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26 Best Green Tea Brands For Weight Loss In 2022 | Know Before Buying

Most people are confused about choosing the right green tea for themselves.

You can decide which brand to buy, depending upon your need and the benefit that you want out of your cup.

If you require to buy a flavorful green tea then opt for the one with fruity flavors.

Have digestive issues? Try the green tea with mint. There’s even a weight loss green tea with ginger & lemon.

Our list will guide you through the top tried & tested green tea brands around the world, their expected flavors, and how they can benefit you.

So, let’s explore before you buy yours.

26 Premium Green Tea Brands You Must Try

So, whether you want a caffeine boost or simply a healthy drink, we are here with 21 premium green tea brands, for your help in choosing the right green tea brand.

1) Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags

bigelow green tea

Price Range – 40 green tea count boxes Pack of 6 (240 teabags) at 32 $

Bigelow is one of the known green tea brands in the USA. Its history goes back to 1945 when Campbell Bingelow created and started its blend and packaging.

Today it is still a family-owned business and provides quality teas like Earl grey, English breakfast, etc. and green tea is one of the best options among them.

Bigelow is a famous tea brand which is offering a variety of tea options. The best among them is the classic green tea bags.

This is an evergreen tea brand usually served at restaurants and used in homes. Hence you can make it

hot or cold, it provides classic flavor and is kosher certified.


Garden-owned hand-picked green tea.


The aroma is vegetal and a has slightly umami flavor. It reminds you of Japanese seaweed.

Why Choose This Tea?

Bigelow Tea has been a leader in premium tea and has not compromised on standard and quality for years. They are a proud certified B Corporation. Moreover it has a good reputation with users and is a budget-friendly product.

2) Buddha Teas Organic Sencha Green Tea

Buddah sencha teas

Price Range – Pack of 1 starting from 9.99 $

More than 80 percent of green tea in Japan is Sencha Green Tea.

This is an aromatic Japanese green tea brand that is the best option among Sencha Green Teas. It does not overload you with caffeine overdose.

It got a medium level of caffeine because it is minimally processed green tea which is the secret behind its quality.

Therefore, Buddha teas present you with premium teabags that are easy to brew and without any added chemicals and artificial flavors.


Organic green tea leaves are used as the only ingredient.


It is one of the most popular in taste and quality. Users reviewed it as the most flavorful and beneficial green tea in contrast with the others.

It is a smooth and fine blend with an early taste. The brew turns out to be a thick and sheerly mild flavor.

Why Choose This Tea

It is a high-quality tea with tremendous benefits. The teabags are bleach-free rich in flavonoids and Vitamin C is included.

They recycle the materials which makes it is an eco-friendly option for you and the tea for your body.

3) Twining’s

Twinings green tea brandPrice Range – 50 teabags starting from 10 $

Twining’s is a famous UK tea brand that provides a lot of tea options. It is a classic brand that is flavorful and has fruity flavors within the green tea range.

It is commonly available around the world. Teabags and loose teas both are available.


Twinning uses Sencha Green tea in its blends.


If you are looking for a strong green tea this is your best green tea brand to go to. The reviewers rated it very well among all other brands.

It has a slightly grassy and tannic flavor which gives the best green tea experience.

Why Choose This Tea

You always have success with Twinings Green Tea. It comes in green tea with mango, green tea with mint, etc. Hence, all flavors are unique and liked by the green tea lover.

4) Ceremonial Grade – Encha Matcha Green Tea

Encha Mactcha green tea brand

Price Range Starting from 25$

This is the first harvest of Japanese Matcha Green tea. It is in powder form. This one is delicious that can last up to a month if you buy the 60 g pack.

The brand prides itself in using the most tender match leaves, plucked from farms in the hills of Uji, Japan.

This is a USDA-certified organic green tea brand. It consists of the finest organic green tea leaves. It has a vibrant color and flavor.


Fresh matcha vividly colored tea leaves.


The encha matcha green tea offers a perfectly balanced palate. It has an earthly and sweet flavor.

When whisked into the water it gives smooth and velvety consistency.

Why Choose This Tea

The Encha Matcha tea boost energy and focus. It is rich in antioxidants and offers you an active day with lots of energy.

It is a reasonably priced tea in contrast to other matches brands.

