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Make a Tea - How to Make Green Tea Sweeter

The most popular beverage in the world is green tea which is very popular among adults. There are several health benefits to this plant, including its ability to prevent cancer. 

Further, it is also known to improve weight loss and boost immunity. However, it doesn’t taste delightful, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. In addition, green tea is bitter, and some people cannot drink it due to its unpleasant taste. 

Do you know how to make green tea sweeter? In order to make green tea sweet and delicious, there are many ways to do so.

In the context of demographics, Green tea is a perfect drink that anyone can consume regardless of age and gender. It comes with health benefits, and people enjoy drinking green tea. The reason is that it will increase the body’s immunity and keep them away from diseases. 

More so, it is a simple yet delicious drink that everyone loves.

When it comes to its taste, green tea has become popular as it tastes sweet with sugar. Though green tea is a healthy drink, you may be aware that adding sugar to tea will add the taste of tea and green tea.

Although sugar is the most common ingredient added to tea, adding too much sugar will add sweetness to the tea and change its taste. However, you can enjoy its flavor if you know how to make green tea sweeter without sugar. 

So, here I am giving you some ways to make tea sweeter.

How to Make Green Tea Sweeter – Fabulous Tips

Make a Tea - How to Make Green Tea Sweeter

Green tea is a highly consumed beverage nowadays. However, everyone knows that green tea is not just a drink; it is a weight loss supplement, but the question is whether it works.

The answer is yes, it does. Here are some effective methods that will make green tea sweeter and tasty.

Add Sugar

Make a Tea - how to make green tea with tea bag

The easiest way to make green tea sweeter is by adding sugar. Sugar can enhance the flavor of the tea. It also makes the tea more appealing to people who don’t like sweet tea.

Add Honey

Make a Tea - how to make green tea taste good but still be healthy

Next and the most valuable ingredient is adding honey to your green tea. With honey’s sweet and soothing properties, it will add another dimension to the tea. 

To make this process easier, heat the honey in a bowl for a minute and then mix it with your tea. Honey has a natural sweetness that works well with tea. 

Add Lemon Juice

Make a Tea - how to sweeten green tea for weight loss

You can also use lemon juice. Lemon juice has a natural sweetness, which you can use to sweeten green tea.

Add Stevia

Make a Tea - bitter green tea benefits

You can also use stevia. There have been thousands of years of people using stevia as a sweetener. The sweetener comes from stevia plant leaves and does not have any negative health effects.

Add Maple Syrup

Make a Tea - is green tea sweet

You can also use maple syrup. Maple syrup has a natural sweetness that works well with tea.

Add Brown Sugar

Make a Tea - how to make lipton green tea taste good

Apart from the above ingredients, you can also use brown sugar. Taking sugar and molasses and mixing them makes a brown sugar. It’s sweeter than regular sugar and a great addition to tea.

Add Honeydew Melon

Make a Tea - best tasting green tea for beginners

You can also use honeydew melon. Honeydew melon is sweeter than regular sugar, making it a great addition to green tea.

Use Agave Nectar

Make a Tea - what does green tea taste like with milk

You can also use agave nectar. Agave nectar is sweeter than honey, so it works well with tea.

Use Molasses

Make a Tea - how to make green tea sweeter

You can also use molasses. Molasses is a by-product of sugar cane. A natural sweetness makes it a good match for tea.

Use Coconut Water

Make a Tea - how to make green tea sweeter without sugar

You can also use coconut water. Coconut water is the liquid inside coconuts. It’s a great addition to tea because it has a natural sweetness that works well with green tea.

Use the Cinnamon

Make a Tea - how to make a matcha green tea latte sweeter

Cinnamon is a warm spice that you can use in various foods. If you think cinnamon is a spicy spice, then it is false. There is no better spice than cinnamon to balance green tea’s bitter taste. 

So, if you want to make tea sweeter without adding sugar, you should use cinnamon.

Add the vanilla

Make a Tea - what to add to green tea to make it sweeter

The aroma of vanilla will make the tea smells good and sweet. Try to keep the bottle of vanilla with you at all times. You will get the perfect taste of vanilla with your tea.

Over to You

In short, green tea is a great way to start your day, and it has many health benefits. Nonetheless, it isn’t for everyone because it can be bitter if you’re unfamiliar with it. That is why we have devised a way to make green tea sweeter and more delicious.


1. How do you make green tea sweeter?

You’ll have a bitter drink if you add sugar to green tea. To make green tea sweeter, you can use honey or agave syrup.

2. How do you make green tea stronger?

You can add more leaves to the pot to strengthen your green tea.

3. How do you make green tea richer?

To make green tea richer, you can add milk or cream.

4. How long does green tea last?

As long as it is kept cool, green tea stays fresh for a long time. It will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to one week.

5. What is the best way to store green tea?

Refrigeration is the best storage method for green tea.

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