5 best Secrets to Store Matcha Powder (Revealed)

Make a Tea - How to store Matcha Powder

Hey matcha lover! Matcha tea is becoming a hot topic nowadays. Everyone is talking about its health benefits. Also, people love the bold and rich taste of matcha tea.

Are you also looking for a perfect guide on how to store matcha powder, right? Because no one in the world would like to lose premium grade matcha.

Many people are looking for different ways to store matcha tea powder because it’s expensive and rare. And it helps in the detoxification of the body.

In this article, we look at how to store matcha powder and how long matcha lasts.

What Will I Learn?

So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive deep into it and discover the secrets to storing matcha powder.

How to Store Matcha Powder

Make a Tea - Matcha Powder

Storing matcha powder is similar to storing method of other types of tea. Ideal conditions to store matcha powder are:

  • Cool place, especially away from heat.
  • Dry and moisture-free place.
  • Use an airtight container.
  • Please keep it away from smells.
  • Store in a dark place.

Let’s discuss this in detail. Why do these conditions ideally need to be met to store matcha powder without losing its taste and quality?

Store Away from Sunlight: –

Make a Tea - matcha powder storage container

Always store your matcha tea powder away from sunlight. Because sunlight oxidized the tea, this matcha will lose its taste and quality.

The farmer keeps matcha leaves under the bamboo shades for 20 – 30 days of harvesting. It helps to increase the number of antioxidants and catechins in its leaves.

I recommend storing your matcha in a jar or opaque container and keeping it in a cupboard or fridge. It will keep your matcha safe and tasty.

Keep Matcha Away from Heat: –

Make a Tea - airtight matcha container

The temperature of your place matters a lot, where you will store matcha powder. Is there any spot from where sunlight gets in? Because it will make your room warm quickly.

Always pick that room to store matcha powder that doesn’t get hot too quickly. Also, you can choose the part of your room that’s easy to cool off.

Dramatic temperature changes will ruin matcha tea’s bold and rich flavor.

Keep it Away from Moisture: –

Make a Tea - can matcha be stored in glass

Protect your matcha powder from moisture. If your home or storage place has a moisture problem, it’s not the best place to preserve the powder.

Because moisture will brew your matcha slowly, also, it will make clumps in your matcha powder.

Using an airtight container is the best way to protect your matcha from moisture. Make sure your container has a good lid or closing mechanism. It’s the best way to get more health benefits from matcha.

Keep Matcha Away from Smells: –

Always remember, matcha is highly absorbent when it comes to smell. If you put it open container, it will absorb the smell of tea, spice, or anything smelly around it.

You can say it’s a smell magnet. So, make sure there is nothing smelly around your matcha tea powder. Else, your matcha will absorb its smell. After that, your matcha will lose its flavor and color.

Keep Matcha in Airtight Container: –

Make a Tea - how to store matcha powder reddit

Always keep your matcha powder in an airtight container. Yeah, I have repeated this point multiple times. But it’s one of the significant points to consider when you are storing your matcha powder.

It will keep it safe from smells, moisture, and heat. Also, it will protect its freshness, taste, and color.

An airtight container will prevent clumps, fungus, and bacteria. Also, it will protect you from the side effects of matcha.

It might be possible that the question popped up in your mind:

Can You Store Matcha In The Fridge?

Yes! You can store your matcha powder in the fridge to keep it fresh. But first, put it in an airtight container and then in the fridge.

If your room is open to sunlight, it’s better to store matcha powder in the fridge.

An airtight container will guard matcha powder against weird smells, moisture, and heat.

How Long Does Matcha Last?

Matcha lasts for just about one year on the shelf. Also, remember that if your matcha is opened, you should use it within 2 – 4 weeks. If you want to push it further, it should be no longer than eight weeks to enjoy its richness and boldness of taste.

Conclusion: –

So, we have discussed storing methods of matcha powder in detail. So, I hope you got the answer to your question, how to store matcha powder? Yeah, it’s not complicated. But it would help if you were careful.

Matcha is very absorbent. So, please keep it away from the smell, moisture, and heat. Store your matcha in an airtight container to keep it fresher and tastier.

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