7 Alarming Earl Grey Tea Side Effects, Don’t Miss

Earl Grey tea is one of the most consumed and delicious tea in the world. This tea got a huge fan following and the fans want to enjoy this tea every morning. You might be one of them.

But have you ever thought about the side effects of this tea?

Although, Earl grey tea is a bold blend of black tea, which has multiple health benefits. But still, it has numerous drawbacks.

In this article, we’ve discussed all potential side effects of earl grey tea or bergamot tea. You must not neglect them if you want to enjoy this tea in a long run.

So, let’s check out the side effects of earl grey tea, that are listed below.

7 Bergamot/Earl Grey Tea Side Effects

Generally, earl grey tea is considered safe for health. But there are some side effects of earl grey tea. you should be aware of them for a better reason. Because excessive intake of earl grey tea may harm your health.

So, without taking further time, let’s check out the potential side effects of earl grey tea.

1) High Caffeine Content: –

Earl Grey tea contains caffeine, which may harm your mental and physical health. Every 8-ounce cup of this tea contains 20 – 45 milligrams of caffeine.

If you consume more than 5 cups of earl grey tea then it can cause headache, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness.

Every 8 ounce cup of earl grey tea, contains 20 - 45 mg of caffeine.

2) Causes Muscle Cramps: –

Excessive intake of earl grey tea can cause muscle cramps. According to a study, a person consumed 4 Liter of earl grey tea per day over the past 25 years. The excessive intake of this tea causes that person, muscle cramps in the left foot.

There are such compounds in earl grey tea that block the absorption of potassium.

Precaution: Always monitor your intake of earl grey tea. it can cause muscle cramps.

3) Disturbs Iron Absorption: –

Earl Grey tea contains compounds known as tannins. Tannins can disturb the absorption of iron in your body. Tannins can easily bind with the iron content present in plant-based food. After binding it’ll make it unavailable for absorption.

If you have iron deficiency, then it can be problematic for you.

Precaution: But still, if you want to drink earl grey tea, then you should drink it between the meals to promote better iron absorption.

4) Pregnancy Issues: –

No doubt, earl grey tea is delicious and it’s not easy to avoid this tea. But remember, consumption of earl grey tea more than 150 mg per day during pregnancy, may harm your health.

High intake of this tea during pregnancy, increases the risk of low birth weight, spontaneous abortion, and fetal development. You can limit yourself to 1 – 2 cups per day for better results.

Consumption of more than 150 mg of earl grey tea daily, may harm your health

Precaution: However, always consult your doctor before consuming any drink. Undoubtedly, earl grey tea is calming and soothing. But you should monitor your intake of this beverage.

5) Breastfeeding Issues: –

Consumption of earl grey tea while breastfeeding can be harmful to a newborn baby. Because breastfeeding has multiple effects on a baby’s growth, development, and health.

Health-related issues in a baby such as infectious disease, allergic disorder, and chronic disease can be developed later in a child.

Precaution: So, avoid a high intake of earl grey tea. it can affect the health of the baby as well as the mother.

6) Stained Teeth: –

Earl Grey tea contains tannin, which cause staining by transferred to your tooth enamel. Also, excessive consumption of earl grey tea may turn your teeth’ color to brown.

Excessive intake of earl grey tea, may turn your tooth' color to brown

So, if you want your teeth to look white and stainless then you should limit your intake of tea. moreover, if you have gone through any tooth whitening process then you should avoid earl grey tea.

Precaution: Also, you can avoid staining by rinsing your mouth after drinking tea.

7) Bergamot Toxicity: –

Always keep in mind that a high intake of earl grey tea can lead to bergamot toxicity. Also, it can disturb the absorption of potassium.

There are some other symptoms of bergamot toxicity such as cramps in the hands and legs. Also, muscle twitches, burning sensations, and blurry vision can be caused by irregular intake of earl grey tea.

Conclusion: –

So, we have discussed the potential side effects of earl grey tea. it’ll be beneficial for you to be aware of the dark side of earl grey tea while enjoying it. Because it’s very hard to avoid drinking such delicious and classy tea.

Always monitor your intake to avoid any health issues. Because this tea contains caffeine content and tannins, which may be disturbing your mental and physical health. Also, you can check our complete earl grey tea guide.

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