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Make a Tea - Caffeine In Panera Green Tea

Do you know about the quantity of caffeine in Panera green tea? NO! You will get the complete guide in this article. Panera started as St. Louis Bread Company in the USA around 1987. The vision & dream was to put bread loaf in everyone’s hand. They are known for their good and clean food servings without additives.

Recently it started its green tea which is quite trending among tea lovers. According to Panera’s official site, they claim to have no caffeine green tea.

But is it true?

Know how much caffeine is in Panera green tea and more info about it.

Let’s See What’s The Inside Story of Panera Green Tea.

How Much Caffeine in Panera Green Tea?

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Panera claims that the “Iced Green Tea” offered by their brand has zero caffeine even though they are using real green tea to make their iced tea.

The caffeine content of brewed green tea in an 8oz cup is at least 30 mg. Depending upon various factors it can be high or low.

If they are using real green tea brew how can their iced green tea have zero caffeine?

Another thing to note is that Panera’s mango iced tea has as much caffeine as iced coffee while iced green tea has zero caffeine.

Our analysis either Panera is not using real green tea brew in their tea or there surely is caffeine in their tea regardless of what they say.

Even decaffeinated green tea has some amount of caffeine in it.

Panera surely has to get their facts straight.

As all teas that come from the Camellia Sinensis plant (from where green tea is produced) have caffeine in them.

The caffeine content of various teas is as follows:

Tea typeCaffeine (milligrams)
Black Tea60 – 90 mg
Oolong Tea37 – 55 mg
Green Tea35 – 70 mg
White Tea30 – 55 mg

The caffeine content that Panera declared in their drinks including green tea can be seen in the table below.

DrinkCaffeine Content in Medium Cup
Iced Coffee189mg
Iced Tea74mg
Iced Green Tea0mg
Iced Mango Tea185mg
Hibiscus Tea0mg
Hot chocolate17mg

What’s In Panera Green Tea?

Panera prides itself on providing all-natural green tea in its iced tea. The main ingredients used are green tea, papaya, and passion fruit. The whole ingredients can be seen in the table below.

Green Tea
Passion Fruit Infusion
Papaya Water
Brewed green tea
Natural flavors
Plant Extracts
Citric acid

Let’s see the nutritional value of a large cup of Panera Iced Green Tea.


How Much Sugar Is in Panera’s Green Tea?

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Sweeteners and sugar can make green tea taste less bitter. Panera’s green tea has 14 tsp of sugar per serving!

Panera is a brand famous for healthy and clean eating options. They could surely do better and put healthy sugar in green tea options.

There are a lot of natural options that can sweeten your green tea without sugar. Coconut Milk sweetens the tea in a natural way.

According to daily intake, women should consume 25 grams of sugar in a day and men up to 36 grams. Panera has 30 grams of sugar in a cup of green tea.

Is Papaya Green Tea Good for You?

The papaya green tea mix can be beneficial for your health and provide a lot of benefits that are as follows.

  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants that prevent diseases and build immunity.
  • Blood sugar levels remain balanced with Papaya.
  • The green tea papaya is great for pelvic issues and uric acid.
  • Papaya green tea helps in weight loss and increases excessive body fat.
Make a Tea - Caffeine In Panera Green Tea

Price of Panera Green Tea

The updated price menu has the following prices.

  • The regular green tea costs about 2$ while the large one is 2.3$.
  • Coffee is quite affordable and costs between 1.7 to 2.4$.
  • The latte’s prices are between 3 to 3.9$.

Which Green Tea Brand Does Panera Use?

Panera uses passion fruit papaya green tea by the brand The Republic of Tea. Although they don’t openly accept this it is a known fact that they use this tea brand.

Is The Green Tea from Panera Healthy?

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Green tea is considered the healthiest beverage on planet earth. Panera has a reputation for being a brand with a healthy alternative from markets and other products.

The three main ingredients used in Panera are green tea brew, papaya water, and passion fruit. These are great ingredients with their benefits.

But Panera uses about 30 grams of sugar in your green tea. While this may be a healthier option than soda or other carbonated drinks if your aim is weight loss and better health goals this amount of sugar isn’t aiding you in burning fats.

How To Make Panera Passion Papaya Green Tea at Home?

So, you love the delicious Panera iced tea but have reservations about the caffeine content and it’s being healthy? I got you covered.

Here is the exact copy of Panera Iced Green Tea to make at home easily. The good news is that you can alter it for your liking and according to the diet that you follow.

Panera’s Iced Green Tea Recipe

Make same to same Panera’s iced green tea at home.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 8 mins
Course Drinks, Tea
Cuisine American
Servings 2 Persons


  • 1 Saucepan
  • 2 Cups


  • 1 Papaya Green Tea Bag
  • 2 Cups FreshWater
  • Honey (optional)
  • Lemon Juice (optional)


  • In a pot add water and papaya green teabags.
  • Let it simmer on medium flame until boiling point.
  • Let it cool.
  • Add honey, lemon juice and fresh mint and grind with ice cubes.
  • Your homemade Panera’s iced green tea is ready to serve


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Frequently Asked Questions

People asked many questions about Panera’s green tea. We answered them for you.

How Many Calories in Passion Panera Green Tea?

We have included the calories in the table above. Panera green tea has about 130 calories in a cup. Hence, you can check yours according to your age and the daily intake of calories you should be taking.

Does Panera Have Free Refills on Green Tea?

Yes, if you buy a large green teacup then good news for you. Panera provides free refills on green tea.

What Happens If I Drink Too Much Of Green Tea?

Drinking too much green tea can cause some side effects.
Firstly, it can have caffeine overdose in the body.
This can increase heart palpitations and anxiety.
Green tea acts as a diuretic, excessive intake can cause to have frequent urination.


Panera has a great reputation, hence it has delicious drinks and green tea is one of them. They claim to have zero content of caffeine in their green tea.

It’s up to you to buy them or not. Iced green tea refreshes your mind and body and is surely a great alternative to coffee and soda.

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