5) Thrive Market – Organic Darjeeling Green Loose-Leaf Tea

One of the best green tea brand

Price Range Starting from 14.49$

When it comes to green tea, the quality makes it a great blend and brew. Organic options are the best as they are handled and packed with care.

Organic Darjeeling Green is a tea from Thrive Market, a known brand in the market for years.

This is a loose-leaf option, best for a large family. It is available in only one size. It comes with the steeping instructions on the bag.


Thrive Market prides itself in giving organic Darjeeling green tea leaves as the only ingredient in green tea. It gives an original brew and taste.

A little bit on the bitter and floral side.


The tea leaves are hand-picked and immediately rolled and dried.

Thus, the tea leaves brew gives a great floral taste and a smooth finish.

Why Choose This Tea

This is an organic tea leaf sourced directly from the farmers. It helps the local farmers, empower, and supports them.

This is a gluten-free, allergen-free, and dairy-free option. It has a distinctive taste that is not too overpowering.

6) Yogi Tea– Super Antioxidant Green Tea

Yogi green tea brand

Price Range Pack of 1 Starting from 9$

If you are looking for a green tea that contains a variety of ingredients then Yogi green tea is among the best green tea brand to offer you a lot of precious varieties in green tea.

This green tea brand provides you with a purposefully formulated green tea that supports your overall health and supply antioxidants.



Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant tea contains the following ingredients:

Organic Lemongrass, Organic Green Tea Leaf, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Jasmine Green Tea Leaf, Organic Alfalfa Leaf, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Grapeseed Extract, Organic Amla Fruit (Amalaki), Organic Belleric Myrobalan Fruit (Bibhitaki), Organic Chebulic Myrobalan Fruit (Haritaki).


Yogi Green Tea creates a new flavorful tea by combining green tea with lemongrass, jasmine tea, grapeseed extract, and licorice.

This gives a sweet and citrus-flavored brew that is both aromatic and tasty. Enjoy the floral tea with added benefits that makes you healthy.

Why Choose This Tea

This is a great tea that your taste buds will love. Offer it to your guests or drink it every day to supply antioxidants to your body.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with this green tea every day. It is gluten-free and packed with compostable bags separately.

7) LiptonDecaffeinated Green Tea Bags

Lipton green tea

Price Range Pack of 1 starting from 6 $

Lipton is a very common brand with reasonable prices. It is made all-natural and without additives.

They have individually wrapped decaffeinated green tea bags that can be made hot or iced green tea. Furthermore, they are low in caffeine and high in flavonoids.

Price Range Pack of 1 starting from 6 $


Green tea leaves


It has a grassy flavor with a natural green tea flavor.

Why Choose This Tea

Lipton green tea is an uplifting blend and refreshing tea that will brighten your day. It has a non-bitter taste that everybody loves.

8) Pure Leaf Unsweetened Green Tea

iced green tea

Price Range Pack of 12 Starting from 50 $

If you are looking for an iced green tea that is not full of sugar or sweeteners then Pure leaf Unsweetened Green tea is the best green tea brand to offer it.

The tea is brewed with leaves picked at their prime and when they are most fresh. No powders or flavors are added. It is like a homemade ides green tea.

Therefore, it comes in bottles of 18.5 ounces, 59 ounces, and 64 ounces.


Three natural ingredients are used. These include brewed green tea, Vitamin c, and natural flavor.


It has a delicious flavor that resembles freshly brewed iced green tea which you make at home.

Why Choose This Tea

Pure Leaf iced teas are brewed from real leaves. It does not contain sugar, so it’s the best option for people who are health conscious or trying to lose weight.

Thus, it can be your best friend summertime.

9) Ito En Traditional Matcha Green Tea

ito en matcha tea

Price Range Pack of 1 starting from 6.99 $

This is a brand selling traditional matcha green tea conveniently available in separate tea bags. Ito En makes a wide variety of delicious blends.

If you are looking for an option in zero calories this is your best bet.

This green tea brand includes chamomile, matcha, oolong, mint, peach, hibiscus & more. Among these matcha green tea has the best blend and delicious flavor.


Matcha Green Tea


It has a very pleasant taste that is neither bitter nor sweet. The perfect blend for adjusting your taste buds to their flavor.

Why Choose This Tea

Ito En Matcha Green Tea always delivers good taste & unmatched health properties, from the ground up. It has a wonderful taste and they promise zero calories.

Hence, if you don’t want to whisk your tea by hand, these tea bags are very convenient.

