How Long Does Green Tea Last in the Fridge – Best Expert Guide 2022

Make A Tea - How Long Does Green Tea Last in the Fridge

Green tea is the most loved beverage by people. This refreshing drink contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.

However, many of us don’t know that it contains many antioxidants, anti-aging properties, and other benefits. Also, Do you know How Long Green Tea Last in the Fridge?

But it would help if you remembered that this drink’s color would change according to the temperature and time.

So, if you have bought some green tea and stored it in the fridge, Here are some tips for you.

How Long Does Green Tea Last In The Fridge – It Matter’s a Lot

The shelf life of green tea depends upon the storage environment. It is very much sensitive to temperature changes. When the temperature is high, it will turn brownish, and when it is low, it will have a dark color.

You can store green tea for five days in the fridge. But it will lose its freshness after five days, and you will feel the difference in taste.

How to Store Green Tea on the Fridge? – Easy Expert Tips

Make a Tea - How Long Does Green Tea Last in the Fridge

Firstly, you must bring the cup of green tea to room temperature. It is not necessary to add hot water. Then place it in the fridge.

Now, the green tea is ready for you to enjoy. But it would help if you drank it when the cup temperature was around 50 degrees.

Keep Away from Other Foods 

You’ll also want to ensure you’ve kept your tea away from other foods. It’s best to store your tea in a separate container. Always make sure you’ve kept it away from other foods.

Stored it Properly 

Make a Tea - how long does lipton iced tea last in the fridge

To keep your green tea fresh, you’ll need to store it correctly. In the first place, you’ll need to keep it in the fridge. Make sure the container you kept it in is sealed.

Further, be sure to add some water to the container as well.

Keep Away from the Freezer

You should also ensure you’ve kept your green tea away from the Freezer. Freezing tea will make it too cold, so you should not store it there.

Moreover, you’ll also want to ensure you’ve kept it in a sealed container.

Storing it Correctly 

You’ll also want to ensure you’re storing your green tea correctly. Keep it sealed in the refrigerator.

Drink it Regularly 

Make a Tea - how long does brewed tea last in the refrigerator

You’ll also want to ensure you’re drinking your green tea regularly. Again, you want your tea to be high in nutrients and antioxidants. These antioxidants have a bunch of benefits for your heart and dental health.

Don’t Let it Go Bad

You should also ensure you’re not letting your green tea go bad. You shouldn’t have a bitter taste in your mouth. Ensure that you’ve stored it properly as well.


In short, depending on factors such as the brand and type of green tea, the answer will vary. Some green teas last longer than others, but most will last about one week. You can use your green tea within five days otherwise it will lose its freshness.


1. How long does green tea last in the fridge?

When kept in the refrigerator for three days, green tea remains fresh.

2. How do I make green tea?

To make green tea, you must bring water to a boil. Then, add two teaspoons of green tea leaves to the boiling water. After steeping for five minutes, strain the tea.

3. How many cups of green tea can I drink?

You can drink as many cups of green tea as you like.

4. How much caffeine is in one cup of green tea?

One cup of green tea has about 25 mg of caffeine.

5. How do I keep green tea fresh?

Keep green tea fresh by storing it in an airtight glass container.

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