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Does Green Tea Effect Periods? 8 Hidden Benefits You Never Knew

A woman spends nearly ten years of her life on periods. They feel stressed and the emotions are all over the place during those days.

The most crucial thing during period is PMS and Cramps.

Most ladies go to hot bags and warm drinks for pain relief and to function well.

Green tea is one of those drinks that can be helpful for your periods because of it’s benefits. As this tea is beneficial during periods but it also can go wrong in some cases.

So, let’s have a look at the different effects of green tea during periods and how it relieves you from ninja cramps in your belly.

Can You Drink Green Tea During Periods?

Green tea is a natural drink that is least processed and fermented than other teas. It has a high level of antioxidants and low-level caffeine which provides tremendous health benefits.

Green tea is a great drink to use during periods. Not many people know that it provides many benefits when taken on periods.

 It regulates the hormonal imbalance and is influential in taking care of estrogen and fertility in women. Furthermore, it is best in treating cramps.

8 Incredible Green Tea Benefits During Periods

Green tea has healthy compounds that are beneficial to the body and great for a women’s hormonal balance during periods. It can be useful in the following ways:

1) Calms Muscles

One of the difficult times of a woman’s lifecycle is that time of the month when she mensurates. During this period, it is common for a lady to get muscle cramps.

These cramps cause a lot of pain even to the extinct that some ladies are even unable to do daily routine work.

Drinking hot green tea calms the muscles and reduces pain. This soothes down the body and helps you carry on with your work.

2) Lower Rate of Painful Menstruation (Dysmenorrhea)

Studies show that green tea can ease the symptoms of painful menstruation which is also called dysmenorrhea. According to the study, 1183 women participated in 2 separate medical settings. It found that green tea lowered the occurrence of dysmenorrhea in menstruating women.

A cup of green tea effects on body

The antioxidants and many healing compounds in green tea aided in digestion and treating pain.

3) Makes Mood Light

Green tea contains theanine, this compound provides relaxing effects and elevates the mood. During mensuration, women go through a lot of mood swings and are not in the best of moods. All this happens due to the changes in hormones.

Therefore, drinking green tea will release good hormones that will make your mood light and balance your state of mind.

4) Healthy Blood Flow

Many women have the problem of increased blood flow during periods. The magnesium and Vitamin K in green tea help regulate the blood flow in moderation. Drinking green tea makes blood coagulation and reduces your menstrual flow.

5) Reduce Bloating

If you have that uneasiness in the tummy and it gets bloated then brewing yourself a cup of green tea will act as a natural diuretic. It reduces bloating and helps in lowering water retention in the body. Therefore, the swelling in the body lessens.

6) Controls Iron Level and Maintain Hemoglobin

It maintains hemoglobin levels and iron in the blood. Drinking green tea regulates the blood flow and caffeine helps it pump throughout the body.

7) Stimulating T-Cells

T-cells are an important factor that is present in the body. They help in improving immunity. When green tea is included in the diet it helps in stimulating these T-cells. Therefore, green tea increases immunity and makes you healthier.

8) Keeps You Hydrated

Catechins in green tea have an important role in making it a healthy drink. These catechins provide hydration during the time of periods. Thus, saves your body from dehydration due to the loss of blood.

Can Green Tea Make Your Period Start?

Many factors influence when and how periods start. These can include puberty, diet, family genetics, and nutrition. There is no such research that links green tea with the start of periods.

Women who take green tea regularly have shown lower levels of specific hormones called beta-estradiol during the menstrual cycle.

Another meta-analysis showed that green tea could hasten the onset of periods. How can this happen? By lowering estrogen. It can affect a few women but cannot be true for everyone.

Furthermore, a 2010 study published in ‘’Breast Cancer Research’’, published those Japanese women who were green tea drinkers were younger at the age when they first started their periods.

Will Drinking Green Tea Make My Period Come Faster?

There are some occasions where you would like to be period-free. You may want it to come faster than the due date. According to common belief drinking, a few cups of green tea may induce your periods to come faster. How true is that?

Drinking green tea is recommended as a daily routine. Green tea extracts indeed affect the levels of the hormone in women in a good way. But impacting the onset of periods is not shown by green tea or supplements.

Therefore, drinking a handful of green tea in a day may regulate hormones but it does not have the power to make your periods come faster.

6 Green Tea Side Effects On Periods

Now you know how you can include green tea during periods in your routine. However, there are some downsides to this too. These negative effects occur mostly due to overconsumption. So, beware of the following side effects:

1) Increase Premenstrual Syndrome

This is for the people who are heavy green tea drinkers.