10) Tazo Zen Green Tea

tazo zen

Price Range Pack of 1 starting from 18 $

This great green tea brands offers green tea with lemongrass and spearmint. You can enjoy the health benefits with a unique green tea taste that doesn’t taste bitter.

The brand promises low cholesterol because of its high level of antioxidants.


Green tea, lemongrass, and spearmint.


It is a rich flavorful tea which is a grassy and minty taste. Lemongrass and spearmint give it a great blend.

Why Choose This Tea

Tazo Zen tea provides a sufficient amount of amino acid and caffeine which are powerful in lifting mood.

Not only improving mood, green tea with other herbal combinations in Tazo Zen tea can improve brain function.

Therefore, this is the perfect green tea for people who are either new to drinking green tea or for those who have never had tasted green tea before.

11) Republic of Tea – Honey Ginseng Green Tea

honey ginseng green tea

Price Range Pack of 1 Count 50 teabags, starting from 11$

Republic of tea is a Chines Green Tea. It is best perfect for family gatherings and includes it in daily routine.

Therefore this tea becomes the favorite of all instantly. It has a gentle smooth and sweet blend.

Hence, it comes in an eco-friendly storage tin which preserves freshness.


The main ingredients include green tea with the most useful ginseng, honey.

Other fine ingredients are linden flowers, pollen, and Eleuthero.


The flavor has an elegant taste with a combination of ginseng and honey. Other ingredients make it delight full and a good brew comes out of it with nutty and sweet notes.

Why Choose This Tea

The tea is quite famous for its useful ingredients and delish flavor. Moreover, it is easy to steep and gets ready within 3-4 minutes.

Honey & Ginseng Green Tea is Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and Carb-Free to keep your body balanced, revitalized, and feeling healthy.

It is easy to find online and in stores. Also available in teabags, tin, loose-leaf bulk bag form.

12) Pique Tea – Organic Jasmine Green Tea Crystals

pique best match green tea

Price Range Pack of 1 starting from 63$ Count 28 sachet

Jasmine tea is a great herbal tea with an equal number of benefits. Pique Tea provides organic green tea with fresh jasmine petals.

Thus, it has an exotic fragrance and no added preservatives or sweeteners.


Organic green tea with jasmine petals.


These tea crystals can be poured into hot water and instantly consumed.

This eliminates the difficulty of finding the perfect steep time with tea leaves and gives instant flavor with a smooth finish.

It can have a strong flavor, try a little amount when trying for the first time and adjust according to your taste.

Why Choose This Tea

Pique Tea has a special customized process. The founder of this tea is a person who has spent years in research at Harvard and China learning more about different types of teas.

Moreover, the Jasmine Green tea is not simple crushed tea leaves but crystals that are created through a proprietary process of cold brewing. Therefore, this preserves most of the antioxidants and nutrients.

Furthermore, this is a gluten and vegan-free option.

13) VAHDAM Himalayan Green Tea Leaves

vahdam best himalayan tea

Price Range 50 Cups starting from 12 $

This is the best green tea that comes from the Himalayan region. Buy this brand if you like to brew loose-leaf green tea.

A great option for classic tea for first-timers. Hence, it has exclusive Long-Leaf Green Tea that is rich in Natural Antioxidants & Flavonoids.


Himalayan green tea leaves


Taste like original green tea with grassy nutty notes.

Why Choose This Tea

VAHDAM Himalayan Green Tea prides itself in providing Low-Caffeine content tea that makes for a great 14-day detox & cleanses. 3 servings per day are recommended.

Hence, it is certified Carbon-Neutral & a Plastic-Neutral brand.

14) Tetley Green Tea Lemon and Honey

tetley green tea brand

Price Range Starting from 28 $

Tetley is a well-known tea brand whose county of origin is India. It has a wide range of black teas and other teas. Therefore, the range of Refreshing Variants includes Tetley Classic, Ginger, Mint & Lemon, and Mango.

Tetley green tea with lemon and honey is the best one out there. Thus, you will have no regrets about buying this one. Hence, the producers know that blends quite well and people simply love it.


Green tea is added with vitamin C, lemon, and honey.


It has a unique green tea taste that blends well with lemon and honey.

Why Choose This Tea

The most reasonable choice which increase immunity due to added vitamin C and honey. thus, best brand for immunity booster.

