Guide To Best Teapot For Green Tea In 2022 | Ceramic, Glass, Kyusu Teapots & More

Make a Tea - Best Teapot For Green Tea

If you want to know about the best teapot for green tea, then I hope this will help you. As there’s a huge variety of teapots available in the market. Some of them are famous for Looks & designs, some for Temperature Control, and the rest for other characteristics.

If you want to know about the best teapot for green tea, then I hope this will help you. As there’s a huge variety of teapots available in the market. Some of them are famous for Looks & designs, some for Temperature Control, and the rest for other characteristics.

So, from this huge variety which one is the best teapot for green tea or any other type of tea?

In this guide, I’m going to explain the key points that you must consider before buying a teapot, such as SizeMaterialTemperature ControlLooks & Design.

Let’s get you a great teapot for green tea.

11 Types of Teapots & Online Varieties To Buy

Make a Tea - Teapot For Green Tea

Choosing a teapot for yourself can be confusing. Knowing the different types of teapots can be easier to select one for yourself and your requirements. We break down different kinds of teapots for you.

Buying a good teapot is as necessary as choosing and buying green tea leaves. We provide you with a list of the best teapots for green tea that you can purchase easily online. Choose according to your need.

1) Glass Teapots

Glass teapots are delicate and provide great visuals. You can actually see and feel your tea leaves and the color of your brew.

These teapots are ideal for the tea leaves that bloom or open after brewing. Glass teapots can be used for any kind of tea.

Green teas like Dragon well, Sencha, and all the types that open into full leaves after steeping will look great in the glass teapots.

Top Features

  • Firstly this teapot is made with high-quality borosilicate glass.
  • The top features are stovetop safe, microwavable, and dishwasher safe.
  • Heat resistance from -20 to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • You can put it directly on a gas or electric stove


  • A classic style with usability and aesthetics.
  •  Can be gifted to friends and family.
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe.


  • Have to be handled with care.
  • Other options are in the same range.
  • Should be hand washed for safety.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

If you want a teapot that can be directly placed over an electric or gas stove then this one is the best for you. Made from the highest quality and heatproof. It will give you a great brew. The glass will show the majestic blooming of your green tea leaves. Hence it can be used for other blooming teas as well.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

People who purchased this product loved the design, metal cover, and filter inside. Some buyers even tried iced green tea with this teapot and had good results. Overall satisfactory product and of good quality.

2) Silverware Teapots

Silver teapots are beautiful and can be a great addition to your collection. Silver is known to give freshness and quality to your green tea.

It is an expensive item and requires maintenance.

If you live in areas where they can get lose their shine and color easily then it’s not a good idea to buy one.

Green tea, white tea, and chamomile teas are perfect brews for silver teapots.

Top Features

  • A beautiful teapot that your heart desires instantly.
  • Best for decorative purpose
  • Non-rust and shiny material.
  • Easy to Clean.


  •  Beautiful teapot with shiny material.
  • Can be used multiple for usage and decoration.


  • An expensive product with little space for tea.
  • A decorative piece that can’t be used regularly.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

This tea is made in Turkey and is a beautiful piece that looks antique with a modern look. You can use it for decorative purposes and no harm to serve your guests once in a while in it. Make sure not to put a boiling beverage in it. Only for warm drinks like green tea.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

Customers found this teapot a small little miracle. They rated it an excellent product for decoration. It looked great with their décor. May become hot for serving. Therefore, not recommended for hot drinks use.

3) Cast Iron Teapots

Cast iron teapots are traditional ones, that were used in old times to brew water.

Today they are used as antiques, and decorations served in themed parties and presented to royals. People with classic taste use it for their tea too.

Cast iron is known to enhance the flavor of tea as water changes its taste when tea is brewed in iron.

A Japanese-styled teapot used for green tea is called a test bin. This is a type of cast iron teapot.

Top Features

  • Beautiful green design and color
  • Up to 1000ml of green tea
  • Stainless steel infuser
  • Best for loose leaf tea
  • Reliable material


  • Two-tone handmade is available in different colors.
  •  Durable and easy to clean. 
  • Comes with a strainer.


