Switching from coffee to green tea

Why Switching From Coffee To Green Tea Is a Great Idea? 10 Benefits & Methods

Some people can’t function without caffeine intake every day. Coffee is the go-to morning drink for most individuals.

But there comes a time when your body even stops responding to coffee or maybe you just want to have more healthy options in your life.

Green tea is the best alternative to coffee. It contains more antioxidants and has a limited caffeine level that makes you active and fresh throughout the day.

So, is there any difference health-wise between coffee and green tea when you make the switch?

Let’s find out how swapping your coffee with a cup of green tea gives you benefits and changes your life pleasantly.

10 Benefits of Switching From Coffee to Green Tea

Green tea has a lot of health benefits as it is awarded the healthiest drink in the world by nutritionists. When you make the switch, you can reap a lot of benefits which we have mentioned below:

1) No More Caffeine Overdose

When brewed coffee contains double the caffeine as green tea. Most people start their day with coffee which makes them awake but taking more cups throughout the day makes a lot of caffeine.

Caffeine overdose itself creates a lot of problems in the body and may have potential health issues. Green tea caffeine is not harmful as it contains a little amount of it, which results in positive uses.

Therefore, when switching from coffee to green tea, you are no more at risk of caffeine overdose.

2) Less Anxiety

Drinking coffee may result in heart palpitations, anxiety, and high blood pressure. The high caffeine content causes these issues in people in the longer run.

A smiling girl after switching togreen tea

Green tea will decrease your anxiety and other symptoms of caffeine over-stimulation in the body as you will be cutting down half of your caffeine intake by making this switch.

3) Sleep Better

If you stay awake the whole night tossing and turning in bed and are unable to sleep then think again. What may be the cause behind it? Yes, you guessed it right, the reason behind this may be your cups of coffee that you drink all day.

The caffeine in coffee especially when taken later in the evening is dangerous for people with insomnia and sleeping disorders.

When you start drinking green tea it has a relaxing and soothing effect on your mind and body which results in a good night’s sleep.

4) Hydrate Better

Caffeine does dehydrate your body. It consumes the extra water and that affects all functions. Your skin gets dehydrated, you get dizzy, and may encounter stomach problems too.

Green tea is a natural diuretic, it will make you pee a lot and even helps you relax your stomach muscles and provide fluids in your body that help you poo easily.

5) Green Tea Is Environment Friendly

According to statistics, more than 42% of Americans own coffee makers in their homes. This uses electricity, filters, and plastic pods.

Even processing coffee is more demanding and green tea has simpler methods like handpicking and packaging.

Thus, people who love environment-friendly options need to consider this seriously.

6) No Cleaning the Coffee Maker

Didn’t think about this one? Making green tea takes less time and equipment. While you do have to brew your morning coffee daily.

You also need to buy filters for the coffee maker and clean it occasionally. Switching to green tea saves time and it’s more affordable.

7) More Antioxidants

Green tea contains catechins, these are also called EGCG. This is a useful compound that fights diseases and also prevents cell damage. These antioxidants help in aging and lower the risk of heart diseases.

Therefore, green tea makes your bodily functions better and boosts your overall health. Make a routine of green tea before bed and reap the benefits while you sleep.

8) Reduced Cholesterol

Some coffee brands have ingredients called cafestol and kahweol in them. These kinds of elements are known to increase bad cholesterol.

With green tea, you don’t need to worry about any harmful ingredients as all green teas are prepared naturally and reduce cholesterol levels.

9) Better Dental Health

The good compounds called catechins in green tea reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

A girl with a cup of green tea

It is a known fact that coffee stains your teeth to yellow. So, switching your coffee to green tea means no more teeth stains and better oral health.

Green tea also refreshes your breath and eliminates bad odor.

10) Caffeine Benefits

The best thing about choosing green tea is that it still does have caffeine but in minimum amounts. This is why you save yourself from the side effects of caffeine overdose and yield the caffeine benefits from green tea.

The amino acids called L-theanine improve your focus and alertness. Therefore, your physical performance increases when you take green tea in the morning instead of coffee.

4 Major Differences Between Coffee & Green Tea

Now you know the health benefits of green tea at any time of the day are more than that of coffee. To make the switch it is important to know the differences between both of them. Let’s discuss how different are they from each other.

1) The Brewing of Green Tea Vs Coffee

The brewing of coffee takes place in a coffee maker and it takes more time. The rule is the darker the bean or the leaf, the less steeping is needed.

Green tea is brewed slightly and takes less equipment if brewing at home.

2) Taste of Green Tea Vs Coffee

Many people are addicted to coffee yet they don’t like its taste. People usually drink coffee for its caffeine boost. Coffee has a bitter taste and milk and sugar have to be added to it to balance it. This adds calories too.

Green tea has many variations, some taste sweet, earthy while others have a slightly astringent taste to it. You may add sweeteners or honey for a more healthy drink.

