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Green Tea Vs White Tea: Detailed Comparison Between Two True Teas

Green Tea and White Tea are health-promoting beverages. They may look all the same to some of us but the true tea critics know the differences they have.

Are you also curious to know the similarities & differences among both teas that come from the same plant?

In this article, we are going to differentiate green tea from white tea in detail about the processing, caffeine, benefits, and prices.

So, Let’s explore which one suits you the most.

White Tea Vs Green Tea – Nutritional Values

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A Detailed Comparsion

Many people believe green tea and white tea are similar and use the same methods. But this is what makes them different. Let’s see how many similarities and differences can we find.

1) Green Tea VS White Tea – What They are?

Green Tea:

  • Green tea is produced from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis. These are grown in sunny areas or shaded regions depending upon the type of green tea.
  • The young leaves and buds are taken for further processing and kept minimally oxidized.

green tea leaves

White Tea:

  • White tea is also produced from the same plant. The leaves are taken from the first tips of the tea plant.
  • The withering process is used unlike green tea, White tea is minimally processed and thus a light delicate tea.

2) From Where Does Both Teas Come From?

  • China is the world’s top tea-producing country. Both the teas come from China but in different regions.
  • The areas of Hangzhou, West Lake, and Yellow Mountain produces green tea types.
  • On the other hand, white tea is grown and produced in the skilled region of Fujian province.
  • The villages of Fuding and Zhonghe specialize in white tea.
  • Green tea is harvested in early spring and sometimes in autumn
  • White tea is plucked in spring and early summer. Some white tea types are plucked in May while others in early spring just like green tea.

Therefore, they both have the same origin but are grown in different regions.

3) Difference Between Processing Methods :-

Green and white teas have great value because both these teas are processed lightly and preserved naturally.

In the processing of green tea, the young or old green tea leaves are taken according to the green tea type, they are then pan-fried or steamed. And mostly dried in the shadows to skip oxidation.

A cup of white tea


In the processing of white tea, the tea leaves are withered twice. Once outside under sunlight then again in shades.

This keeps the color of white tea due to minimal processing. This process is difficult. Many things need to be taken into consideration like temperature, proper timing, and leaves fermentation.

Thus, green tea is processed by frying or steaming and dried in shades while white tea is withered twice to complete the process.

4) Appearance & Flavor :-

  • Green tea just like its name is green in color and non-oxidation makes it fresher green. They are needle likes or curled-shaped dry leaves. The brew is yellow, brown, or green in appearance.
  • Full leaf white teas look like leaves while silver needle white tea is white-tipped buds. The appearance of the brew is light, delicate gold liquor.
  • The taste of green tea is robust, grassy, or nutty. Japanese green teas that are steamed have a seaweedy or astringent flavor to them.
  • White tea on the other hand is milder in taste with apple-like flavor and notes.

5) Green Tea Vs White Tea – Caffeine Content Comparison :-

Let us see the caffeine level of common teas.

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  • The caffeine of white tea is slightly less than green tea. We can not determine the caffeine level based on tea types.
  • Every cup of tea varies in caffeine content. It depends on the brewing, temperature, quality, and brand of the tea.

6) Catechins In Both Teas

Green tea and white tea are rich in catechins thus the benefits.

  • White tea has high amounts of catechins with the level of 14 to 369 mg per gram.
  • Green tea contains less catechins and falls in the range of 21 to 228 mg per gram.
  • Therefore, White tea is more beneficial in regards of catechins. Note that this is the catechin level of dry leaves of both teas.

7) What is the Brewing Difference?

The brewing methods used in green tea vs white tea are same. Two methods can be applied to make warm and iced teas.

  • First one is the Eastern method, where you use low temperatures, more brewing time, large number of leaves and re-brewing the tea leaves.
  • White teas are brewed at high temperatures of 194°F while green tea are brewed at warm water levels.
  • Second one is brewing through Western method, an easy one where infuser is used to brew the tea leaves for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Temperature used for both teas is between 167°F-185°

8) The Health Benefits :-

The health benefits of both teas can be seen and differentiated in the table below.

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9) Price Comparison :-

  • Green tea is available in loose-leaf as well as teabags. You can get an affordable variety and a high-quality brand both.
  • Due to the large production, easy availability and competition green tea are slightly less costly than white tea.
  • The withering and processing methods used to make white tea are expensive. White teas are less common around the world than green tea and are produced in specific regions.
  • This makes its availability limited or online. Due to this reason, white tea varieties are at higher-end prices.

10) Side Effects of Green Tea Vs White Tea

The side effects of both teas are somewhat similar when taken in excess. Let’s find them out in the table below.

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Myths Around Green Tea Vs White Tea

Lets see what myths are floating around these teas and let us answer them for you.

Myth: White tea is minimally processed and more beneficial than green tea.

Answer: White tea is minimally processed but more oxidized than green tea, this does not make it have more health benefits than any other tea.

Myth: White tea contains no caffeine.

Answer: White tea contains caffeine but it is slightly less than green tea.

Myth: Some people say the main difference between these two types of tea is that the white and green tea leaves are harvested at a younger age.

Answer: No in the processing of white and green teas, young ,old and leaf buds are used.

Is White Tea Healthier Than Green Tea?

Green tea is a powerhouse of key nutrients and compounds. But due to being rich in antioxidants white has higher quality. It is also minimally processed.

white tea

Both teas are full of benefits and have somewhat equal side effects. Thus, both provide equal health benefits.

Final Thoughts

Green tea and white tea have positive effects on health. They promote metabolism and are effective for weight loss. We differentiated all the features of both of them.

Now leaving the decision of choosing one for yourself.

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