  • Cannot boil water directly in the pot.
  • Fills almost 32 ounces rather than 40.
  • The strainer has to be cleaned separately.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

This teapot is an iron-cast teapot with a beautiful design. It contains green tea for up to 2-3 people. This has a build infuser for loose leaf teas. Iron cast teapot is easy to pour and clean. Non-breakable material that will last long.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

Customers found this teapot to be a gorgeous one. It keeps their tea hot for up to an hour. They found the strainer easy to insert and remove. This is rust free option that is easily cleanable. Buyers loved its color and the amount of tea that it can manage.

4) Stoneware & Clay Teapot

The stone and clay teapots have been a part of culture and tradition since ancient times. Any kind of tea can be enjoyed in these sets.

If you have space and a traditional choice then opt for stoneware. They can be heavy but can be washed in a dishwasher. Your guests would surely love this over a cup of tea.

Top Features

  • Ceramic & bamboo construction
  • The beautiful bamboo handle which is heatproof
  • Holds 32 ounces of tea
  • Writing to remind you of a beautiful life.


  • Nordic trends with ceramic and bamboo material.
  • Happy writing that boosts your morale.
  • Can be used for decorative purposes.


  • You need to use a kettle to boil the water.
  • The bottom is a little delicate and may fall off after a while.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

This is a beautiful stoneware teapot. Use it every day and get inspired by your favorite quotes. A lovely thing to own which makes you feel good.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

Buyers found the happy message appealing to read every day. They loved the heatproof handle and white color of this product.

5) Porcelain Teapot 

Porcelain is a beautiful, artistic, and reliable material that will add colors to your collection.

It is also called China in some parts of the world because this porcelain pottery was introduced in China. This teapot has low porosity, resistance, and high density. Porcelain is a type of ceramic.

A great option for use. Avoid putting boiling brews in the teapot. Best for low-temperature teas.

Top Features

  • A 360-degree rotatable set.
  • It comes with a tray, teacups, teapot, and infuser, all in one set.
  • This tea set is made at high temperatures from 1200℃ to 1500℃.


  • Best for traveling and includes cups and teapot.
  • Comes with a bag that is handy and convenient.


  • Need care while washing.
  • The teapot can not be used in the microwave.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

A new and sophisticated design that meets all your needs for Chinese green tea brewing. High-quality materials are used in this set, A wooden handle is added for the safety of the user. In addition, it can be used to brew other teas like black tea, oolong tea, etc.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

The customers found it to be cute and perfect as a gift or for personal use. They loved the packing and well-sized nested cups that come with the set. If you are a tea lover and want to brew the tea yourself. It can go along with you in your travels.

6) Ceramic Teapots

Ceramic teapots are made from heat-resistant and non-metallic materials. There are many types of ceramics depending upon the origin and make.

Mostly used to serve guests in many households. They are to be used with care due to being thin and delicate. Requires gentle wash with hands.

Top Features

  • A delicate white teapot with a floral design on both sides.
  • Made of Fine Bone China
  • The tea capacity volume is about 850ml.


  • Made of Fine Bone China.
  • Delicate and beautiful with a gold wiring outline.


  • Can not be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Not convenient for everyday use.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

A vintage teapot that is perfect for your kitty party or me time for yourself. A tea strainer is attached inside with the same ceramic quality. It keeps the green tea leaves in the pot and you can easily pour your tea.

What do Customers Have To Say About It?

The buyers found it a little delicate and hot to handle while tea was in it. But they absolutely loved the design and the look it creates. In addition, they found the overall look expensive and pretty sitting on the counter.

7) Stainless Steel Teapots

Stainless steel is a breather for you if you are the clumsy one. It doesn’t require much care and doesn’t break.

One of the best features is that it keeps your green tea warm for a longer time than any other teapot. Durable, safe, and healthy best teapot for green tea.

