Why is Matcha So Expensive | Let’s Uncover the Secrets In 2022

Make a Tea - Why is Matcha So Expensive

Why is Matcha So Expensive? Matcha is a form of green tea used for centuries by Japanese people for its health benefits. The herb possesses various medicinal properties, including treating inflammation, depression, and stress.

Many foods, including ice cream, beverages, and cosmetics, use it. In addition to reducing heart disease risk and improving memory, it contains a unique combination of antioxidants.

Further, it has also been shown to affect the immune system positively and may help prevent cancer.

The Camellia sinensis plant produces Matcha, a high-quality green tea. Charans are individual bowls used for serving tea. Traditionally, it is used for serving hot tea.

More so, it energizes the body and boosts digestion in the morning. In addition, it is seen as a healthy drink because of its high antioxidants. It keeps your heart healthy.

Why is Matcha So Expensive – You Need to Know 

Make a Tea - how to make matcha

When preparing the best tea, we often refer to it as “Matcha Tea.” It is because Japanese culture and tradition regard it as a ritual and symbol. In addition, it was regarded as a symbol of respect toward nature and the land.

Moreover, it is a rare, precious, and expensive beverage you cannot find easily in stores. Even so, Japan consumes a lot of it and calls it “liquid gold.” 

But unlike ordinary teas, Matcha is made only from freshly harvested tea leaves. And because of this, it is generally sold at a premium price.

In Japan, they consider Matcha a special gift for the gods. Also, they use it for religious purposes. People believe that Matcha helps to purify the soul. Additionally, it symbolizes health, happiness, and good fortune.

In addition, it is scarce to find matcha tea in the world markets. The reason is that it is the only tea that grows in a particular season and only at a specific location. It can be found in three regions of Japan: Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu.

There are different types of Matcha and different prices for Matcha depending on where it is from.

Further, Shikoku is the region that produces the most Matcha. In this region, the price is high. As a result, there is a shortage of Matcha, so the farmers cannot produce as much as they need.

Another reason the price is high is that the quality of the tea is higher. However, there will be more leaves, which leads to more pricey.

It is also worth noting that the Matcha grown on the slopes is called a ‘mountain.’

Hokkaido produces Matcha at a low cost, on the other hand. The availability of Matcha is a major factor. Therefore, there is no shortage, and the price of Matcha is low.

There is also a shortage of Matcha in Europe and America. That is why the prices of Matcha in those regions are also higher than in Japan.

Moreover, if you want to buy Matcha, you can buy it from any store worldwide. You can find Matcha in stores like Starbucks, Espresso Bar, and some health stores.

Benefits of Matcha Tea

I know you are curious about the difference between regular tea and matcha tea. Matcha is an instant tea made from Japanese green tea, with many benefits and advantages. If you don’t know about this drink, you should try it yourself.

Reduces Aging Effects

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Aged people will face symptoms like skin disorders, vision loss, and hair fall. You can prevent such effects by drinking this delicious drink on a daily basis. As a result, your skin will look youthful and glowing.

Improves the Digestion

The digestive system is vital for every human. However, the digestive system will start working slower with aging, leading to various problems.

In addition, it can energize the digestive system and keep your body healthy.

Increases the Metabolism

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You will be able to burn extra calories in just a few minutes. It is because the caffeine present in this drink stimulates the metabolism.

Detoxifies the Body

This drink is high in antioxidants and helps keep the body clean from harmful toxins.

Strengthens the Immune System

The best way to boost the immune system is by having a diet rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants present in this drink will keep the body healthy and will also prevent common colds.

Builds the Brain

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As a result of age, the brain will start losing its cells, and in turn, it will start causing several problems in the brain. But the intake of this drink will help in brain functioning and memory development.

Final Words

In short, the high cost of Matcha tea is because it is grown in an environment that is not ideal for growing tea plants. In Japan, where Matcha originated, only one tea plantation produces Matcha. It is why Matcha is so expensive.


1. What’s the difference between Matcha and Green Tea?

Tea leaves from the plant Camellia Sinensis make Matcha. The leaves are ground into a fine powder and whisked with hot water to make a smooth, frothy drink.

2. Is Matcha healthier than Green Tea?

As a result of the fine ground leaves, Matcha is healthier than regular green tea. As a result, your body is able to absorb nutrients more easily.

3. How do you know what Matcha to buy?

Matcha comes in a variety of grades. Matcha costs more when the quality is higher.

4. Why is Matcha so expensive?

Matcha has been cultivated and processed differently than other teas. As a result, Matcha is time-consuming and difficult to make.

5. Why does Matcha have such a high price?

Japanese culture has a special relationship with matcha. It’s believed that when people drink Matcha, they can connect with the spirit of the tea.

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