How to make Matcha Tea with Whisk

4 Easy Ways to Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk – Make a Tea

Hey tea lovers! Looking for a perfect guide on how to make matcha tea without whisk, right? It’s a bit different from traditional way. But not difficult.

Let’s see how it is different from others. A bamboo whisk is a key to make a perfect foamy surface at top of the tea. It adds elegant flavor and aroma.

But don’t worry much about it, we are gonna reveal the best way to make matcha tea without whisk.

You can make a perfect   of matcha tea without the whisk using:

  1. Jar or Bottle
  2. Milk Frother
  3. Electric Blender
  4. Cocktail Shaker

If you are wondering how to use these tools, worry not; we have discussed them below.

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Ingredients to Make Matcha Tea

This Japanese natural tea is fantastic in both hot and cold forms. So, now we will check how to make matcha tea at home? Before knowing about the tools first let’s explore required ingredients for making matcha tea. So, here are the ingredients to make this fantastic and traditional tea:

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Why you need a Whisk to Make Matcha Tea

Matcha is different from its variants as it comes in a powder form. The trouble begins when you realize that this powder does not dissolve in water directly. That’s why the solution here is to suspend the matcha particles in water.

Traditional Japanese people used a bamboo whisk or chasen to suspend the matcha powder in the beverage. This whisk results in a thick foam formation above the tea which indicates the particles of tea are thoroughly suspended.

That’s why if you don’t have matcha, you have to use different tools to suspend the tea particles in the mixture.

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Tools to Make Matcha Tea without Whisk

As we have already told you, traditionally, people use a bamboo whisk to smooth the matcha tea, but as the bamboo whisk is not widely available, many people do not have a whisk.

Still, you can make your favorite and delicious matcha tea without a whisk or any fancy tool. So below are the methods that you can follow to make a perfect matcha tea.

Make delicious matcha tea without any tool

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1) Use a Jar or Bottle:

It is the easiest way to make matcha tea, especially when you do not have a whisk in your hand. All you need is to add matcha tea, honey, and a jar or a bottle with your muscle power.

To do this, add all the ingredients mentioned above to the bottle or jar. Cover the bottle with a lid and shake until you get a froth layer on the top. Now, add the warm water over matcha and mix it well. In this way, the taste will be equally dissolved in the tea.

Directly pour your matcha tea into a cup. You can also use a shaker bottle that is specifically made to shake matcha tea—time to have some great drink and enjoy.

2) Use Milk Frother:

You can also use a milk frother to make the matcha tea. We are dead sure that this method will give you the best result that resembles traditional matcha tea.

Milk frothers are significantly lower in price, and they do a great job of equally dissolving the tea taste throughout the whole mixture. To make tea from this, Add all ingredients to a container. Insert your milk frother and blend until you find a thick layer on the top surface.

Now, pour hot water into this mixture and run it well to make a fine mixture. Lastly, pour this delicious tea into your cup and enjoy this soothing and refreshing Matcha Tea in the comfort of your home.

3) Use Blender:

Blender is another excellent tool to enhance matcha tea flavor without using a traditional whisk. To do this, add all the ingredients mentioned above in the blender except honey. 

You may blend the mixture until you want. The signal would be a good layer of foam formed at the top of the mixture level. When you see this, you will know it is time to remove it from the blender.

Now, pour the mixture out in a cup and add the honey to it. That’s it, you have made your very own matcha tea at home without a whisk. Enjoy your drink.

4) Use Cocktail Shaker:

Cocktail shaker is another great source of getting the required nourishment from the match tea. We all have seen the potential of cocktail shakers.

They are very good at mixing the drinks so that the glasses get their flavors thoroughly dissolved, and we get a great cocktail after that. 

In the case of matcha, we can get the exact result without any extra trouble. To do this, first of all, you have to add all the ingredients of matcha tea into a cocktail shaker.

How to make matcha tea without whisk by cocktail shaker

Now start shaking it just like a regular cocktail. After shaking it for 4-5 minutes, you’ll see that there is foam above the tea surface; this is the signal here that it is time to remove the tea from the cocktail shaker.

Pour the tea into a teacup and serve. Enjoy your very own matcha tea without a whisk.

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Some Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea is a perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle. Some of the health benefits of Matcha Tea are as follows;

  • A cup of matcha tea can give you several times the antioxidant as a traditional green tea which is excellent for your organs as antioxidants remove harmful toxins from the blood.
  • This tea provides you with 50 times more iron than green tea, making it an excellent alternative to regular green tea. That’s how matcha tea is beneficial for your body.
  • Matcha tea gives you 30 times more Vitamin C than infused green tea. Getting the natural Vitamin C with this much amount and less time is a great way to get more energy.
  • A cup of matcha tea has 35mg of caffeine, and if you are really into caffeine, this tea offers a perfect solution for you.

Matcha tea is natural.

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Matcha Tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and nutrients. Its healthy benefits realize that how much it is essential to have your daily diet.

On the other hand, many people worldwide don’t have access to the bamboo whisk that gives matcha its delicious taste. To counter this, we have suggested four valuable tools to make matcha tea without whisk and enjoy its unique yet flavorful taste.

We discussed making matcha tea without a whisk and enjoying this drink by using multiple tools like a jar, blender, milk frother, and cocktail shaker.

We hope you’ll love our list. So, what are you waiting for now? Go and make your very own matcha tea at home and enjoy this flavorful beverage. Also, if you have any question about matcha tea, hopefully you’ll get the answer here.

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