15) Celestial Seasonings- Green Tea DECAF

celestial green tea

Price Range Pack of 40 staring from 27$

Although green tea is already a low caffeine option. But few people are sensitive to green tea and looking for decaffeinated options. We find this decaf blend perfect for your requirement.

These are also string-free tea bags. Easy to brew decaf drink ready within minutes in your home. This becomes a reasonable option.

It comes in a box of 40 and 20 tea bags.


The ingredients include Decaffeinated Green Tea, Decaffeinated White Tea, and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).


This tea is for you if you want a light flavor and gentle decaf brew. The brand combines green tea and white tea leaves for a smoother, mellower taste.

Why Choose This Tea

This brand makes its green tea is naturally decaffeinated ways using nontoxic carbon dioxide.

No harsh solvents are included. It is great to be taken before bed because of a lack of caffeine. Moreover, there’s also a K-Cup version available.

16) Harney & Sons Citron Green Tea

japanese sencha green tea

Price Range Starting from 10$

Citron green tea is a Japanese green tea brand from Harney & Sons. Therefore if you are looking for an energy boost in the morning, this green tea is slightly caffeinated 20-60mg.

It is best brewed in an infuser but also available in sachets for a quick fix. With the net weight of a box of this green tea being 40 grams, it has a soothing effect and aromatic flavor.


The ingredients include green tea, marigold petals, and natural orange oil.


The flavor is a delicate citrus lemony taste and with orange zest.

Why Choose This Tea

This green tea has a slight touch of caffeine that makes you active throughout the day. Furthermore, it can be prepared easily. It is kosher certified and one of the best green tea brands originated from Japan.

17) Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea

unclee lee best green tea brand

Price Range 2 packs starting from 124$

This green tea is originated in China and one of the oldest and best green tea brands out there. The panda featured green tea can easily be seen in the market, also available online.

It is grown without pesticides, with natural fertilizer, oxygen bleached tea bags. Thus, this is an organic green tea and has approximately 20-30 mg of caffeine in a cup.

It comes in a box with 100 bags and is quite reasonable.


Organic green tea leaves.


Lightly flavored with slight green tea earthy taste.

Why Choose This Tea?

Uncle Lee’s Organic Tea is organically grown. The teabags have a low caffeine count best for people who are avoiding the high level of caffeine.

This green tea is oxygen bleached and organic. Hence, it has great value for money.

18) Smith Teamaker Jasmine Silver Tip Blend No. 96

seven smith best tea brand

Price Range Pack of 15 from 12.6 $

Smith Teamaker is a famous brand for tea among tea lovers. Jasmine Green is the best among green tea brands. It is a China Originated brand that is famous for a different types of teas.

This green tea is the best blend of green tea leaves and freshly picked jasmine buds.

It’s mixed in Portland, Oregon, and is processed in small batches to ensure the best flavor and freshness.


Green tea with jasmine buds.


The best tasting green tea out there. Reviews rated it 5-stars. Delicate green tea taste with a floral touch of Jasmine tea.

Why Choose This Tea

If you are finding the best Jasmine green tea this is your go-to brand. A high-quality tea with perfect flavors.

It contains comparatively fewer sachets in a box but they are worth every penny. Therefore, it has a reputation for the best aroma among all others.

19) The Tao of Tea
Handrolled Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

jasmine pearls green tea

Price Range Pack of 1 starting from 18$

Another great brand from Hunan China is a hand-rolled Jasmine Pearls Green tea converted into pearls. Hand-rolled teas are carefully plucked and The Tao of Tea brand skillfully does this process by hand.

Although this is a premium brand which is a bit expensive. It is available in a loose-leaf bag.


Green tea leaves, jasmine flower petals.


It is a sweet-tasting tea with a rich jasmine aroma and smooth green tea flavor. A delicious and best tasting tea around.

Why Choose This Tea

It may be slightly high-priced but rolled by hand to perfection. Furthermore, the green tea leaves are withered on bamboo trays to reduce moisture.

This makes its quality and brew premium and a great experience for tea lovers.

20) Stash Tea Premium Green Loose Leaf Tea

stash premium brand green tea

Price Range Starting from 25$

The Stash Tea Company is around since 1972. They are providing loose teas, traditional teas, and herbs. Its loose-leaf range of green tea is the best among all other teas.

This green tea is prepared in Japanese style through the steaming process. The bag is convenient to use and keeps the green tea fresh even after opening it.


