Green tea makes you pee more

3 Reasons Why Green Tea Makes You Pee?

There is nothing more annoying than getting up in the middle of the night to pee!

Hydrating your body every day is important for a lot of reasons. It delivers nutrients to the body, makes the organs work effectively, and makes you pee that helps with digestion.

Although taking fluids throughout the day keeps your body hydrated but many people use green tea for this purpose.

Green tea will surely make you pee but don’t use it as a replacement for water to hydrate yourself. Also, drinking late at night may cause you to interrupt your sleeping pattern.

Does Green Tea Makes You Pee?

Yes, most of the times green tea makes you pee instantly after drinking it. The caffeine in green tea increases the kidneys functions to process more sodium.

Most teas have diuretic and laxative effects on the body. This means frequent urination by elimination of toxins and easy bowel movements.

Hence, if you just had a cup of green tea, chances are that it will make you pee and you will be visiting the loo shortly.

3 Reasons Why Drinking Green Tea Makes You Pee

A cup of brewed green tea contains 28 mg of caffeine. Caffeine is known to fasten the functions in the body. It also activates the bladder to work more efficiently.

More caffeine can lead to a condition called bladder spasm. Drinking green tea or even coffee in large amounts can cause bladder control issues and lead the body to urinate more.

The causes are further discussed in detail:

1) Diuretic Effect

Caffeine in green tea makes your body get excess sodium and water out. It helps the kidneys to release more salt into your urine. This is the diuretic effect of caffeine on the body, it stimulates urination. Thus, drinking more green tea makes you pee a lot more than usual.

2) Caffeine Effects on Bladder

There is a relation between caffeine and bladder control. If taken in excess the caffeine compound in green tea makes the bladder make more urine and therefore, it urges you to go to the toilet more often.

Green tea makes your pee and irritate your bladder

3) Green Tea Overdose

Consuming green tea in excess can also lead to increased trips to the washroom so does any other liquid. The more you drink the more your kidneys flush out. 2 cups of green tea daily are recommended by the experts.

Does Green Tea Make Your Pee Yellow?

Some eatables and drinks do change the color of your urine. Certain medications and health conditions may also turn the color of your pee into yellow, green, brown, or even blue.

No study shows that green tea changes the color of pee. The changes in the color are often due to fluctuations in body hydration levels.

If you are consistently having this issue, it may mean there is some old blood in the urinary tract. You can have a urine test by consulting a doctor, he will get your urine analysis done.

Green Tea VS Water! Which One Makes You Pee More?

There is a recommended amount of water intake daily. You must drink 8 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. Drinking water cleans your system.

Too much water will make you pee too much. The requirement for each adult varies according to their health conditions. Always drink water to the extent that it makes your urine lightest yellow or clear. This means you are drinking enough water.

On the other hand, green tea is a detox drink for the body. It flushes out the toxins and acts as a diuretic. The caffeine in green tea also stimulates dehydration.

Therefore, care should be taken so that green tea does not become troublesome for you and you don’t have to spend your whole day in the bathroom.

3 Reasons That Make You Pee More

If you think that you don’t have control over your bladder anymore you should go see a doctor. Here are the reasons that could be causing this condition:

1) Diabetes

The patients with diabetes, unfortunately, have to suffer frequent urination. Due to the fluctuation of the blood sugar level, you have to go to the toilet a lot of times. Another condition that causes this problem is an enlarged prostate gland.

2) UTI

Urinary tract infections are a common occurrence, especially in ladies and children. If you have ever gone through this you know how much it affects your system. It makes you pee often and leads you to have frequent trips to the loo.

3) Irritation Due To Some Fluids

According to research, some beverages can irritate your bladder. Some individuals are more prone to it. It further states that green tea is one of those beverages.

What Can You Do About It?

You can try the following to relieve your condition.

  • Try to drink a lot of water. It will reduce inflammation inside the body.
  • Drink cranberry juice, this helps in UTI and reduces infections.
  • Opt for bladder-friendly light teas like chamomile tea.
  • Keep a check on your weight and the amount of fluid that you consume.

Do All Teas Make You Pee?

Teas and coffee may make you urinate more than usual. If you don’t consume these teas there won’t be any additional urine. In simple words the more liquid intake, the more to flush out of the system.

Another reason for more peeing is the caffeine content in these teas and its diuretic effects that make you produce more urine. Caffeine stimulates the digestive system and bladder to take the excess fluid and sodium out of your body.

Due to this reason, a lot of people who have water retaining issues in their bodies are recommended diuretic medications. Little did they know that their favorite green tea can also become a great diuretic, laxative and relieves many of their health problems.

A washroom for pee

Fun Fact: Tea leaves contain more caffeine than coffee beans. But the brewed coffee has more caffeine than steeped tea.

Therefore, we can easily say that most teas that contain caffeine have a diuretic effect and they will make you pee more. Black tea and matcha green tea are the most concentrated caffeine teas.

How people react to the effects of caffeine may vary from person to person.

Some people react more to the diuretic effects of caffeine than others.

Does Green Tea Make You Pee Like Coffee?

If you are a coffee lover and love to take many cups of coffee in a day to keep yourself alert. You must know how many times you have to visit the loo after drinking coffee. Coffee has 40 mg of caffeine in a cup.

Similarly, green tea although has half amount of caffeine as coffee, it has a diuretic effect that stimulates the bladder and makes you pee more.

Green tea also makes you pee like coffee due to caffeine. There is a relationship between caffeine and the bladder.

So, when drinking a large amount of green tea or coffee, the caffeine aggravates the functions of the bladder and makes the kidneys process more sodium. This as a result causes frequent urination.

3 Famous Teas That Make You Pee The Most

These teas are the ones that will make you urinate the most:

1) Green Tea

The green tea that is brewed the most turns out to have the most caffeine in it. The most common examples are Japanese Gyokuro and Chinese Dragon Well. These type of green teas are shade-grown which means the leaves does not dry and lose their nutrients and caffeine. Green tea often makes you go to the loo the time you take it.

A cup of green tea

2) Black Tea

Black tea contains more caffeine than others. Most of the time especially in Asian countries black tea is brewed a lot to add flavor and color. This makes it lose the caffeine content more in the black tea. This means it makes you pee the most.

One important thing to point is that studies suggest that black tea is as hydrating as water. So, drink your favorite tea and hydrate your body side by side.

3) Matcha Tea

Matcha is a type of green tea mostly found in Japan. This is the powdered form of green tea and is considered the most expensive and beneficial for health. Drinking brewed matcha means drinking the tea leaves themselves just in powdered form. This makes you consume most caffeine and thus the increased urination is a downside.


Many people have a misconception that drinking green tea makes you pee more and this is the cause of weight loss in the body.

However, green tea makes you pee a lot because of the caffeine in the leaves.

This stimulates the acids in the stomach and enhances digestion. Thus, you always have the urge to go to the toilet after a cup of green tea.

Make sure to increase your water intake if you like to brew a stronger tea. This is much needed to rehydrate your body.

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