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Smoking Green Tea A New Trend – Is it Safe or Risky?

For ages people are smoking up weed, pot, or marijuana from the plant called cannabis plant, it has drugs like effects on the mind and the body.

Now, call it a new trend or a simple fascination. People are trying to smoke green tea too. Some for benefits, others just for fun. The green tea plant Camellia sinensis is used for thousands of years for making teas of all kinds.

So, does smoking green tea has the same effects as weed or it is sheer foolishness to smoke it up?

We gathered all the information on either smoking green tea is safe, its uses, and its side effects.

Let us see what smoking green tea is all about.

Can You Smoke Green Tea?

Gone are the days when people used green tea for health and medicinal use. There was once a time in history when green tea became so popular that a perfume named green tea was introduced by famous brands.

Coming to this century, this generation wants to try smoking it up. But can you do so?

Well, apparently yes you can smoke green tea. People in Vietnam used to smoke green tea, so this idea probably came from there.

Is It Safe to Smoke Green Tea?

Well first things first, the most important information that you should be seeking if you are planning to smoke green tea is to check whether it is safe to smoke green tea or not.

Smoking anything regularly is not a healthy practice especially for your lungs. Smoking green tea does not pose any dangerous risk to your health directly. It’s just like smoking a cigarette or anything as a matter of fact.

According to our research for most people, nothing went wrong after smoking a green tea cigarette or cigar. They may feel active or lighter after it.

But we do not recommend smoking green tea long-term as it may get you towards tobacco urge.

How To Prepare Green Tea for Smoking?

Now you know it’s possible to smoke some green tea. We will show you how to prepare green tea for smoking:

Rolling a Perfect Green Tea Joint

Make your green tea cigarette by following the method below.

Smoking Green tea

Select your base herbs:

From total herbs, 50% of herbs should be used as base herbs. As you are making a green tea joint so keep dry green tea leaves as the main ingredient.

Secondary Herbs (Optional)

These are supposed to make up about 30 percent of your overall herb blend.

There are many herbs you can choose as secondary herbs, including Blue lotus, Skullcap, California poppy, catnip, chamomile, Passionflower, Uva Ursi, Hops, Thyme, Marigold, Marshmallow, Marjoram, and Mugwort, Wild dagga, and wild lettuce.

Flavoring Herbs And Spices (Optional)

Add 20 % of flavoring to spice up a little bit. You can use Peppermint and spearmint Sage and thyme, Lavender, Clove, Licorice Root, Stevia, Rose petals, Jasmine, Ginseng, Tea leaves, Materials.


Step 1

Mix all dry herbs and make a blend.

Step 2

Use your hands to mix all the herbs. Break large pieces into smaller ones. Transfer to the grinder and create a powder.

Step 3

The green tea and other herbs are dry. Add little moisture to it so that it can burn easily. Spread the powder on a large plate and spray a small amount of water. Let it dry a bit, wait for an hour.

Step 4

Take the rolling paper and crease it. Put it down and place the filter at one end. Spread the herbs over it evenly.

The process of rolling is the same as a normal joint.

Step 5

Roll the joint gently. Pack it into a tight roll. Lick and seal the nonfilter side by twisting it a little. Let it dry for a few seconds. Your green tea joint is ready.

What Are The Effects Of Smoking Green Tea?

Drinking green tea is very beneficial for health. Unfortunately, the same can not be said about smoking it.

Smoking itself is not a healthy activity. However, smoking this may absorb the caffeine more quickly, which may result in some benefits.

There are both uses and downsides to it which are as follows.

Benefits of Smoking Green Tea

People who smoke green tea may have certain health benefits. We have summed up all for you.

1) Energy Boost

When you smoke green tea, the caffeine is absorbed by the body quickly. Smoking caffeinated herbs and teas make you active and boost energy. Drinking caffeine show caffeine’s results later than smoking it.

2) Cognitive Enhancement

Another useful compound L-theanine in green tea produces mild cognitive enhancement. When combined with caffeine it enhances focus, learning abilities and even improves memory. When you feel tired and have a word load, it will make you alert and less tired in general.

3) Controls Anxiety

The L-theanine is an amino acid in green tea which relaxes you and creates a soothing effect. Studies need to research more about L-theanine absorption through smoking. But we will include it in a potential benefit. It provides calmness to the people who smoke it.

Green tea smoking relaxes you

4) Better Metabolism

The powerful antioxidants in green tea boost metabolism, burn fat, and promote weight loss. People who smoke green tea are generally reported to be slimmer.

Side Effects of Green Tea Cigarette

Green tea cigarettes may negatively affect you in the following ways:

  • High doses of caffeine may lead to nausea and dizziness.
  • It may irritate your stomach and affect the digestive tract.
  • Smoking is not good for the lungs and causes respiratory issues.
  • Too much tar may cause the nervous system to weaken.
  • These cigarettes in excess can cause sleeping disorders especially in people who have caffeine intolerance.

Is Smoking Green Tea Bad For You?

Smoking anything is not a healthy activity. But smoking green tea is better than regular cigarettes. The regular ones have tobacco which is damaging to the lungs while green tea does not contain nicotine or tobacco.

However, they do have tar in them which can harm your nervous system and is not good for the digestive tract too. Smoking green tea casually once in a while may not affect you but if you do it in the long run it will have side effects that we already mentioned in the article above.

Can Green Tea Joint Get You High?

The two main compounds in green tea are caffeine and L-theanine. They do not cause any hallucinatory effects rather caffeine makes you active while L-theanine may have a calming effect.

So, smoking green tea will not make you high but it will make you relaxed. People claimed to have different effects some had relaxing effects after the cigarette, others became more numb than usual.

a cup of dry green tea

Beware of nausea, dizziness, and appetite if you have had done excessive smoking.

Will Green Tea Help Quit Smoking?

Most people try to start smoke this to quit the habit of tobacco cigarettes. Some reported cases indeed did stop smoking in this way.

Usually to quit one drug people choose another one and make themselves defendant on that. This is not the best way to quit smoking. In this case, making yourself used to green tea cigarette and leaving regular cigarettes.

As smoking itself is lethal to health and has many side effects and it may ultimately take you to smoking tobacco again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions and their correct answers relating to green tea smoking are below.

Does Green Tea Cigarettes Harm Your Lungs?

Although green tea does not contain nicotine it still is not a healthy alternative to smoking. Smoking anything will affect your lungs in the long run and damage internal tissues.

Can Smoking 100 Percent Natural Green Tea Get You High?

No, green tea does not get you high. On the other hand smoking, green tea may absorb caffeine more quickly which in return makes you more alert and fresh.

Can Green Tea Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

You can not match drinking green tea with smoking it. Drinking may be beneficial in fighting cancer cells but smoking may affect the lungs and increase the risk of lung cancer in the long run.

Does Smoking Green Tea Give You Caffeine?

It’s a fun fact that smoking green tea may absorb more caffeine than coffee or drinking green tea. Have a caffeine boost and stay fresh with smoking green tea.


When smoking green tea, you are facing smoke, tar, and other chemicals which is not healthful.

If you are looking for healthy alternatives to cigarettes then this is surely not a good one.

Choose something like vaping which is a much harmless alternative.

If you are trying smoking green tea for fun, it’s your call but it is not going to get you high for sure!

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