Green tea with non-GMO verified ingredients.


It has a classy sweet, nutty flavor and comes in a 1 lb. bag.

Why Choose This Tea

A quality green tea with great notes. The brand focus on preserving the fragrance, flavor, and color of the leaf.

Great for people who are finding Japanese green tea loose leaf options for pot brewing.

21) Teavana Tea – Jade Citrus Mint, Green Tea With Spearmint and Lemongrass

tavana green tea

Price Range Starting from 29.99 $

Teavana teas are blended by experts who have expertise in developing delicious teas and have tested botanical quality.

This brand of green tea is ethically sourced supports local tea-growing communities and farmers.


Lush green tea blended with spearmint, lemon verbena, and lemongrass.


A great blend with minty and citrus flavor.

Why Choose This Tea

These are twice wrapped for freshness. Therefore, gives a great boost to your soul by providing a unique flavor.

22) Davidstea Butterfly Jasmine

Davids green tea

Price Range Starting from 25$

The speciality of this tea is that these are rare reserve green tea which are handpicked and packed with perfection. They are harvested in Fujian region China. This is the famous place and known for tea varieties.


Handpicked green tea leaves with Jasmine flowers


It has floral and delicate aroma. The taste is sweet green tea with a mix of Jasmine.

Why Choose This Tea?

This beautiful tea leaves are hand shaped into the form of small butterflies. It is a low caffeine tea. It is a kosher and vegan tea.

23) Tea Forte Cherry Blossoms

Tea Forte Green tea brand

Price Range Starting from 30$

This organic tea comes in a beautiful recyclable tin. Each canister makes approximately 35 – 50 delicious cups.

This is quite uncommon range with loose leaf tea, cultivated in just the right place at just the right time.


Cherry blossom, green tea


Hanami brand invites tea lovers around the world to breathe in and appreciate the fleeting beauty of spring flowers in bloom.

It taste just like Japanese cherry blossom. Perfect for ones who like stong cherry flavor.

Why Choose This Tea?

Reusable box with organic tea full of healthy anti oxidants. It is an award winner at the 2018 Global Tea Championship.

24) Traditional Medicinal Organic Green Tea

Price Range Starting from 13$Traditional Brand Green Tea

This comes in teabags with herbal powder. It gently invigorates, while promoting healthy digestion. A staple in Ayurveda this can be used as a supplement.

It combines traditional green tea with warming ginger. Each tea bag contains approximately 15 mg of naturally occurring caffeine from green tea leaf.


Green tea powder, ginger


Pleasantly warming, spicy and mildly tannic.

Why Choose This Tea?

Each tea bag contains approximately 15 mg of naturally occurring caffeine from green tea leaf. It is USDA Certified Organic.

Non-GMO Verified, Kosher, Certified B Corp. Great for digestion and overall health.

25) Pukka Supreme Matcha Green

Pukka matcha

Price Range Starting from 36$

Pukka brand presents you herbal tea that refresh you and invigorate you. It is made from matcha green tea leaves.

Pukka has the highest quality, best-tasting teas. You will love ove their Supreme Matcha daily caffeine fix, more healthy than coffee.


Matcha green tea


A light drink with a slight flavor of matcha green tea.

Why Choose This Tea?

A delicate tea with other flavors available. A good drink to start your day.

26) Tejava Origins Hojicha Green Tea

Tejava iced green tea

Price Range Pack of 12 Staring from 115$

Teajava Prigins provides Case of 12 one liter glass bottles.

Tejava origins Hojicha green tea is an authentic roasted green tea, brewed with leaves from Kagoshima, Japan, a region noted for its mineral-rich volcanic soils.


Roasted green tea.


This tea has a deep roasted taste, with a touch of nutty flavor.

Why Choose This Tea?

Tejava has no hidden hidden ingredients, just Java tea leaves and water. 100% Sugar-free.

No other tea tastes as real and as pure as Tejava. Best option for rehydrating in summers.


Many brands have introduced their green teas. They are either organic or infused with other ingredients and flavors.

To gain the many health benefits of green tea. It is best to drink the one with the best quality.

The brew and taste of green tea highly rely upon how it is treated during the manufacturing and packaging process.

Therefore, we brought you the best green tea brands from around the world which doesn’t compromise on quality and have specific health benefits that you are looking for.

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