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Most Expensive Green Tea In The World – Exotic Teas That You Must Try

Despite the expensive prices, a true tea lover would do anything to buy and taste the pure and high-quality teas.

Green tea may not be one of the most expensive teas in the world. This honor goes to Da-Hong Pao Tea, an Oolong tea from China. But, there are few types of green tea that are expensive too.

The top tea producers & exporters in the world are China, Japan, and India. And today we will talk about the most expensive green teas comes from these regions.

So, Let’s have a look why are they so expensive, what makes them so special and few most expensive brands of each type.

Most Expensive Green Tea In China

China is one of the highest-producing green tea regions in the world. It exports and produces a lot of blends and teas. The most expensive and of the highest quality is as follows.

Longjing Dragon well

The price of Chinese Longjing Toped Price of Gold a few years ago.

‘’A pre-Qingming Longjing brought $57,000 per kilo, about $4,000 more than the price of gold, in a sale’’, according to China National Radio.

Price Range

It can sell for fifteen to over a hundred dollars an ounce.

Longjing has the highest status amongst all types of Chinese teas. It is the most expensive because of its history and harvest.

It requires hard work and skilled workers to pick every leaf by hand.

The well-known tea is from Hangzhou, a fertile Longjing mountain area of Hangzhou, southwest of the West Lake in the Zhejiang province.

It is a pan-roasted green tea with flavors like fresh sweet vegetal and chestnut.

Benefits Include

  • Higher energy levels, boosting metabolism and reducing weight.
  • It is a green tea with a lot of vital nutrients like polyphenols and catechins which help in strokes, heart diseases, and preventing cancer.
  • The tea is rich in Vitamin C and amino acids. Thus, it helps with keeping cholesterol levels low and blood pressure in check.

Cha Wu-[X] Longjing Green Tea

It is one of the most expensive green tea brands in China. It is available online on Amazon and many other sites.

Price Range – $388.88 ($110.25$110.25 / Ounce)

One of the most expensive green tea brand

This highest quality from China has a distinct taste with a slightly astringent feel. After taste is sweet and smooth. In addition, it creates an intense aroma of fried bean incense as described by the Chinese.

Most Expensive Green Tea In Japan

Japan prides itself on producing the varieties of green tea in its unique way. Green tea is in the culture and part of the daily lifestyle in Japanese households.

Therefore, you will see a cup of green tea everywhere you go in Japan.

In Japan Sencha and Matcha are common green tea types. Gyokuro has the highest grade.


The other name of Gyokuro is Jade Dew. It is the highest-priced green tea in Japan. What makes this tea special?

Price Range

650$ per kg

Gyokuro is the highest grade and high-quality green tea. These tea leaves are put under shade for 20 days before harvesting. This adds to the benefits of Gyokuro.

The most expensive restaurants have this tea and they present it in three different cups with three stages and the temperature of brewed green tea

Special labor and tea pickers are to be hired to do the processing of this tea.

The leaves are taken from the first flush and used special procession methods to preserve the green tea.

Gyokuro has a sweet flavor and fresh flowery aroma.

This is a high caffeine tea with low catechins.

At the high end restaurants Gyokuru is often served as appetizers.

Therefore, even eating green tea leaves of this tea is a thing and can have amazing benefits.

Benefits Include

The benefits include:

  • High caffeine content makes you more alert and maintains focus throughout the day.
  • It has essential nutrients, hence it makes your skin glow and eliminates toxins from the body.
  • Gyokuro supports cardio activities and therefore is good for heart health.
  • It is great for a fresh breath and keeps teeth from staining and decaying.

Gyokuro Imperial Japanese Green Tea

One of the famous green tea from Japan. The plucking of leaves takes place in April and May.

Price Range – $501.03 ($20.88$20.88 / Ounce)

A Japanese green tea brand

It is one of the darkest green teas. The special thing is that it is high in chlorophyll and low in tannins.

Small leaves are used which makes it the sweetest tea. Grown with the care they are covered with bamboo sticks for three weeks. Thus, increases the benefits.

Most Expensive Green Tea In India

India is also a tea-producing region. It also provides some of the best teas and quality teas. The most expensive green tea from India is mentioned below.

Darjeeling Green Tea  

This tea is so unique it’s called Champagne of Teas.

This green tea is only available in private auctions in India.

Price Range

1337$ per kg in India which is up to 1 lakh Indian Rupees.

Darjeeling green tea is grown at high altitudes in the Himalayas of the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India.

It is the only tea in the world to get protection under the Geographical Indication (GI) trademark.

Darjeeling green tea is one of the best green teas in India from the Darjeeling region. It is available in black or green tea.

The tea leaves have a floral aroma and sweet taste.

It is unfermented tea leaves that are of the highest quality. These leaves are steamed right after plucking to preserve the flavor and taste. Therefore this tea has a unique taste that is loved by people.

This green tea is totally handmade and picked.

Benefits Include

The following benefits can be reaped out of this green tea.

  • The Darjeeling green tea is rich in theaflavins and have many other useful compounds. These are antioxidants that fight the diseases like cancer.
  • It relieves stress and improves hydration.
  • Darjeeling is known to relieve the risk of Parkinson’s Disease.

Darjeeling Moonlight Tea India

It is a natural detox tea with a great strong flavor.

Price Range – 50$

Most expensive Indian green tea

This pan-fried tea is usually auctioned in India. Marketers then take it from there to sell.

Darjeeling moonlight tea is specially plucked during the moonlight and manufactured with care.

These are high-quality tea leaves that have a fresh taste and sweet-spicy flavor.

Final Thoughts

These most expensive green tea has gained popularity across the world. They are made with the finest tea leaves and are processed carefully. Thus, useful with a great taste.

The prices may be higher but they provide value for money. With a lot of healthy benefits, you should try these types of green teas at least once in a lifetime.

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