Mixing green tea with other type of teas

Can You Mix Green Tea With Other Types Of Tea? | 4 Best Fusions

Green tea is a beloved tea for all. Did you know that you can enhance its flavor by adding other teas in it and believe me it will be much more exciting & refreshing.

Sometimes mixing green tea with other type of tea may turn out to be great, but sometime it may become bitter. It’s all about weather you combine same types or different and also how you make blend of Teas.

Hence, before you start blending teas together make sure to check weather they are compatible with each other or not. Also, do check what’s the right way for the specific fusion.

For this specific guide I’m going to explain the fusion compatibility of green tea with other and how you can mix them together.

So, let’s explore

Can I Mix Green Tea With Another Tea?

All types of teas have different benefits and flavors. Creating a new tea through mixing different ones sounds like a great idea.

It is okay to mix green tea with another tea, this way you create new blends & notes. You can combine even 2 or three teas and get a variety of aromas and flavors.

The teas that come from the same plant and different plants, both can be added to green tea. How it turns out depends upon your taste and liking.

4 Best Green Tea Blends

The following are the types of teas that go best with mixing green tea.

1) White Tea and Green Tea

A mild green tea will go well with delicious white tea. Their brewing temperatures are almost the same and both have light nutty flavors. You can brew both at around the temperature of 150-170 .

One thing to keep in mind is that there are different kinds of white tea and green teas. Some will result in a great brew while others may not. Therefore, use milder green tea with normal white tea.

2) Oolong Tea and Green Tea

You can mix these two to make a great blend. Oolong and green tea are true teas and both are similar. Their steeping time is close.

You can brew both at the temperature of 170-190 ℉.

As the flavor of both is similar to each other in taste, they go well together.

3) Mint Tea and Green Tea

This one is quite a common blend that people brew together.

You can mix green tea with spearmint. It tastes great and has a lot of benefits.

Mixing green tea with spearmint tea

Peppermint tea is another option but it’s not a good idea to mix it with green tea. It is a strong tea and best taken as it is. If you mix a stronger tasting tea with another it can turn out to be unbearable in taste and very overpowering.

4) Chamomile Tea and Green Tea

Chamomile is a herbal tea and comes from a different plant. But you surely can mix it with the latter to create a unique blend.

Together both of them become a powerhouse of disease-fighting agents. They have the reputation of taking care of you when you are sick with the flu.

This cold season makes this blend your choice for a herbal nutty flavor. It will heal you and relaxes you at the same time.

Is It Okay to Mix Green Tea and Black Tea?

Green tea and black tea come from the same plant called Camellia sinensis. However, the methods used to grow and process both teas are different. Purists do not recommend mixing both teas. Why? Because of the following reasons:

Green Tea Vs Black Tea:

  • Green tea during the growing and reaping process is collected even before the oxidation process and harvested immediately. On the other hand, black tea is oxidized.
  • The green tea has to be brewed a little while black tea has to be steeped more.
  • Green tea is not acidic. On the other hand, black tea is acidic tea.
  • It has a grassy, earthly flavor while black tea is robust and bolder flavor.
  • Green tea is clear and yellowish in color and black tea is dark.

Therefore, due to the above-stated reasons, it is not wise to mix the two. It won’t be a great blend for people who are avoiding acidic teas. The color would not be as appealing when combined with both brews.

However, if you do want to mix both, you can make a richer and strong green tea brew and mix it with light and weaker black tea to balance the outcome.

Is It OK To Mix Different Teas?

Mixing different teas may turn out to be fun. It makes it taste good and flavorful.

But each type of tea has a different temperature that is needed to brew and it may become hectic to brew them separately.

Two cups of mixed green tea with other type of teas

No one wants to take that headache. The best is to try simple blends with only 2 ingredients.

Tea Blending Options

Few options can be:

  • Chamomile and green tea
  • Linden flowers and green tea
  • Rose mint and green tea
  • Tulsi and green tea
  • Rose petals and oolong tea
  • Osmanthus and white tea
  • Osmanthus and green tea
  • Lemongrass and green tea

When Not to Blend?

  • Blending black tea with green is not a good option.
  • You can blend herbal tea with green, black, and white tea. But don’t blend two herbal teas.
  • Don’t blend with stronger flavors. They are best served alone.
  • Mixing ginger and mint with stronger flavors is not recommended. It might become bitter.
  • Don’t blend acidic tea with non-acidic ones.

Is It Okay to Have Several Tea Bags of Different Teas In Green Tea?

There is no harm in mixing several tea bags in green tea. It all comes to personal choices in the end.

Some people who like strong brews may like this while others who prefer lighter ones may not like to add several blends.

Each type of tea brews at a different temperature, So, it’s best to brew similar flavors together.

Mixing differnt tea bags with green tea

Even if you want to make a rainbow tea out of different teas, rest assured it would not become poisonous just muddy or bitter maybe.

Are There any Health Effects of Mixing Teas?

There are no studies that show adverse health effects of mixing teas with green tea. On the other hand, many studies show that all teas are beneficial and boosts your immune system.

Remember that teas contain caffeine and mixing them can increase the caffeine amount. An excessive amount of it can have negative effects especially for pregnant, children, and people with health issues like anxiety and acidity, etc.

If you don’t drink in moderation, it may cause anxiety, agitation, jitteriness, sleeping, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by people about mixing green tea with other types of tea are as follows:

If I Mix Teas Will It Affect Their Flavor?

Mixing teas will change the actual flavor of the teas. A new flavor will come up after the steeping. You either will enjoy the brew or it may become too strong to drink.

Are There Benefits to Mixing Green and Black Tea?

It is not recommended to drink both teas together but if you do so both teas have same benefits. It will have a calming effect but increase the caffeine amount of tea. Therefore, care should be taken by the people with caffeine sensitivity.

Does Black Tea Taste Good When Mixed with Green Tea?

Its not a good idea to mix both together. The black tea has dark color and louder taste while green tea has light grassy flavor. By mixing them the tea may become bitter.


Mixing green tea  with other type of tea is a great way to explore different flavors. It does not matter if these teas belong to the same type and plant. A different herbal tea can even complement well with green tea.

It’s all about experimenting and brewing time. Therefore, try a few for yourself and one day you might get your favorite color.

Choose the right type and increase the benefit of your cup of tea by mixing them.

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