According to a study, green tea can affect estrogen levels which can affect the menstruation experience and increase premenstrual syndrome to some extent.

But these studies are weak and done on rats does not show to what extent this can lower the estrogen levels.

2) Stomach Irritation

When you are having periods, your tummy is bloated and painful. Drinking a lot of green tea may make things worse and irritate the stomach lining.

Therefore, never drink green tea on an empty stomach. It is best to take in between meals for proper digestion and relaxing your muscles to help you poo easily.

3) Iron Deficiency

Some women are anemic and have low iron levels, this in return makes you have a heavier blood flow. All Teas, including green tea, can interfere with iron absorption in the body.

This can cause fatigue and make you feel weak and dizzy. Anemic people should avoid tea especially along with food so it doesn’t interfere with the absorption of iron in the body from your food.

4) Increased Headaches

Getting headaches while on periods is common to many women. Caffeine in green tea can trigger this situation.

Ladies with caffeine sensitivities should reduce or quit taking caffeine in any form these days.

a girl o period with headache

To not make your condition worse avoid green tea in large amounts. Green tea itself may not cause headaches but it can fan the flames by adding to the daily caffeine count.

5) Jitters & Anxiety

Menstruation is the time when your hormones are making you crazy. Your mood is off and you want things your way.

Adding caffeine to this condition may make your condition worse. It may make you anxious and jittery.

2-3 cups of green tea may help you but excessive amounts will lead you to have anxiety that you can’t afford in this condition.

6) Sleeping Trouble

Some chemical compounds in green tea prevent the release of hormones like melatonin. These hormones aid in sleep but taking large amounts of green tea does not let this hormone release.

Green tea effects sleep

Thus, drinking more than 4 cups of green tea daily will lead you to sleeping disorders. Also, green tea before bed is not recommended as it will disturb your sleep and may make you pee late at night.

Does Green Tea Make You Bleed More?

Some woman goes through heavy periods. Ladies with this condition are recommended not to take caffeine-induced drinks.

Green tea has natural caffeine although very minimum in amount. The caffeine in green tea may increase the risk of more bleeding.

Therefore, if you go through a bleeding disorder green tea, coffee and regular teas are out of limits for you.

Does Green Tea Reduce Period Flow?

A normal healthy period flow is from 4 to 7 days.

If you have scanty flow or just a few drops, come out during periods, especially in the first three days then drinking a hot drink like green tea may help you regulate your flow.

Thus, the caffeine in green tea helps in promoting the blood flow in the body and it even soothes the painful cramps.

Who Should You Not Drink Tea During Menstruation?

Women with the following conditions should avoid drinking green tea during menstruation:

  • Ladies with bleeding disorders.
  • Women that are sensitive to caffeine.
  • The one who has a history of headaches during menstruation.
  • Pregnant ladies should consult their gynecologist before drinking green tea.

How Much Green Tea You Can Drink in Periods?

Green tea is associated with a lot of benefits and it does aid period cramps and elevates your mood during these tough days.

Daily green tea cups of 1-2 in number are recommended during menstruation. If you exceed the amount, it may negatively affect you.

You may have to face the side effects that are already mentioned above in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

People asked some of these common questions about green tea’s effects on periods. We answered the following for you:

How To Use Green Tea for Periods?

Make a simple green tea brew and drink it warm. During periods it will ease your pain and regulate the flow. Using only 2 cups of green tea for periods is recommended daily.

Does Green Tea Reduce Period Cramps?

Green tea is one of the best drinks to help with cramps. It has a lot of healthy antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory properties to the body.

Many ladies swear by drinking green tea, they had reduced menstrual pain and it helped with bloating.

Does Green Tea Induce Periods?

No, it is a myth that green tea induces periods. It may regulate the hormones but it cannot induce periods.

Does Green Tea Delay Periods?

While they may be some medications that can delay your periods like inducing green tea cannot delay your periods.

Does Green Tea Make Your Period Heavier?

Yes, ladies with less blood flow can take green tea to make the flow smooth and heavy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, drinking green tea has good effects on during mensuration. When on your period, green tea is great and takes care of your body and pain. It elevates your mood and helps you go through the day.

However, overdoing it may make things worse for you. It may have a negative effect on periods when taken in large quantities.

How much green tea to drink in a day depends upon person to person. Ideally, take a cup or two during periods.

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