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How to Make Thyme Tea – 3 Delicious Recipes?

Thyme is a popular herb used as a seasoning in different dishes like meat, salads, and chicken. Moreover, thyme tea is famous because it promotes healthy digestion of the food.

The tea is straightforward to make, and making thyme tea includes:

  • Boil water in a teapot or use an electric kettle
  • Take 8-10 fresh thyme sprigs and put them in a mug
  • Add the boiled water to the mug and let it steep for 5 minutes and enjoy

The delicious thyme tea helps to destroy many intestinal worms. This tea is an herbal aid that gives your body a soothing and relaxing feel. Moreover, it also aids in the prevention of infections and maintains healthy bacteria in balance. 

Now let’s explore different recipes and health benefits of the delicious thyme tea.

How to Make Thyme Tea with Dried Thyme

You can make delicious Thyme Tea with its herb, or you can add other herbs with thyme to enhance the taste. Moreover, you can make this herbal tea in fresh or dried form. And you may also love to drink this delicious thyme in both hot and cold conditions.

Fresh thyme leaves

1) Hot Thyme Tea Recipe

Below are the ingredients and direction to make the delicious cup of hot thyme tea:


  • Two tsp of dried thyme or two springs of fresh thyme. 
  • Two cups of freshwater. 
  • Lemon Juice or Honey. (Optional)


  • Boil two cups of fresh water in a teapot or electric kettle 
  • Place the fresh or dried thyme in a mug.
  • Pour boil water into the mug that contains thyme.
  • Let it sheer for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Add honey or lemon juice to make the taste more delicious.

2) Cold Thyme Tea Recipe

Below are the ingredients and direction to make the delicious cup of cold tea:


  • Two tsp of dried thyme
  • 32-ounces of freshwater
  • Use berries or mint to add flavor.


  • Put the dried thyme in a tea infuser or a cold brew pitcher.
  • Add the fresh cold water to the infuser.
  • Add berries or mint to add flavor.
  • Place the infuser on the kitchen counter to let it process overnight.
  • Remove the thyme leaves from the water.
  • Put the tea in the fridge for the next two to three days and enjoy

3) Cinnamon Thyme Tea

Cinnamon and thyme tea have the perfect combination as it has relaxing properties. The tea provides a warm effect, and it’s super beneficial when you’re feeling down.

Cinnamon thyme Tea

Here are the ingredients and ways to make a delicious cup of cinnamon thyme tea:


  • 4 tsp of cinnamon chips or two cinnamon sticks
  • Four tsp of dried thyme
  • Four cups of fresh and filtered water
  • Honey or Lemon (Optional)


  • Pour the water into a teapot or electric kettle
  • After boiling, add herbs in the water and let it steep for 15 minutes
  • Strain the tea in a jar
  • Serve the tea hot and honey or lemon to it according to taste

Drying Thyme Tea Leaves

The process of drying thyme leaves is straightforward. It would help if you tie the thyme in bundles and hang them in your windows to get proper sunlight.

After drying, you can brush off the leaves and store them in a jar for later use.

Nutrition Facts

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6 Health Benefits of Thyme Tea

There are different health benefits that you can enjoy while drinking a cup of thyme tea;

1) Control Blood Pressure

Many studies show that the tea is best for controlling high blood pressure. The antioxidant properties of thyme tea helps in lowering blood pressure. 

If you’re taking medications, please consult your doctor before adding this tea to your diet.

2) Relief Menstrual Pain

The relaxing antioxidant properties of thyme tea helps with period pain. Drinking the herb tea during your menstrual cycle can help in reducing cramps and bloating. 

Good for period cramps

3) Relief in Cough

This tea is an excellent home remedy for cough. It is also beneficial for different respiratory issues. Many people drink this tea for the reason that it’s best for congestion.

It kills bacterial infections and gives relief in cold sore throat, and cough. Make it a habit to take a hot cup of it whenever you experience symptoms of cough. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of the herbal tea help with a sore throat.

4) Improve Immunity

The tea contains vitamin C that helps to boost the immunity level. Your immune system allows you to fight against many diseases. Moreover, the tea contains iron and magnesium, which is very beneficial for your well-being.

5) Calms Nervous System

If you drink a cup of this tea regularly, it produces sound effects on your nervous system. The tea has natural calming properties that calm your nervous system.

You can drink it before going to bed or during working hours in the office to relieve your stress.

6) Antioxidant Properties

A cup of hot herb tea is a house of antioxidants. These antioxidant compounds help against the molecules that produce aging and different diseases.

7) Weight Loss

The herb tea is best for speeding up your metabolism and weight loss. If you drink tea without adding any sweetener, it can help in fat burning. Moreover, the tea without sweetener contains only five calories which can be beneficial.

Good herb for weight loss

Buying Thyme for Making Thyme Tea

You can grow fresh thyme sprigs in your garden, or you can buy them from the farmer’s market. Moreover, using fresh thyme to make thyme tea is better than using dried thyme. Fresh thyme sprigs give a new and aromatic flavor to your tea.

Making the tea with dried thyme is also acceptable based on your preferred taste. When buying fresh thyme, always look for bright greenish-grey color sprigs. Moreover, avoid buying thyme sprigs that have yellow or dark spots on them.

For making the tea, look for organic thyme from higher-end stores or trusted suppliers. If you want to store your thyme in fresh form, wrap it in a damp towel in the fridge. 

You can also save dried thyme in a jar for up to six months. Moreover, if you want your dried thyme to taste good, keep it in the dark and dry place.

5 Side Effects of Drinking Thyme Tea

Thyme is a natural herb, but it has specific side effects with all other health benefits. With certain medical issues or history, you need to consult your doctor. 

  1. This tea may slow your body to clot blood that may increase the risk of bleeding. 
  2. A cancer patient should not drink thyme tea. 
  3. Moreover, if you are a pregnant lady, you should not take this tea without consulting your doctor.
  4. Excess intake of the tea might cause headaches.
  5. The herbal tea might not suit people with sensitive skin as it may cause skin allergies.

herbal tea ,may cause skin allergies


There is no doubt that thyme tea is a perfect herbal tea. It is best to treat many health problems because of its warm and refreshing taste.

This herbal tea is the best home remedy for cough and sore throat. But at times, you may experience headaches, dizziness, and digestive system upset. So, we’ll encourage you to take advice from your doctor before adding this tea to your diet.

The fantastic tea will provide you a feeling of relaxation. Moreover, cancer patients and expecting mothers may not use this tea without consultation.


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