Can Shroom Tea Be Stored – 6 Easy Ways To Store Mushroom Tea

Can shroom tea be stored?

This question is surging on the internet, and people are complicating the query.

The answer is yes, we can easily keep the mushroom tea. 

Various food preservation methods have been in use for centuries. Over time, these techniques have become super easy with advanced technology. 

In the same way, mushroom tea storage is not that complex process. We will let you know how various methods can store shroom tea. And how can different types of shroom tea be stored?

Let’s explore!

How Can Magic Mushroom Tea Be Stored?

There are different ways to store brewed shroom tea.

1) Shroom Tea Stored in Fridge

Pour the tea in an airtight and put that in the fridge. In this way, shroom tea can last for a week. However, it may not taste good even before the end of the week. So, be careful and smell it before using the stored shroom tea.

Shroom tea can be stored in the fridge; you can use mason jars. These jars are for an airtight seal. So, the oxygen will remain out of the pot, and shroom tea can last about a week or less. Otherwise, oxidation will degrade the shroom tea slowly. 

Ensure that the mason jar is tightly closed to avoid any potent contaminant or oxygen before storing the tea in the fridge. 

If your tea goes wrong, you will have a funky smell that is somehow different from a rotten smell. Keep in mind that there is a slight difference between bad tea funky smell and fresh mushroom tea funkiness. If stored shroom tea has developed some stink, do not drink it. 

Shroom Tea can be Stored in Fridge

 2) Shroom Tea Can be Stored by Preservative

There is another way to increase the shelf life of brewed magic shroom tea. Add the lemon juice to mushroom tea and store it in the fridge. Add more lemon to the tea to ensure safe storage. Lemon juice acts as an antioxidant. Thus, it prevents the spoilage of mushroom tea. 

Lemon also balances the pH to avoid rotting. So, now you can easily keep your mushroom tea stored for a week at least. 

Shroom Tea can be Stored in form of Ice Cubes

3) Shroom Tea Can be Stored in Freezer

Magic shroom tea can be stored in the form of iced tea. In the fridge, you can keep it for few days. While keeping it in the freezer will prolong the shelf life. Do not add any sugar to this tea because sugar aggravates the undesired bacterial growth. 

Psychedelic shroom tea can be stored, and freezing is the ideal option. The best part is that ice cubes of psychedelic tea will maintain the potency of the psilocybin compound. Furthermore, you can store this not for a week but months.

Storing the psychedelic tea in the fridge for micro-dosing is not a great idea. You can keep it only in dried form because moisture will degrade the psilocybin. Thus, grind the dried mushrooms and store them in any dry and dark place for micro-dosing.

 In another way, if you want to take a microdose in the form of tea, ice cubes can help you out.

4) Tips To Store the Shroom Tea

  • Do not open the lid of the tea storage jar more often. Frequent exposure will increase the chance of contamination in your mushroom tea and reduce the shelf life to less than a week. 
  • Do not drink tea directly from the storage jar. Otherwise, your mouth will be a source of contaminating bacteria that will rot out the stored shroom tea. So, pour the tea into your cups.
  • Likewise, clean the lid of the jar before sealing. Avoid touching the inside and rim of the cover while pouring tea into separate cups to keep the stored tea safe. 

How Can Chaga Mushroom Tea be Stored?

Chaga mushroom contains a high mineral content that makes it a self-preserving mushroom. Despite this fact, brewed Chaga tea gets fermented due to bacterial contamination. Let’s explore the ways to store this shroom tea.

1) Shroom Tea Stored in Fridge

Chaga shroom tea can be stored for a longer time than psilocybin mushroom tea. Pour the brewed tea into an airtight container and store it in the fridge safely for up to 2 weeks. Be careful if you are using brewed shroom tea held for more than 14 days. It will be risky for your health.

On the other side if you want to enhance the shelf life of Chaga shroom tea, store it in the freezer. Make the ice cubes of brewed tea or freeze them in separate containers. Thaw as much brewed tea as you need and enjoy it. Do not ever refreeze the thawed Chaga tea for further consumption. 

2) Powdered Shroom Tea Storage

Like other types of shroom tea, Chaga tea also loses its potency over time if not stored properly. A dried and powdered form of Chaga mushroom tea loses its efficacy when open to air circulation and sunlight. The dried Chaga tea gets oxidized and loses its potency.

So, if you are planning to store the Chaga tea in powder form, you must take some essential steps.

Shroom Tea can be Stored in Powder Form

Do not use paper bags for storage. Instead, you must use some good quality food-grade pouches to preserve it. Alternatively, airtight jars and glass containers are also helpful in this process. 

Furthermore, always put these shroom tea jars or pouches in a darker place like a cabinet. Avoid exposing it until you want to drink the shroom tea. 

The Bottom Line!

Hence, your Chaga dried powder shroom tea can be stored in this way for up to 6 months. 

Henceforth, these are some particular ways for brewed shroom tea to be stored. It is easier to keep dried shroom tea powder rather than brewed shroom tea. The shelf life of brewed shroom teat is less than an of powdered shroom tea. Prolong the shelf life of the brewed shroom tea by freezing it properly and enjoy ready drink tea.

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