Top Features

  • It is a luxury teapot made from top-quality materials
  • It has a huge capacity of about 6 cups
  • A great teapot for infusing green tea or tea bags.
  • It is a beautiful shiny item that restores its charm and cleans to become a new one again.
  • This is a dishwasher-safe item.


  •  Shiny and durable, lasts longer.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Have good capacity.


  • A little heavy to carry.
  • Cant be used on a wood stove.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

This is an intriguing teapot that will keep your tea warm for your guests. A shiny and ever-new teapot that doesn’t require too much maintenance.

Thus easily washable and good for brewing teabags. The best thing is it doesn’t show whether you brewed it with loose leaves or used a quick method with teabags.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

Customers found it easy o use without any spills or drips. They loved the space in it and the feature of keeping their green tea warm for a long time. Customers loved that it will last a lifetime and is convenient for them to use.

8) Portable Tea Pot

This is for the people who are out and on the go all the time. Great for traveling. This can be your compact green tea brewing set that goes everywhere with you. In addition, the style and design that will aspire you to have a healthy drink even when you are not home.

Top Features

  • Innovative design with fresh green color.
  • Next, it has a Modern Tritan portable teapot.
  • 400g space, perfect for one person on the go.
  • Good for loose tea or tea bags.
  • Thus, safe and double-walled design.


  • Can be used for teabags and loose leaves.
  • Comes with a cute bag.
  • Lead Free Tritan Portable Tea Set.


  • Little space for brewing a cup or two.
  • It is made of plastic and may not be fully airtight.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

It is a convenient and safe way to take your brewing everywhere you go. The double-walled design makes it convenient to handle. It is heat resistant, lightweight, and can be washed in the dishwasher. Hence it has removable parts that make it easier to wash.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

Customers rated it a good product if you follow the instructions. Brews tea without fuss and is good for daily use. Buyers found it lovely and unique. Thus, great for office work and travel.

9) Japanese Kyusu Tea Pot

This teapot is a known teapot for brewing Japanese-style green tea. It let the green tea leaves bloom to their full extent. A mesmerizing way to enjoy your brew. Best for Sencha, Matcha, and Gyokoro.

Top Features

  • A modern styled Kyusu teapot.
  • It features Hario’s signature heatproof glass.
  • It comes with a large tea strainer that allows the tea leaves to expand easily.
  • Lastly, comes with a capacity of 700mm of tea.


  • A Japanese design with a modern solution.
  • Versatile and easy to clean.


  • Have to be careful with the lid and strainer while using.
  • The Strainer is made in China.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

This is inspired by a cultural teapot for brewing Japanese green tea. It is called a Kyusu teapot. This is a heatproof teapot. Hario’s allows the leaves to bloom to their full potential. Thus, a glass teapot is a solution to your Japanese green tea problems.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

Buyers found this teapot fantastic. The first impression was a small teapot but it fills a large amount of tea in it. The customers loved the big infuser and were comfortable using this teapot.

10) Handmade Teapot

A handmade teapot is like a treasure to own. It makes you value human work and increase the green tea taste. It can be made of any quality but usually is ceramic.

Top Features

A shiny beautiful metallic brown teapot

  • Must be hand washed with care.
  • The capacity of 4 cups
  • Lastly, it has a thick material to hold hot tea.


  • Stylish brown teapot with handmade care.
  • Fills 4 to 5 cups.
  • Serve guests and use them formally.


  • Need care while using and washing.
  • Look out for cracks if using boiling water.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

It makes you nostalgic for classic British tea culture. If you are from that era that loved tea then it is a must-have item for your collection.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

Buyers found this a perfect teapot. They described it as light but with a thick consistency. Thus, they are happy about it keeping the brew warm for a longer time.

11) Japanese Tetsubin Teapot

Japanese take their tea business seriously. Everywhere you go in Japan green will follow you. Tetsubin is a type of teapot mostly available in Japan. It’s a cultural thing that represents tea culture.

