12 Mushroom Tea Side Effects That You Must Know

It’s a very famous quotation that Excess Of Everything Is Bad. Likewise, abusing mushroom tea can cause some severe side effects.

Mushroom tea side effects also depend upon your prior condition. Consult the doctor before using mushroom tea if you have already any ailments.

Doubtlessly, people take magic mushroom tea to get certain benefits. This tea helps to reduce anxiety. Alongside, it may harm you in another way. The most critical aspect is the overconsumption of shroom tea up to an abnormal level.

It contains psilocybin that is a main active compound. Psilocybin affects the central nervous system. Like serotonin, it also affects the overall body responses. But, gradually these responses change into adverse behaviors due to psilocybin compounds.

So, let’s discuss some major side effects of mushroom tea on mental as well as physical health.

Side Effects of Psychedelic Mushroom Tea on Mental Health

The significant effect of abusing magic shroom tea is the expansion in consciousness. As a result, interaction between neurons change dramatically. Such a phenomenon causes some following chronic effects.

1) Paranoia

Excessive use of psychedelic shroom tea causes paranoia. Paranoia is an unusual way of thinking. People most likely feel suspicious about others. They also have an issue of unreasonable mistrust.

Such delusional thoughts induce oppression. The person also feels himself in a dangerous state. If a person occasionally feels such a paranoid situation, it is not too harmful.

But the prolonged condition is a prominent symptom of mental health problems. So, avoid the overuse of magic mushroom tea to save your mental health.

2) Panic attack 

Over-dosing the psychedelic mushroom tea causes panic attacks. This leads the person away from reality. The violent outburst and self-harming are the alarming outcomes. People have to handle such psychotic adversities.

A panic attack causes a very sudden condition of extreme fear. Various physical outcomes happen in this response, even in the absence of any real cause.

A panic attack can be an extremely dire condition. People start to lose control over them and may feel that they have an angina attack or even die.

Such problems adversely affect the quality of life. Keep your mental health safe by not abusing shroom tea.

3) Psychosis

Psilocybin in magic shroom tea also induces psychosis if used excessively. This phenomenon is likely to be a symptom of schizophrenia.

Psychosis affects the information processing abilities of the brain. You may not be able to recognize the reality. Furthermore, people may start to see unreal images or hear imaginary voices.

Mushroom Tea Side Effects - Psychosis

It is noteworthy that psychosis is not an illness; instead, it is the symptom of mental illness. However, they can suffer extreme conditions like bipolar and depression. The negative outcomes are mood changes, visual disturbance, paranoia, and disorganized thoughts.

So, the people who are at risk of this disease should be away from the magic mushroom tea.

4) Hallucination 

Magic mushroom tea side effects also include extreme hallucinations. Flashbacks also happen along with dissociation and penetrating panic attacks. However, the attack is only for a few minutes but can be highly disruptive.

Moreover, hallucination is very close to psychosis. In this condition, people have false sensory experiences. These are just created by their mind. Visual and auditory hallucinations are more common.

Thus, avoid the overconsumption of shroom tea to maintain mental health.

5) Euphoria

Euphoria means an exaggerated sense of happiness. It seems like an extreme and heightened response with all positivity. This incredible feeling is harmless only if it comes naturally. For instance, you have achieved something big.

The problem starts when the overuse of shroom tea causes euphoria. This is an artificial way to manipulate the brain and make it realize the excitement.

Overdosing the shroom tea will make the brain habitual to feel euphoria. The psilocybin surges the dopamine in the brain and produces a sense of extreme pleasure.

Gradually the brain develops tolerance. In this way, a higher surge of dopamine is needed. Thus, you take excessive shroom tea to seek the desirous result, and your health falls apart.

Hence, you should not overuse the tea to risk your mental health.

6) Distorted Time Perception

Distorted time perception is also known as dyschrometria in the scientific term. Cerebellar dysfunction happens in this situation. People who overuse the magic shroom tea are unable to track the time precisely.

The altered brain function induces more depression. This state affects reasoning behavior and learning. Other symptoms include short-term memory loss and lack of spatial knowledge.

So, avoid the excessive use of magic shroom tea to keep your mental health sound.

Mushroom Tea Side Effects - Not Assessing the time
Mushroom Tea Side Effects – Not Assessing the Time

7) Depersonalization

People start to disconnect from their surroundings. They love to stay in a dream-like state. Overconsumption of shroom tea aggravates this condition. This is a kind of dissociation or isolation.

The person starts to detach even from his identity. He feels the surrounding people and things as unreal. Thus, he starts to isolate himself and connect with some fictitious state. The person also feels inferiority complex and discomfort.

Hence, do not drink shroom tea excessively to combat mental health problems.

Side Effects of Psychedelic Mushroom Tea on Physical Health

The mushroom tea abuse also causes some chronic physical effects. Your blood pressure gets affected. You feel tiredness and headache. Other problems include stomach problems, pupil dilation, and autoimmune issues

1) Autoimmune Problems

Mushroom tea aggravates the immune system due to the high amount of beta-glucans. These compounds minimize inflammation and activate immunity. But excess consumption of mushroom tea may cause autoimmune diseases.

This over-stimulation may result in skin rashes. So, do not drink mushroom tea beyond a certain limit to keep yourself healthy.

2) Tiredness

Mushroom tea’s side effects also include muscle spasms or tiredness. Feeling unenergetic and discomfort are common among young people who are taking a high dose of mushroom tea.

Overuse of psilocybin and psilocin in mushrooms increases anxiety and stress. This leads to high heart rate and blood pressure that cause muscle twitches. So, discontinue the overconsumption of mushroom tea to avoid tiredness.

Excessive use of mushroom tea causes tiredness

3) Stomach Upset

Mushroom tea can affect your stomach if consumed excessively.  Mushroom contains the oligosaccharide known as raffinose. Raffinose may cause some digestive problems if you have a sensitive stomach. This problem may lead to nausea and vomiting and result in diarrhea.

You may also feel extreme stomach cramps due to overdose. There are no studies that show the safe use of mushroom tea for pregnant women.

So, on the safer side, avoid drinking mushroom tea and any complication in the result.

4) Headache

Headache is the most prominent mushroom tea side effect. It usually wears off. But overuse of mushroom tea having psilocin prolongs the headache up to more than a day.

Thus, avoid drinking excessive shroom tea to get rid of this headache.

5) Dilated Pupil

Unusual widening of the pupil is also called mydriasis. Usually, the pupil dilates in dim light to receive enough light in the eye. But in mydriasis, the pupil dilates due to any psychological reason rather than dim light.

Excessive use of mushroom tea causes Dilated Pupil

Overconsumption of magic mushroom tea having psilocybin induces this unusual dilation. Hence, try to avoid the excessive use of shroom tea to evade this problem.

Mushroom Tea Side Effects


The Bottom Line

A rarely reported case is the usage of poisonous mushrooms with magic mushroom tea. This can cause dangerous health issues, even death. Moreover, mushroom tea can enhance the tolerance for other drugs, slowly. This is called cross-tolerance.

The nature of psilocybin is not addictive. After you stop abusing the mushroom tea, physical symptoms will disappear. While the overdosing will cause it difficult for you to adjust back into reality.

So, you must control the excessive consumption of mushroom tea. This will improve your physical and psychological side effects.

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