3) Coffee And Green Tea As Psycho-Stimulants

Coffee creates a sudden rush of adrenaline. It creates physiological effects and excites you because the caffeine in coffee absorbs easily in the body.

Green tea on the other hand is bound to other substances it stimulates your body and creates a soothing effect.

4) Health Benefits Of Green Tea Vs Coffee

Both drinks have good health benefits due to caffeine. Green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants which has overall great effects on the body.

The overdose of coffee has many potential side effects. Green tea on the other hand is safe for most healthy individuals.

4 Types Of People Who Should Switch to Green Tea

People with certain conditions should limit their caffeine intake and that can easily happen if you switch from coffee to green tea. Following individuals should swap immediately:

1) People Sensitive To Caffeine

People who have caffeine sensitivity can be affected by the caffeine in coffee in adverse ways. They can have heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, and dizziness.

Drink green tea without worrying about caffeine overdose.

2) Individuals With Insomnia

Every person is different but caffeine affects most people’s sleep patterns and quality. Even a cup of coffee in the morning can make you stay awake late at night and affect your sleep.

People with insomnia need to reduce caffeine intake and avoid coffee at all costs.

3) Sensitive Stomach

If you have a sensitive stomach but are a coffee lover there’s bad news for you. Drinking coffee can cause pain, discomfort, and stomach upset in people who are sensitive digestive tracts.

Caffeine is not the only element that can irritate your stomach, even decaf can cause the same symptoms.

A cup of coffee that can cause trouble for stomach

Alternatively, green tea reduces pain, discomfort and has been taken for gas issues &curing digestion for thousands of years.

4) Afraid of Teeth Stains

Coffee stains your teeth. It is notorious for changing the color of your teeth to yellow.

If you are one of the people who can’t compromise on your beautiful smile then switch to green tea. It will surely take care of your dental health.

2 Methods To Switch From Coffee To Green Tea

You can choose one of these methods according to what suits you and how your body can cope up.

1) Cold Turkey Method

Just like its name, in this method, you just wake up one day and quit coffee. This works for most people as caffeine is mildly addictive.

However, caffeine withdrawal symptoms occur and can be severe for people who are immune to coffee for years.

You can decrease the symptoms by putting yourself on green tea in place of coffee.

2) Take It Slow Method

If you think you need time to incorporate this routine this go for this method. You slowly reduce and eliminate one cup of coffee a day.

The best is to replace one cup of coffee with one cup of tea. And within a week your body will get used to it.

What Happens When You Swap Your Coffee to Green Tea?

Coffee maybe your beloved drink. But if it’s causing you caffeine intolerance or it just becomes too much for you then switching to green tea is the best option out there.

It’s a fact that green tea leaves contain more caffeine than coffee beans. But after steeping these changes and coffee releases more caffeine, thus becomes the bad guy for people who are sensitive to it.

When you drink coffee, it gives you an instant boost like the high caffeine level spike your blood pressure. But after some time, it drains your body and you have the urge to eat more.

On the other hand, green tea may take some time to give the effects of caffeine but these effects stay longer and you stay active throughout the day.

A green tea swap with coffee

Green tea is naturally processed and stored in the most original form possible. Therefore, it has a lot of antioxidants which give many nutrients to your body, and healthy compounds which fight diseases and makes your immunity stronger.

When you swap your coffee for green tea you may feel a little jittery and irritable for the first few days. Also, you may get caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

Green Tea Vs. Coffee: Which Is Better To Drink Every Day?

People have both drinks daily for different reasons. Coffee has a strong taste with a quick-fix energy boost situation.

Most people do not go to coffee for its taste or flavor due to the caffeine and how it hits their symptoms.

Green tea is mostly used for weight loss or to heal digestion. Also, its rich antioxidants provide healing from flu-like symptoms and keep you young for a long time.

Both drinks contain caffeine that has benefits for the body but taking a lot of caffeine poses adverse side effects and it usually happens from a coffee overdose.

Green tea in addition to caffeine has a lot of properties and compounds that are healthy for you.

Therefore, you can use both drinks daily but excess is dangerous.

Does Switching Coffee With Green Tea Help In Weight Loss?

The caffeine in coffee may help in speeding up the metabolism. Most people include milk and sugar in their coffee. This does make you fuller but it increases a lot of calories.

Green tea is known for its benefits for weight loss. It contains almost zero calories. Caffeine helps in speeding the metabolism and reducing fats.

Other useful compounds in green tea also help in reducing your waist size. Also, you can easily increase the number of green teacups to 5-6 daily for weight loss.

It still won’t reach the daily limit of caffeine intake. Thus, green tea will help you in weight loss while there is no such evidence for coffee. Coffee doesn’t help you with weight loss.

Final Thoughts

Switching from coffee to green tea may be a tough one. Coffee-addicted people may get caffeine withdrawal symptoms for a few days.

Rest assured this will be a favor you will be doing for yourself.

You will find yourself more active and the long-term health benefits of green tea will improve your health.

It is a yes! Happy Swapping!

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