Top Features

  • Firstly, a rich textured teapot is one of a kind.
  • Made of high iron quality with a capacity of 0.3 liters.
  • Wear-resistant with ornamental value.
  • Comes with a strainer and cover. Thus, you don’t have to buy them separately.


  •  Traditional Japanese teapot with handle.
  •  Fills 0.3 liters of tea.


  • Do not rub to keep it glossy.
  • Laminated interior, not original iron cast.

Why Buy This Tea Pot?

This is a high-quality cultural teapot. With a Japanese sign on the front, it is sure to be admired by your guests. Hence, you don’t have to worry about rust and oxidation.

What Customers Have to Say About It?

Buyers seem to be happy and love this product. All the customers gave it 5-starts which means it’s worthy of keeping it in your kitchen for tea brewing.

8 Things to Consider When Buying a Teapot

Before you make your purchase, you should look into these things and consider them to make your tea life easier.

1) Size

Size is the first thing to consider because it all depends upon your usage. If you are a single person and want the teapot for personal use you can choose a glass or ceramic teapot.

For 1-2 two persons, Japanese-style teapots that are iron made are perfect for a couple’s little party. For a group of people, Chinese teapots are best and serve up to 5 people.

2) Material

Materials used in the making of teapots have an effect on the brew, flavor, and temperature. A good quality tea ware will have a long life, durability, easy to clean. Hence, it will give a great aftertaste.

3) Temperature Control

Some teapots look beautiful but do not keep your tea warm. On the other have teapots like stainless steel can keep the tea warm for a long time.

Some kettles come with temperature control options too. But teapots usually don’t have this option.

4) Aesthetics

When you see a teapot and it goes with your taste you know it’s the right one. So, fulfill your aesthetic sense by looking out if the teapot goes with your style and fulfills your needs.  Then nothing can come between your and your favorite teapot.

5) Strainer

You can look for a teapot with a strainer if you want powdered green tea. The little particles are easily separated in it. For long leaf teas, it may be difficult o pour.

So, a build-in Strainer can be good or bad for you depending upon your usage. Keep in mind it can be difficult to clean.

6) Infuser

Some teapots come with infusers while others are plain teapots with no infuser. The infuser makes it easy to make infusion teas, especially loose leave teas.

It’s easy to take out and empty the contents for washing.

7) Maintenance

Buying a fancy teapot may be good for your collection but the requires maintenance. So, keep it in mind especially while buying silver, ceramic or delicate teapots.

In addition, the ironware, clay, and glass ones are easy to maintain and dishwasher safe. Ceramic, silver, etc, require more care and maintenance.

8) Look & Design

We all choose the teapots on the basis of look and design. However, the design of the teapot should be easy to hold and use.

The green tea should easily be poured from the pot into the teacup. So, keep the look as well as the functionality of the teapot in mind.

What Kind of Teapot Is Best for Green Tea?

There is no hard and fast rule or specific teapots for green tea. You can use a regular teapot for brewing your green tea.

It usually depends upon which type of green tea you are making. For Chinese types, small pots are used which are usually made of clay.

Japanese used cast iron pots also known as kyusu or tetsubin. Serve your guests with ceramic or a silver teapot.

Some types of teapots enhance the flavor of the brew while others keep it warmer. It depends on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

People asked questions about the best teapots and we answered them for you.

What’s The Difference between Teapots Vs. Tea Kettles?

A teapot is used to brew the tea leaves while a kettle is used to boil the water for the tea. Teapots are usually not made to be put directly on the stove and may crack if you do so.

What Is the Healthiest Teapot?

A healthy teapot means that it is safe and doesn’t release toxins when in use. Glass is considered to be the safest teapot for use. A type of glass called Borosilicate glass is the best and thickest. Most of the high-quality teapots and kettles are made of this glass.


Green tea brew doesn’t only depend upon the quality and brand of tea leaves. A perfect teapot plays a major role in enhancing the taste and quality of the tea. Hence, with our guide, you will now be able to differentiate between different types of teapots. Now you are enabled to choose the best teapot for green tea for your use.

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