chamomile tea has a more pleasant taste than green tea.

1) Green Tea Taste

Making green tea is an art more than a science. Many factors have to be considered while brewing to gather the perfect taste. The flavors are dependent upon the quality, brand, temperature, and steeping time of the green tea.

Most of the people who taste green tea don’t like it. Few types of green teas from Chinese and Japanese varieties are sweet but most have a slightly bitter and astringent taste. Iced green tea is better in taste.

2) Chamomile Tea Taste

Chamomile tea is part of meditation. The aroma and flavor are exotic with a sweet flowery taste. Make your drink warm. Cold chamomile tea does not taste that well and becomes stronger in taste.

A cup of chamomile tea with a flower inside

Thus, people like the taste and aroma of chamomile tea more pleasant than green tea.

Which One Has Caffeine?

The amount of caffeine is what is the main thing that differentiates both teas.

1) Green Tea Caffeine

Green tea has the right amount of caffeine to make you fresh, focused, and alert for the day. It has 35 mg of caffeine in a cup of 8oz. This is half the amount of coffee.

So, you can switch to green tea from coffee without the fear of having caffeine over doze. The caffeine in green tea helps a lot with bodily functions.

2) Chamomile Tea Caffeine

Chamomile tea is a naturally caffeine-free drink. This is why it is usually associated with a bedtime drink that relaxes you.

People with caffeine sensitivity who are finding an alternative to green tea with the same benefits can switch to chamomile tea.

Which One Relieves Stress and Anxiety?

Chamomile tea is an ancient remedy to treat anxiety. The brew has healing properties that relax your nerves and relieves tensions and stress.

It is used in meditation, breathing exercises, and aromatherapy too. The aroma and brew have properties to de-stress you, make your sleep quality better.

Green tea also relaxes your muscles but due to the caffeine content in it, it is not advisable to take it after the evening. It may disrupt your sleep and makes you pee at night.

Thus, chamomile tea is more effective in relieving stress and anxiety.

Which One is Useful for Cold & Sore Throat?

Chamomile tea is a proven ancient herbal medicine for curing inflammation, pain and illness. It may be effective remedy to cure your sore throat.

If you have harshness, pain and swollen throat, drinking a cup of chamomile tea will sooth your glands, voice and lower pain.

Green has healing properties and a lot of benefits. Due to the large number of antioxidants in green tea, it can provide relief and power to your body to help build immune system. So, if not directly green tea will cure the symptoms of cough, and cold.

Thus, chamomile tea can be great for sore throat while green tea is good for curing cold and flu like symptoms.

Which One is Better for Gastritis & Tummy Troubles

Green tea and chamomile tea both have their own set of benefits for digestion and tummy trouble. While green tea will help with bloating and gas, chamomile is known to help with acid reflux and gastritis.

Some times green tea may cause pain, nausea or acid-reflux specially when taken on an empty stomach.

Chamomile comes in handy for people with acidity and sensitive stomach.

Therefore, green tea is good as a digestive drink, eliminating toxins and infections from the tummy while chamomile will ease the muscles and cure gastritis and acid reflux.

Which One is Perfect to Drink Before Bed for Weight Loss?

Drinking green tea before bed is known to relax your muscles and helps in burning calories while you sleep. But green tea contains caffeine and it is also a natural diuretic.

This means green tea at bedtime may disturb your sleep and makes you have frequent urination through out the night.

Chamomile tea is considered a good sleeping aid. Due to no caffeine content in this tea, it is helpful in inducing good nights sleep.

It is also known to be a stress buster and anti-anxiety drink. Drinking chamomile at night helps in reducing weight and burning fats.

It also helps in water retention of the body and reduce bloating.

Therefore, green tea might be a great weight reducer but taking it before bed is not a good idea. Chamomile tea is your go to option to help you with sleep and weight management as a night drink.

Which One Is Safer?

Green tea and chamomile are safe teas. Although green tea has a lot of benefits but taking it in larger amounts can have adverse effects especially when taken in excess.

This is the reason pregnant ladies and kids should be careful while consuming green tea.

a glass of chamomile tea

Chamomile tea on the other hand is herbal and safe. Even babies can drink it without having to be cautious.

Thus, chamomile tea is a safer option for everyone in your family.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, chamomile tea is an easy option to brew and even grow in your house. Green tea is a good weight loss option and thus keeps you safe from strokes and kidney diseases.

Chamomile will relax you and give you quality sleep. Therefore, add both to your routine and reap the benefits that you need out of them.

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